Francucci, Innocent

, an historical painter, born at Imola, and known by the name of Innocenzio da Iinola, became a disciple of Francesco Francia, in 1506; then passed some time with Albertinelli at Florence; and from the evidence of his works, and the testimony of Vasari, studied much after Fra. Bartolomeo and Andrea del Sarto: for though the main disposition of his altar-pieces be still gothic, he no longer used the ancient gilding; he placed, the Virgin on high in the centre, and surrounded her with saints and angels, architecture, and back grounds skilfu.lly grouped and arranged with novelty and taste. Such is his style in the surprizing picture of the Duomo at Fagnza, and in another at Pesaro. The aerial perspective and back ground remind us of Leonardo da Vinci. He sometimes placed smaller pictures under his altar-pieces, like that at St. Giacorno of Bologna, which breathes the very spirit of Raphael; that spirit he seems indeed to have aimed at in the greater part of his works, and to have approached it nearer than most of Raphael’s own scholars. He excelled Francia and his fellow-scholar Bagnacavallo in erudition, majesty, and correctness. Subjects of novel combination and fiery fancy he has not produced; nor seem they to have been congenial with that mildness and tranquillity of character which history ascribes to. him. He wks fifty-six: years old at the time of his death, but that is not known. 2


Fuseli, in Pilkington.