Ebertus, Theodore

, a learned* professor at Francfort upon Oder, in the seventeenth century, and rector of that university in 1618 and 1627, acquired a considerable name, among oriental scholars particularly, by his works; the principal of which are: “Juvenilia philosophica,Franc. 1616, 4to “Poetica Hebraica,” Lips. 1628, 8vo “Elogia Jurisconsultorum et politicorum centum illustrium, qui Sanctam Hebraeam Linguam aliasque ejus propagines orientales propagarunt, auxerunt, promoverunt,” Lips. 1628, 8vo, &c. He had a great enthusiasm for the study of the Hebrew language, and the other oriental languages connected with it, and wrote this collection of eulogies in compliment to other eminent scholars who had succeeded in the same pursuit. Moreri mentions another of his works, but without giving the date, entitled “Speculum Morale.2