Croft, Sir Herbert

, the son of Edward Croft, esq. of a very ancient family at Croft-castle in Herefordshire, was educated at Christ-church, Oxford, and became a member of parliament in the latter end of queen Elizabeth’s reign. On the accession of James I. he waited on him at Theobalds, and his majesty being informed of his family and personal merits, he was honoured with knighthood. After he had lived fifty-two years as a protestant, he became a member of the Roman catholic church, and going over to Doway, had an apartment in the monastery of the English Benedictines, and, as some say, became a lay brother of the order. After residing here about five years | he died April 10, 1622, a rare example, says his popish biographer, of piety and resolution. He left four sons: William, also knighted and a colonel in the civil wars, who was killed in battle in 1645; James and Robert, both colonels; and Herbert, the subject of the following article. He wrote, 1. “Letters persuasive to his wife and children, to take upon them the Catholic religion,” Doway, 1619, 12mo, 2. “Arguments to show that the church in communion with the see of Rome, is the true church; against Dr. Field’s four books of the church,1619. 3. “Reply to the answer of his daughter (Mary) which she made to a paper of his, sent to her concerning the Roman church,1619, 12mo, 255 pages. This must be a very rare book if, according to Wood, eight copies only were printed. 1


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