Events noted in 1590

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1580 1600


“Historia natural y moral de las Indias,” Acosta, Joseph D' a celebrated Spanish author

“De Christo revelato, libri novem,” Acosta, Joseph D' a celebrated Spanish author

Born: Alaymo, Mark Anthony physician

Born: Albi, Henry a native of Bolene in the comtat Venaissin

Died: Alexandrini De Neustain, Julius was born at Trente

“Dialogo di Alessandro Allori pittore Florentine sopra l'arte del disegnare le figure principiando da Muscoli, Ossa, Nervi, Vene, Membra, Notomia, e figura perfetta,” Allori, Alexander called Bronzing

Born: Andrada, Alphonsus D' writer

Died: Andreas, James divine

Born: Annat, Francis confessor to Lewis XIV. was born at Rouergue

“On the means of avoiding the infirmities of Old Age,” Bacon, Roger a learned English monk of the Franciscan order

Born: Baranzano, Redemptus a Barnabite monk

Born: Bardin, Peter a member of the French academy

“Our conjunction with Christ is altogether spiritual,” Baro, Peter divine

Died: Bartas, William De Salluste Du the son of a treasurer of France

Died: Bartholomew Of The Martyrs Dominican

“the guide of the blind,” Bartolo lawyer

Born: Baudouin, John a member of the French academy

“Of the making and use of the Familiar Staff, so called for that it may be made useful and familiarly to walk with, as for that it performeth the geometrical mensuration of all altitudes,” Blagrave, John mathematician

Born: Bourne, Immanuel clergyman

Born: Browne, William poet

“Brief true report of the new found land of Virginia, published by Thomas Hariot, servant to sir Walter Raleigh, &c.” Brye, Theodore De engraver

“L 7 Histoire des choses plus remarquables advenues en France en Annies 1587, 1588, et 1589, par S. C.” Calignon, Soffrey De a native of Saint Jean

Born: Chaloner, Edward was born in 1590 at Chiswick in Middlesex

“Cæsarei Partus Assertio Historiologica,” Cheselden, William anatomist

“A Spanish grammar, with certain rules for teaching both the Spanish and French tongues,” Corranus, Anthony the son of Ant

Died: Costanzo, Angelo Di lord of Cantalupo

Born: Crellius, John writer

Died: Cujacius, James lawyer

“Father of his scholars.” Cujacius, James lawyer

Died: Denores, Jason was born at Nicosia

Born: Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

Died: Durant not Durand

“Varia Opuscula Medica,” Erastus, Thomas physician

Born: Faria De Sousa, Emanuel one of the most celebrated historians and poets of his nation in the seventeenth century

“Apologia Thesium de CcBUtt Lutherana, &o.” Faunt, Arthur Jesuit

Born: Fermat, Peter mathematician

Born: Feuquieres, Manasses De Pas, Marquis De one of the bravest French officers in the seventeenth century

“Of the Russe Commonwealth: or manner of Government by the Russe Emperor, commonly called the Emperor of Moskovia, with the manners and fashions of the people of that country,” Fletcher, Giles bishop

“Delia transportatione dell' Obelisco Vaticano e delle fabriche Sixto V.” Fontana, Domenick architect

Died: Frischlin, Nicodemus writer

Died: Galesini, Peter of Milan

“Canisius’s Catechism, translated from the Latin,” Garnet, Henry a person memorable in English history for having been privy to the celebrated conspiracy called “The Gunpowder Plot

Died: Garnier, Robert poet

Born: Gentilis, Robert but unworthy of him

“Poematia Vetera,” Germanicus, Cæsar son of Drusus and of Antonia the virtuous niece of Augustus

“The Royal Exchange, contayning sundry aphorisms of Philosophic,” Greene, Robert poet

“Greene’s mourning garment, given him by Repentance at the funerals of Love,” Greene, Robert poet

“Never too late,” Greene, Robert poet

Born: Grey, Nicholas a learned schoolmaster of the seventeenth century

Born: Guercino whose proper name was John Francis Barbieri

Born: Holdsworth, Richard sometimes written Oldsworth (?–1649)

Died: Humphrey, Laurence writer

Died: Junctin, Francis in Italian Giuntino

Died: Kepler, John the greatest astronomer perhaps that any age has produced (?–1630)

Born: Lasena, Peter a learned Italian

“Astronomia Optica.” Mæstlinus, Michael a celebrated astronomer of Germany

Born: Meibomius is the name of several learned men

“Tractatus de Compositione Medicamentorum, De Morbis oculorum et auriura,” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

Died: Morales, Ambrose a pious and learned Spanish priest

Died: Neal, Thomas divine

Born: Page, William divine

Died: Palissy, Bernard De artist

Died: Pare', Ambrose a French surgeon of eminence

“Reformation no Enemy to her Majesty and the State,” Penry, John prelate

Born: Perrier, Francis artist

“A homily of the good and evil Angell, &c.” Regius, Urban a name he thought proper to change

“Tabulae Etymologice Grseca?,” Rhodoman, Laurence a learned German

Died: Rogers, Daniel queen

“Sermons on Romans xii. v. 6, 7, 8,” Rogers, Thomas whom Wood styles “a most admirable theologist

“Miles Christian us, or, a Defence of all necessary writings and writers, written against an Epistle prefixed to a Catechism by Miles Moses,” Rogers, Thomas whom Wood styles “a most admirable theologist

Born: Ross, Alexander a voluminous author of the seventeenth century

Born: Smith, Richard one of the earliest book-collectors upon record

“Treatise of Testaments and Last Wills, compiled out of the laws, ecclesiastical, civil, and canon, as also out of the common laws, customs, and statutes of this realm.” Swinburne, Henry writer

Died: Tabourot, Stephen a French author

Born: Theophile poet

Died: Thevet, Andrew writer

“A Spanish Dictionary,” Thorie, John one of a family of that name

“De rebus Albionicis, Britannicis atque Anglicis commentariorum libri duo,” Twyne, John one of a family of Oxford antiquaries

“Discourse concerning of the Spanish fleet invading England in 1588 and overthroweu,” Ubaldini, Petruccio an illuminator on vellum

Died: Walsingham, Sir Francis statesman

Born: White, John lawyer (?–1644)

“De succino Borussico, de. Alee, de Herbis Borussicis, et de Sale,” Wigand, John divine

“A brief discourse of War, with his opinion concerning some part of military discipline,” Williams, Roger queen (16601725)


Died: Acuna, Fernando De poet

Died: Adamson, Patrick prelate

Died: Albani, John Jerome born in 1504

“De Balneis Puteolorum, Bajorum et Pithecusarum,” Alcadinus the son of Garsia

“Comfort for an afflicted conscience,” Allibond, Peter was born in 1560 at Wardenton

“De Balsamq dialogus,” Alpini, Prospero botanist

Died: Amman, Jost painter and engraver

“De excussione bonarum,” Arena, James De writer

Died: Auger, Edmund Jesuit

Died: Bachovius, Reiner was born at Cologne in 1554

“Memorabilis historia luporum aliquot rabidorum,” Bauhin, John his eldest son

“De plantis a divis, sanctisque nomen habentibus,” Bauhin, John his eldest son

Born: Blondel, David a protestant minister

“Storia Trevigiana,” Bonifacio, John lawyer

“In Institutiones Imperatoris Commenta,” Boyd, Mark Alexander writer

Died: Cecil, Robert earl of Salisbury

Died: Corranus, Anthony the son of Ant

“Aminta e Clori, favola silvestre,” Cremonini, Caesar professor of philosophy at Fer­*ara and at Padua

“De JMedici Laudibus, Oratio ad cives suos Gallipolitanos,” Crispus, John Baptist divine

“De modo evangelii Jesu Christ! publicandi, propagandi, stabiliendique, inter infideles atlanticos. Volumen magnum libris distinctum qtiatuor: quorum primus ad serenissimam r.ostram potentissimamque reginam Elizabetham inscribiiur; secundus ad summos privati sutc sacra: majestatis consilii senatores; tertius ad Hispaniarum regem Philippum quartus ad pontificem Romanum,” Dee, John mathematician

Died: Faunt, Arthur Jesuit

Born: Ferri, Paul in Latin Ferrius

“The countess of Pembroke’s Ivy-church and Emamiel,” Fraunce, Abraham an English versifier in queert Elizabeth’s time

“Heliodorns’s Ethiopics,” Fraunce, Abraham an English versifier in queert Elizabeth’s time

“A Treatise on the different kinds of Cruelties inflicted by the pagans on the Martyrs of the primitive Church, illustrated with engravings of the instruments of torture made use of by them.” Gallonius, Anthony a native of Rome

Born: Gardiner, Richard divine

“De Sacrorum immunitatibus lib. tres, &c.” Germon, Anastasius lawyer

“A notable discovery of Coosenage,” Greene, Robert poet

“The second and last part of Conny Catching,” Greene, Robert poet

“A Hebrew and Chaldaic Dictionary, and an Arabic Grammar,” Hepburn, James Bonaventura an eminent linguist

Born: Herrick, Robert one of the minor poets

“History of the Jesuits,” Jouvenci Jesuit

Born: King, Henry bishop

“The Mussulman History,” Leunclavius, John a native of Amelbrun in Westphalia

“Catharos Diogenes in his singularitie, &c.” Lodge, Thomas, M. D. poet

Born: Mascardi, Augustin a distinguished person in the republic of letters

“Euclidis phenomena,” Maurolico, Francis mathematician

Born: Morin, John a learned ecclesiastic (?–1659)

“Catechism,” Pagit divine

“A Second Part of a Christian Directory, &c.” Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

“Oracula Zoroastris, Hermetis Trismegisti, et aliorum ex scriptis Platonicorum collecta, Graece et Latine, prefixa Dissertation^ Historica,” Patrizi, Francis philosopher

Born: Potter, Christopher was born also within the barony of Kendal in Westmorland (15911646)

“Report of the truth of the Fight about the isles of Azores,” Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

“Memnonis Historia de Republica Heracliensium, & rebus Ponticis Eclogoe seu excerptae & abbreviates narrationes in Sermonem Latinum translatae,” Rhodoman, Laurence a learned German

“De vera peccatorum remissione,” Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

Died: Sainctes, Claudius De in Latin Sanctesius

“Appendix ad Terentii Varronis assertiones analogies sermonis Latini,” Scaliger, Juuus Caesar critic

“Astrophel and Stella,” Sidney, Philip a very accomplished English gentleman (?–1586)

Born: Snell, Willebrod mathematician (?–1626)

“Answer to Mr. Job. deAlbine’s notable discourse against heresies,” Sparke, Thomas divine

“A treatise of Ecclesiastical Discipline,” Sutcliffe, Matthew divine

Born: Turner, Thomas dean

“Le Vite delle Donne illustri del regno d'lughilterra, e del regnb di Scotia, &c.” Ubaldini, Petruccio an illuminator on vellum

Died: Watson, Thomas prelate


“Cronica delle principali Famiglie Bolognesi, &c.” Alberti, Leander adominican and provincial of his order

Born: Alegambe, Philip Jesuit

“Confutation of the Popish Transubstantiation,” Allibond, Peter was born in 1560 at Wardenton

“De Plantis Egyptii liber,” Alpini, Prospero botanist

Died: Ammanati, Bartholomew architect

Born: Arriaga, Roderic De Jesuit

Born: Audran, Claude artist

Died: Baley, Walter physician

Born: Bancroft, John bishop

Died: Bayf, John Anthony De La Neuville the natural son of the subject of the next article

Born: Boisrobert, François Metel De of the French academy

“Fifty-one demands, to be proposed by catholics to heretics,” Bristow, Richard queen

Born: Brownrig, Ralph bishop

Died: Castelnau, Michel De a French nobleman of high character and abilities

Born: Cavendish, William baron Ogle

Born: Chauncy, Charles an eminent nonconformist

“Anti-Chopinus,” Chopin, Rene lawyer

“Plantarum aliquot ac piscium historia,” Colomna, Fabio botanist

Born: Comenius, John Amos divine

Born: Cordes a learned editor

“De Republica Lacedsemoniorum,” Craig, Nicholas Cragius

Born: Crespi, Daniel a Milanese

“A demonstration of Discipline:” Dalton, Michael lawyer

Born: Devereux, Robert son to the former

“Prognostication everlasting, &c.” Digges, Thomas only son of the preceding Leonard Digges

Died: Elizabeth Of Austria daughter of the emperor Maximilian II. and wife of Charles IX. king of France

“The true use of Armory,” Erdeswicke, Sampson antiquary

“Pentateuchus Chirurgicus,” Fabricius, Jerome more generally known by the name of Hieronymus Fabricius Ab Aquapendente

“Tractatus de Controversiis inter ordinem Eccles. et Secularem in Polonia,” Faunt, Arthur Jesuit

Born: Ferrar, Nicholas an English gentleman of considerable learning and ingenuity

Died: Fonte-Moderata is the assumed name of a celebrated Venetian lady

Died: Furius, Frederick surnamed Cceriolanus

Born: Gerbier, Sir Balthasar

Born: Goff, Thomas divine

Died: Greene, Robert poet

“The third and last part of Conny Catching,” Greene, Robert poet

“Disputation, between a hee conny-catcher and a shee conny-catcher,” Greene, Robert poet

“Greene’s Groatsworth of wit bought with a million of repentance,” Greene, Robert poet

“Philomela, the lady FitzwalterV nightingale,” Greene, Robert poet

“Ciceronis amor, Tullie’s love,” Greene, Robert poet

“The Black Book’s Messenger, or life and death of Ned Browne,” Greene, Robert poet

“The repentance of Robert Greene,” Greene, Robert poet

Born: Hacket, John bishop

Died: Harrison, William historian

“Foure Letters, and certain Sonnets, touching Robert Greene and others,” Harvey, Gabriel a caustic wit of the Elizabethan period

Died: Hieron, Samuel divine

Born: Honthorst, Gerard artist

“De Festis Judaeorum, et Ethnicorum: hoc est, de origine, progressu, ceremoiiiis, et ritibus festorum dierum Judaeorum, Graecorum, Romanorum, Turcarum, & Indianorum,” Hospinian, Ralph writer

Born: James, Richard was born at Newport

Born: Jeune, John Le divine

“Familiar Letters,” Manutius, Aldus the younger

“Historiae de rebus Hispaniae, lib.iginti,” Mariana, John historian

Died: Montaigne, Michael De an eminent French

“De varia Republica, sive Comment, in librum Judicum,” Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

“De Legibus,” Pits, John an English biographer

Died: Ponte, Jacob Da called also IL Bassano

Born: Przipcovius, Samuel knight

Born: Quarles, Francis poet (?–1644)

“Phytobasanos” Richer, Peter De Belleval botanist

“Antonii Sadeelis Chandaei, nobilissimi viri, opera theologica,” Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

“De verbo Dei scripto,” Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

“Refutatio libelli Claudii de Sainctes, intitulati, Examen doctrinae Calvinianae et Bezanae de ccena Domini,” Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

Died: Savile, Sir Henry a most learned man

Born: Stephens, Jeremy divine

“Epithetorum Opus,” Tixier, John generally known by his assumed name Ravisius Textor

“Commentaries upon Suetonius and Horace;” Torrentius, Lævinus in his native language called Vander Beken

“Precetti moral i, politici, et economici,” Ubaldini, Petruccio an illuminator on vellum

Died: Udal, Ephraim divine

Born: Villiers, George duke of Buckingham

Born: Wandesforde, Christopher, Viscount Castlecomer statesman (15921640)

“Tabulae Analyticae in Prophetas, Psalmos, et Novum Testamentum,” Zegedin, Stephen De divine


“De Homine sano et de Dysenteria,” Ager, Nicholas professor of medicine and botany at Strasbourg

Born: Agostino, Paul of Valerano

“Psalmi pœnitentiales, versibus elegiacis expressi,” Aleander, Jerome called the younger

Born: Amama, Sixtinus professor of the Hebrew tongue in the university of Franeker

Died: Amyot, James bishop

“Ars Medica, ex Hippocratis et Galeni thesauris potissimum deprompta,” Angelucci, Theodore in Latin Angelutius

“De natura et curatione malignae Febris,” Angelucci, Theodore in Latin Angelutius

Born: Backhouse, William a younger son of Samuel Backhouse of Swallowfield in Berkshire

“Orationi Civili,” Badoaro, Daniel a senator of Venice

“Grammar,” Beumler, Mark a learned minister of the reformed church

Died: Beys, Giles a celebrated printer of the sixteenth century

Born: Bramhall, John prelate

“De Facultatibus Medicamentorum Libri duo,” Caesalpinus, Andrew botanist

Born: Callot, James engraver

Born: Cavalleri, Bonaventura mathematician

“Dialogus de Comcedia,” Ceruti, Frederick philologist

Born: Chatelet, Paul Hay, Lord Of a gentleman descended froman ancient family in Bretany

“Speculum Britanniae,” Chauncy, Sir Henry knt. author of the “Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire

“The great Mirror of the World,” Chesne, Joseph Du called also Quercetanus

“Fruitful Lessons upon the passion, buriall, resurrection, ascension, and of the sending of the Holy Ghost,” Coverdale, Miles bishop (?–1568)

Born: Crighton, Robert bishop

“A short view of Staffordshire, containing the antiquities of the same county.” Erdeswicke, Sampson antiquary

Born: Floyd, John Jesuit

“Theatre of Learned Women” Fonte-Moderata is the assumed name of a celebrated Venetian lady

Born: Forbes, John of Corse

Born: Gallucci, Angelo Jesuit

“Commentarii de Bello Belgico,” Gallucci, Angelo Jesuit

Died: Gataker, Thomas critic

Born: Gevartius, John Gaspar critic

Born: Glassius, Solomon critic

Born: Goodwin, John one of the most violent of the republican sectaries in the time of Charles I. but whom no sect seems to own

“Mamillia, or the triumph of Pallas,” Greene, Robert poet

“Mamillia, or the second part of the triumph of Pallas,” Greene, Robert poet

“Card of Fancy,” Greene, Robert poet

“Apologie pour les Chirurgiens,” Guillemeau, James one of the most celebrated surgeons of the sixteenth century

Born: Haye, John De La a learned Franciscan

Born: Herbert, George divine

Died: Holinshed, Raphael historian

Born: Holyday, Barten divine

“Festa Christianorum,” Hospinian, Ralph writer

Born: Jackson, Arthur divine

Died: Latinus, Latinius one of the most learned critics of the sixteenth century

Died: Leunclavius, John a native of Amelbrun in Westphalia

“Antiquitatum Judaicarum, lib. novem,” Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

“Liber generationis et regenerationis Adam, sive historia generis humani,” Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

“A Plain Discovery of the Revelation of St. John,” Napier, John baron of Merchiston in Scotland

“Commentarii in Notitiam utriusque Imperii et de Magistratibus,” Pancirolus, Guy the son of Albert Pancirolus

“Responsio ad Eliz. Reginse edictum contra Catholicos,” Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

“Ex Memnone, de Tyrannis Heracleae Ponticas Ctesia & Agatharchide excerptae Historiac Greece & Latine partim ex Laur. Rhodomani interpretatione,” Rhodoman, Laurence a learned German

Born: Sheldon, Gilbert archbishop

“A supplication to queen Elizabeth,” Southwell, Robert Jesuit

“St. Peter’s Complaint, with other poems,” Southwell, Robert Jesuit

“The Laws of Armes,” Sutcliffe, Matthew divine

“Gierusalemme conquistata,” Tasso, Torquato poet

Born: Tulp, Nicholas physician

Born: Walton, Isaac writer

Born: Wentworth, Thomas, Earl Of Strafford an eminent

Born: Wingate, Edmund


“Discussse concertationes de Rebus, Verbis, et Sententiis controversis,” Abbatius, Baldus Angelus physician

“The mirror of Popish Subtleties,” Abbot, Robert archbishop

Died: Alan, William cardinal

“Diogenes Laertius,” Aldobrandini, Thomas another son of the above Sylvester

“Oratio de Magia,” Apuleius, Lucius philosopher

“Muse Toscane” Asinari, Frederic count de Camerano

Born: Audran, Carl is generally believed to have been brother of the preceding Claude

Died: Aylmer, John prelate

“Histoire prodigieuse du Parricide de Barriere,” Banchi, Seraphim a native of Florence

Died: Benci, Francis orator

Died: Bertram, Cornelius Bonaventure minister

Born: Beverwick, John De in Latin Beverovicius

Born: Bie, Adrian De artist

Died: Bruto, John Michael a very learned Venetian

Born: Bushel, Thomas a man once of considerable eminence for his philosophical pursuits

“Godfrey of Bulloigne,” Carew, Ilichard author of the Survey of Cornwal

“Les Trois Verge’s,” Charron, Peter was born at Paris in 1541

“Diana, or the excellent conceitful sonnets of H. C. augmented with divers quatorzains of honorable and learned personages, divided into eight decads,” Constable, Henry poet

Died: Cooper, Thomas bishop

Born: Cosin, John prelate

“De Morbo Gallico Commentarius,” Craton, John physician

“De vera praecavendi et curandi Febrem contagiosam pestiientem ratione,” Craton, John physician

“De ethnicis philosophis caute legendis,” Crispus, John Baptist divine

Born: Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

“The Complaint of Rosamond,” Daniel, Samuel historian

“Tragedy of Cleopatra,” Daniel, Samuel historian

Born: Despeisses, Anthony lawyer

Born: Fell, Samuel, D. D. divine

Born: Fisher, John Jesuit

Died: Fleetwood, William lawyer

“Greene’s funerals,” Greene, Robert poet

“The honourable history of Fryer Bacon and Fryer Bongay, a comedy,” Greene, Robert poet

“A looking-glass for London and England,” Greene, Robert poet

Born: Grimston, Sir Harbottle lawyer

Born: Gustavus, Adolphus king of Sweden

Born: Hampden, John, Esq. of Hamden

Born: Harmar, John scholar

“Life of Jack Wilton,” Howard, Henry Earl of Surrey (?–1547)

Born: Ho Well, James writer

“Exposition on the two Epistles to the Thessalonians,” Jewel, John prelate

Born: Jordaens, Jacob painter

“Lectures upon Jonah,” King, John bishop

Died: Laud, William archbishop

Born: Leger, Anthony divine

“De Papa Romano,” Lubbert, Sibrand divine

Born: Marca, Peter De one of the greatest ornaments of the Gallican church

Born: May, Thomas historian

Died: Mercator, Gerard mathematician

“Dido, queen of Carthage,” Nash, Thomas poet

Born: Nicolai, John a learned doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Novarini, Lewis a learned Italian monk

Died: Palestrina, John Peter Louis called by Dr

Died: Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

“A Conference about the next Succession to the Crown of England, &c.” Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

“Parallels Militari,” Patrizi, Francis philosopher

Born: Petit, Samuel scholar

Born: Potter, Francis divine (15941678)

Born: Poussin, Nicholas painter

“Analysis Analyticorum posteriorum, seu librorum Aristotelis de Demonstratione, cum scholiis,” Powell, Griffith principal of Jesus college

“Analysis libri Aristotelis deSophisticis Elenchis,” Powell, Griffith principal of Jesus college

Died: Puy, Peter Du historian

Died: Rainolds, John one of the most learned and eminent divines of the sixteenth century

“Exposition on the 87th Psalm,” Regius, Urban a name he thought proper to change

“Epithalamia sacra,” Rhodoman, Laurence a learned German

“On the English schism,” Ribadeneira, Peter Jesuit

Born: St. Amant, Mark-Anthony-Gerard, Sieur De poet

Born: Shirley, James poet

“Diana,” Sidney, Philip a very accomplished English gentleman (?–1586)

“Certain instructions, observations, and orders military, requisite for all chieftains, captains, higher and lower officers,” Smith, John traveller

Born: Stephens, Anthony the son of Paul

Died: Tintoretto, Giacopo painter

“Latin poems,” Torrentius, Lævinus in his native language called Vander Beken

Born: Velasquez, Don Diego Velasquez De Silva painter

Born: Ware, James antiquary


“Disticha moralia Catonis, interprete Seb. Fab. Klonowicio,” Acernus, Sebastian Fabian a native of Poland

Died: Agylæus, Henry lawyer

“Orationes duae,” Amboise, James D' a brother of the preceding Francis and Adrian

Born: Aubertin, Edmund, In Latin Edmundus Albertinus a minister of the reformed church of Paris in the seventeenth century

Died: Aubrey, William queen

Died: Auge, Daniel D' in Latin Augentius

“Novæ Gnomonices, lib. V.” Baldi, Bernard born at Urbino in the year 1553

Born: Barlæus, Lambert was born in 1595

Born: Bastwick, Dr. John physician

Born: Bayly, John son of the above

“Annals of queen Elizabeth,” Bodley, Sir Thomas that illustrious benefactor to literature

“Legationis Turcicæ Epistolæ,” Busbequius, Augher Ghislen was the natural son of the lord of Bnsbec

Born: Carpzovius, Benedict was born in 1595

Born: Cesarini, Virginio scholar

Born: Chapelain, John poet

“Chroniconanni 1593, 1594, etinitii 1595,” Chytræus, David whose family name was Kochhafe

“La bella Mano,” Conti, Giusto Di poet

Born: Coste, Hillario De a Minime friar

Died: Crispus, John Baptist divine

“Annales Suevici, sive Chronica rerum gestarum antiquissimae et inclytae Suevicas Gentis quibus quicquid fere de ea haberi potuit, ex Lat. & Graec. aliarumque linguarum auctoribus, scriptisque plurimis, non editis, comprehenditur, &c.” Crusius, Martin antiquary

“Calvinus Judaisans,” Curio, Cœlius Secundus of Piemont

Born: Daly, Daniel an Irishman by birth

Born: Dandini, Caesar painter

“St. Peter’s Complaint, with other Poems,” Davis, John of Hereford

Died: Digges, Thomas only son of the preceding Leonard Digges

Born: Drelincourt, Charles minister of the Calvinist church of Paris

“Casao Galataei de bonis moribus,” Fitzherbert, Nicholas grandson also to sir Anthony Fitzherbert

Died: Foesius, Anutius physician

“Specimen Uranicum,” Gallucci, John Paul a learned Italian astronomer

Born: Glandorp, Matthias physician

Born: Hallier, Francis bishop

Born: Hanneken, Memnon divine

Died: Hawkins, Sir John an able naval commander

Died: Kelley a famous English alchymist

“Martial,” Langius, Joseph mathematician

Born: Marets, John Des de Saint Sorlin

“Q. Ennii annalium librorum xviii. fragmenta collecta & commentariis illustrata,” Merula, Paul a very learned Hollander

Died: Neri, St. Philip De founder of the congregation of priests of the Oratory in Italy

Died: Passeroti, Bartholomew artist

“The Old Wives Tale,” Peele, George poet

“De Beatitudine,” Pits, John an English biographer

“The dangers which, through the impunity of excommunicated papists, traffickers with the Spaniards, and other enemies of the religion and estates, are imminent to the true religion professed within this realm, his majesty’s person, crown, and liberty of this our native country.” Rollock, Robert the first principal of the college of Edinburgh

“Aphorismi Confessariorum,” Saa, Emanuel Jesuit

Born: Sarbiewski, Matthias Casimir poet

Born: Saussay, Andrew Du doctor of law and divinity

Born: Scultetus, John a distinguished surgeon

“The Defence of Poesy,” Sidney, Philip a very accomplished English gentleman (?–1586)

“The Tragedie of Antonie: done into English by the countess of Pembroke,” Sidney, Mary countess of Pembroke

“Astrophel,” Sidney, Mary countess of Pembroke

“Maeoniae, or certain excellent Poems and spiritual Hymns,” Southwell, Robert Jesuit

“The Triumphs over death,” Southwell, Robert Jesuit

Died: Spondanus, John a man of uncommon abilities and learning

“Discours en vers au connetable de Montmorency,” Stephanus, Robert the third of that name

“Juvenilia,” Stephanus, Paul son of the second Henry

Born: Tooke, George of Popes

“Scelta di alcune Attioni, e di varii Accidenti,” Ubaldini, Petruccio an illuminator on vellum

Born: Ughelli, Ferdinand historian

Born: Vanuden, Lucas painter

“Mencechmi,” Warner, William poet

Died: Williams, Roger queen (16601725)


“Conciones, tomi tres,” Acosta, Joseph D' a celebrated Spanish author

Born: Adlzreiter, John of Tottenweiss

“A Preparative to platting of Landes and Tenements for suweigh, &c.” Aggas, Ralph engraver

Born: Amyraut, Moses divine

Died: Angelio, Peter poet

Died: Bacci, Andrew physician

“De Naturali Vinorum Historia,” Bacci, Andrew physician

“Apologie contre les Jug-emeus temeraires de ceux, qui out pense conserver la Religion Catholiqtie en faisant assassiuer les tres Chretiens Rois de France,” Banchi, Seraphim a native of Florence

“Phytopinax,” Bauhin, Gaspard was born at Basil

Born: Berretini, Pietro Da Cortona

“A letter to cardinal Cajetane io. commendation of the English Jesuits,” Blackwell, George writer

“Astrolabium uranicum generale a necessary and pleasant solace and recreation for navigators in their long journeying containing the use of an instrument, or astrolabe,” Blagrave, John mathematician

Died: Bodin, John lawyer

Born: Bollandus, John Jesuit

Died: Bottoni, Albertino physician

“A collection of' astronomical epistles,” Brahe, Tycho a very celebrated astronomer

Born: Bramer, Leonard painter

Died: Brandmuller, John the eldest of a family who have made some figure in Swisserland

Born: Carey, Henry earl of Monmouth

“Anthropologia,” Casman, Otto divine

“Questiones Marinae,” Casman, Otto divine

“Commonefactio ad Leonem X. papam, ad Carolum V. imperatorem, &c. de Constantinopoli capta a Turcis, &c.” Cuspinian, John whose German name was Speis­Hammer

Born: Des Cartes, Rene philosopher

Born: Doni D'Attichi, Lewis was born in 1596

Died: Drake, Sir Francis one of our most distinguished naval heroes

“Lives of the Sophists,” Eunapius a native of Sardis in Lydia

Born: Faringdon, Anthony divine

“Syriac and Chaldee Grammar,” George, Amjra was a learned Maronite

Born: Giry, Lewis advocate to the parliament of Paris

Born: Glisson, Francis physician

Born: Golius, James professor of Arabic at Leyden

Born: Greenville, Sir Bevil a brave and loyal officer

Born: Guadagnolo, Pinup an eminent Orientalist of Italy

“Genealogiae Familiarum Saxonicarum,” Henninges, Jerome historian

Born: Holden, Henry divine

Born: Holstenius, Lucas an ingenious and learned German

“Two Polyglotts,” Hutter, Elias divine

“Cosmographical Mystery,” Kepler, John the greatest astronomer perhaps that any age has produced (?–1630)

Died: Lesley, John bishop

“Abridgment of the Basilica,” Leunclavius, John a native of Amelbrun in Westphalia

“The Divel conjured,” Lodge, Thomas, M. D. poet

“Phosphorus, de prima causa et natura mali, tractatus hypermetaphysicus,” Lubin, Eilhard one of the most learned protestants of his time

Born: Macedo, Francis Jesuit

“Historia Strenarum,” Marcilius, Theodora critic

Born: Mather, Richard the first of a family of nonconformist divines

Born: Nye, Philip an English nonconformist

“Aristotelis naturalis auscultationis libri octo.” Pacius, Juuus lawyer

“Aristotelis de anima libri tres, Gr. et Lat.” Pacius, Juuus lawyer

Born: Place, Joshua De La a learned protestant minister

“Funus Parasiticum,” Rigaltius, Nicolas a very ingenious and learned man

“Questiones et Responsiones aliquot, de feed ere Dei et de Sacramentis,” Rollock, Robert the first principal of the college of Edinburgh

Born: Ryves, Sir Thomas son of John Ryves of Damery Court

Died: Saa, Emanuel Jesuit

“Scholia in quatuor Evangelia,” Saa, Emanuel Jesuit

“De spirituali et sacramentali manducatione Corporis Christi;” Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

“Posnaniensium assertionum refutatio,” Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

“Annotationes in ethicam, physicam, sphaeram Cornelii Valerii,” Snell, Rodolph philosopher

Born: Stella, James painter

Born: Sterne, Richard archbishop

Died: Sylburgius, Frederic a learned German

Died: Taubman, Frederic critic

Died: Tolet, Francis cardinal

“The Life of St. Francis Xavier;” Turselin, Horace Jesuit

Died: Vignier, Nicholas physician

“Explanationes in Ezechielem,” Villalpando, John Baptist Jesuit

“Orationes quinque,” White, Richard historian (1540–?)

Born: Wilson, Arthur historian


Born: Acuna, Christopher Jesuit

“Deus, canzone spirituale di Celio magno, &c. con due Lezioni di T. Angelucci,” Angelucci, Theodore in Latin Angelutius

Born: Argues, Gerard Des a geometrician of the seventeenth century

Born: Arnauld, Henry brother of Robert and Anthony

Died: Bacquet, John king’s advocate in the exchequer of Paris

“The Navigator’s Supply, containing rnaiw things of principal importance belonging to Navigation, and use of diverse Instruments framed chiefly for that purpose,” Barlowe, William son of the above

Died: Barthius, Caspar writer

Born: Blake, Thomas divine

“I. Bonfadii annales Genuensium ab anno 1528, ubi desinit Folieta, ad annum 1550,” Bonfadio, James scholar

“Vitae Sanctorum Evangelist. Johannis et Lucae a Simeone Metaphraste concinnatae,” Brett, Richard divine

“Agatharchidis et Memnonis Historicorum quae supersunt omuia,” Brett, Richard divine

Died: Canisius, Henry the nephew of Peter Canisius

“Thesaurus ceconomiae, seu commentarius in ceconomia Aristotelis,” Case, John philosopher

“Totius artis medicae, methodo divisa, compendium et synopsis,” Castellus, Bartholomew physician

Born: Davenport, John elder brother of Christopher just mentioned

Born: Despierres, John Benedictine

Died: Dousa, Janus a very learned man

“De festis diebus Christianorum, Judaeorum et Ethnicoruin liber,” Dresserus, Matthew a learned German

“Dictionary, Italian and English,” Florio, John the Resolute

Born: Freire De Andrada, Hyacinthe writer

“Delia fabrica et uso di diversi stromenti di Astronomia et Cosmografia,” Gallucci, John Paul a learned Italian astronomer

Born: Gellibrand, Henry professor of astronomy at Gresham-college

Died: Genebrard, Gilbert Benedictine

“Herbal, or General History of Plants,” Gerarde, John queen

Born: Gill, Alexander son and successor to his father

“The comical historic of Alphonsus king of Arragon, a play,” Greene, Robert poet

Died: Guarino poet

Born: Heidanus, Abraham divine

Died: Hesse, William, Prince Of rendered his name immortal by his encouragement of learning

“Progymnasmata.” Hesse, William, Prince Of rendered his name immortal by his encouragement of learning

Died: Lilly, John writer

“De Hominis Generatione,” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

“Commentarii in Hippoc. Coi Prognostica, Prorrhetica,” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

Born: Micrelius, John professor of divinity at Stetin

“Ludus latromathematicus,” Monantheuil, Henry De writer

Born: Morley, Dr. George bishop

“The Trimming of Tho. Nashe, gentleman, by the high tituled patron Don Richardo de Medico Campo, Barber Chirurgeon to Trinity college in Cambridge,” Nash, Thomas poet

Born: Opits, Martin in Latin Opitius

Died: Paleotti, Gabriel cardinal

“De Febribus Liber,” Plater, Felix physician

“Island Voyage,” Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

“Theologiae Christianæ tyrocinia, carmine heroico Græco-Latino in 5 libros digesta,” Rhodoman, Laurence a learned German

“Certain Sermons on several places of St. Paul’s Epistles,” Rollock, Robert the first principal of the college of Edinburgh

“Tractatus de vocatione efficaci,” Rollock, Robert the first principal of the college of Edinburgh

“Demonologie,” Scot, Reynolde a learned English gentleman

Born: Sole, Antonio Maria Dal painter

“The Highway to Heaven, &c. against Bellarmine and others, in a treatise on the 37, 38, and 39 verses of the 7 John,” Sparke, Thomas divine

Born: Tomasini, James Philip prelate

“Charisma, sive Donum Sanationis, seu Explicatio totius qusestionis de mirabilium sanitatum gratia, &c.” Tucker, William divine

Born: Twysden, Sir Roger the second baronet of the family

“Song of Solomon, and some of the Psalms,” Vaughan, William poet

Born: Waller, Sir William an eminent parliamentary general

“Syrinx, or a seauenfold Historic, handled with varietie of pleasant and profitable, both comical and tragical argument,” Warner, William poet

“Logica,” Zabarella, James born Sept. 5


Died: Albinus, Peter historian

“Discorsi sopra Cornelio Tacito,” Ammirato, Scipio historian

Died: Audebert, Germain president in the election

“Chrestoleros; seven bookes of Epigrames,” Bastard, Thomas clergyman

Died: Beyma, Julius lawyer

“Sanctarum precationum prsemia,” Blackwood, Adam professor of civil law at Poictiers

“L'Urbano,” Boccaccio, John one of the most eminent Italian poets and scholars

“The mechanical principles of Astronomy restored,” Brahe, Tycho a very celebrated astronomer

“Cruelties of the Spaniards in America,” Brye, Theodore De engraver

“Descriptio Indise Orientalis et Occidentals,” Brye, Theodore De engraver

Born: Case, Thomas divine

Born: Colletet, William one of the members of the French academy

Died: Commelin, Jerome a celebrated French printer

Born: Crispe, Sir Nicholas an eminent and loyal citizen in the reigns of king Charles the First

Born: Davenport, Christopher a learned Englishman

Born: Doughty, John divine

“Downfalls of Robert of Normandy, Matilda and Gaveston;” Drayton, Michael poet

Born: Elsynge, Henry an English gentleman

Died: Fevre, Guy De Sieur De La Boderie Or Giudo Fabricius Boderianus

“De Cauteriis libri quinque,” Fienus, Thomas physician

Born: Forstner, Christopher lawyer

Died: Gerhard, John divine

“The Scottish Historic of James the Fourthe, si ai ue at Flodden, intermixed with a pleasant comedie,” Greene, Robert poet

“Œuvres de Chirurgie,” Guillemeau, James one of the most celebrated surgeons of the sixteenth century

“The three last bookes of byting satyrs,” Hall, Joseph a very eminent

“Historia Sacramentaria hoc est, libri quinque Je Ccsnae Dominicae prima institutione, ejusque vero usu & abusu, in primaeva ecclesia necnon de origine, progressu, ceremoniis, & ritibus Missas, Transubstantiationis, & aliorum pene infinitorum errorum, quibus Ccenx prima institutio horribiliter in papatu polluta & profanata est,” Hospinian, Ralph writer

“A treatise of the Sufferings and Victory of Christ in the work of our Redemption, &c. written against certain errors in those points publicly preached in London, 1597,” Jacob, Henry the founder of the first independent or congregational church in England

“The Moral Philosophy of the Stoics,” James, Thomas critic

“Every Man in his Humour,” Jonson, Benjamin for so he

“Florilegium,” Langius, Joseph mathematician

Born: Lyford, William clergyman

Born: Mansard, Francis architect

Died: Marnix, Philip De seigneur du Mont

“Annals of France,” Masson, Papirius writer

“Lectures on Genesis, and the Prophets,” Mercier, John Le a celebrated philologer

Died: Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

Died: Owen, Thomas a learned judge

Died: Paruta, Paul a noble Venetian

Born: Pellegrini, Camillo antiquary

Born: Petit, Peter mathematician

“Pindar,” Portus, Æmilius was born in 1551

Died: Powell, David divine

Died: Preston, Thomas writer

Born: Riccioli, John Baptist a learned Italian astronomer

Died: Rollock, Robert the first principal of the college of Edinburgh

“Notationes in totam s cram Scripturam,” Saa, Emanuel Jesuit

“Gallorum doctrina illustrium elogia,” Sainte-Marthe in Latin Sammartbanus

Died: Serranus, Joannes a learned Frenchman

Died: Stapleton, Thomas a celebrated controversialist on the side of the papists

“Orationes Catecheticae,” Stapleton, Thomas a celebrated controversialist on the side of the papists

Died: Stephanus, Henry the second of the name

“An Abridgment of Universal History,” Turselin, Horace Jesuit

Born: Vandyck, Sir Anthony a most illustrious portraitpainter

“Poemata continent. Encom. Roberti Comitis Essex,” Vaughan, William poet

Born: Vesling, John anatomist

Born: Voiture, Vincent writer

Born: Wicquefort, Abraham De famous for his embassies and his writings


“El Cardinale,” Albergati, Fabio a native of Bologna

Born: Alcala Y Henares, Alphonso De poet

“Rime di diversi illustri Poeti,” Asinari, Frederic count de Camerano

“Importance of the doctrine of the Trinity,” Athenagoras philosopher

Born: Baillie, Robert divine

Born: Blake, Robert a celebrated English admiral

Born: Bochart, Samuel a learned French Protestant

Born: Bontius, Gerard professor in medicine at the university of Leyden in the latter part of the sixteenth century

“Ada Ecclesiae Mediolanensis,” Borromeo, Charles cardinal

Born: Borromini, Francis architect

Died: Boyle, Richard statesman

Born: Burroughes, Jeremiah divine

Born: Buxtorf, John was born at Basil

Born: Carteret, Sir George a loyalist in the time of Charles f. of uncommon firmness and bravery

Born: Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

“Lapis Philosophicus, seu comment, in octo libros phisicorum Arist.” Case, John philosopher

“Ancilla philosophise, seu Epit. in 8 lib. Arist.” Case, John philosopher

Born: Clarke, Samuel writer

Born: Cromwell, Oliver protector of the commonwealth of England

Born: Desmares, Toussaint priest of the oratory

“A briefe discourse,” Digges, Thomas only son of the preceding Leonard Digges

Died: Drusius, John critic

Died: Epo, Boetius lawyer

Born: Eyckens called the Olp

Born: Fleming, Patrick writer

“Kxplanation of the Magic Oracles of Zoroaster,” Gemistus, George philosopher

Born: Gomberville, Marin Le Roi Sieurde

“Orpharion,” Greene, Robert poet

“Adversaria” Heraldus, Desiderius French

“Of the Church and Ministry of England, written in two treatises against the reasons and objections of Mr. Francis Johnson,” Jacob, Henry the founder of the first independent or congregational church in England

“Philobiblion R. Dunelmensis,” James, Thomas critic

“Les Proverbes de Salomon; escrites en diverses sortes de lettres, par Esther Anglois, en Francoise. A Lislehourge en Escosse,” Inglis, Hester a lady celebrated for her skill in calligraphy

Born: Malvezzi, Virgil commonly called the marquis Malvezzi

Born: Marets, Samuel Des divine

“The Scourge of Villainy,'” Marston, John an English dramatic author

“Urbi$ Romae delineatio & methodica ex variis authoribus descriptio,” Merula, Paul a very learned Hollander

Born: Miel, Jan painter

Died: Nash, Thomas poet

Born: Olearius, Adam traveller

“A most easy way for the delineation of plain Sun-dials, only by Geometry,” Oughtred, William divine

Died: Pancirolus, Guy the son of Albert Pancirolus

“Rerum Memorabiliuui jam olim deperditarum, et contra recens atque ingeniose inventarum,” Pancirolus, Guy the son of Albert Pancirolus

“Discorsi Politici,” Paruta, Paul a noble Venetian

Born: Pasor, Matthias the son of George Pasor

“King David and Fair Bethsabe,” Peele, George poet

“Antiqui Rhetores Latini, Rutilius Lupus, Aquila Romanus, Julius Rufinianus, Curius Fortunatianus, MariusVictorinus,” Pithou, Francis advocate to the parliament of Paris

Born: Reynolds, Dward prelate

Died: Scot, Reynolde a learned English gentleman

“The Life and De^th of Thomas Wolsey, cardinal: divided into three pans: his aspiring; triumph; and death,” Storer, Thomas poet

Died: Sully, Maximilian De Bethune, Duke Of one of the most able and honest ministers that France ever had

Died: Taliacotius, Gaspar professor of medicine and anatomy in the university of Bologna

Born: Tuckney, Anthony divine

Died: Turselin, Horace Jesuit

“Vita di Carlo Magno,” Ubaldini, Petruccio an illuminator on vellum