Fassolo, Bernardino

, of Pavia, an artist who flourished about 1518, was a pupil or imitator of Lionardo da Vinci, and the most successful of all his imitators, Luino perhaps excepted, if he be judged by the only picture, which, without hesitation, may be ascribed to him. This picture, which belonged to the gallery of prince Braschi, was carried by the French to that of the Louvre, and represents, in a groupe of natural size, the Madonna with the. | infant on her lap: the mother in quiet repose, with bent eyes, and absorbed in meditation; her simple attitude is contrasted by the lively one of the child, who seems to take refuge at her neck and breast from some external object. The picture is inscribed “Bernardinus Faxolus de Papia fecit, 1518.1

1 Pilkington.