or Eutychus, a grammarian of the sixth century, was a disciple of Priscian, and wrote a treatise “De aspiratione.” which is noticed by Cassiodorus, in the ninth chapter of his work on Orthography. He left also two books, " De discernendis conjugationibus, which Joachim Camerarius printed along with some pieces by Victorinus and Servius, at Tubingen, in 1537, 4to; but Eutyches’ s work is said to be printed more completely in the edition of the ancient grammarians by Putchius, at Hanover, 1605, 4to. Simler says that the commentary of one Sedulius, on Eutyches’s work, is in the library at Zurich. 2


Moreri.—Fabric. Bibl. Med. Lat.—Saxii Onomast.