Filesac, John

, was a native of Paris, who taught ethics, and afterwards philosophy, at the college de la Marche, and was rector of the university in 1.586. He took his doctor’s degree, April 9, 1590, and became curate of St. John en Greve. Filesac, who was eminent among his contemporaries for his firmness, learning, and | piety, died at Paris, senior of the Sorbonne, and dean of the faculty of theology, May 27, 1638, leaving several very learned works, the principal of which are, “A Treatise on the sacred Authority of Bishops,” in Latin, Paris, 1606, 8vo another “on Lent;” a treatise on the “Origin of Parishes” treatises on “Auricular Confession;” on “Idolatry,” and on “the Origin of the ancient Statutes of the Faculty of Paris.” They are united under the title of “Opera Pieraque,Paris, 1621, 3 vols. 4to, but he has on the whole too much in the form of compilations from other authors to entitle him to the credit of an original writer. 1