, a Christian author, of the sect of the Melchites, was born at Cairo, in Egypt, in the year 876, and became eminent in the knowledge of physic; which he practised with so much success and reputation, that even the Mahometans reckoned him one of the best physicians in his time. Towards the latter part of his life, he applied himself to divinity; and was chosen in the year 935, patriarch of Alexandria. He then took the name of Eutychius; for his Arabic name was Said Ebn Batrick; Said, meaning happy, in Arabic, as Eutychius does in, Greek. He had the misfortune not to be very acceptable to his people; for there were continual jars between them, from his first accession to the see, to the time of his death, which happened in the year 950, or, according to SaxiuSj in the year 940. He wrote annals from the beginning of the world to the year 900; in which may be found many things which occur no where else; but certainly many which were collected from legends, and are entirely fabulous. An extract from these Annals, under the title of “Annals of the Church of Alexandria,” was published by Selden, in Arabic and Latin, London, 1642, 4td and the Annals entire were published by Pocock, in Arabic and Latin, in 1659, Oxford, 2 vols. 4to, with a preface and notes by Selden. Besides these, Eutycbius wrote a book “De rebus Siciliac,” after Sicily was conquered by the Saracens the manuscript of which is now in the public library at Cambridge, subjoined to the Annals; also “A | disputation between the heterodox and the Christians,” together with some small medical performances. 1


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