Elmenhorst, Geverhart

, a learned commentator of the seventeenth century, was a native of Hamburgh, and acquired very considerable fame as a critic. He published, with notes, 1. “Arnobii disputationes adversus Gentes,” Hamburgh, 1610, fol. 2. “Gennadius de dogmatibus Ecclesise, ibid. 1614, 4to. 3. Sidonii Apollinaris Opera,| Hanover, 1617, 8vo. 4. “Cebetis tabula cum versione et uotis Jo. Caselii,Leyden, 1618, 4to. 5. “Apuleii Platonic! Opera omnia,” Francfort, 1621, 8vo, and an edition in fol. of Minucius Felix. He died in 1621. 1


Gen. Dict.—Moreri.—Saxii Onomast.