Frantius, Wolfgang

, a Lutheran divine, was born in 1564 at Plawen, in the circle of Voightland, and was educated at Francfort on the Oder. He then removed to Wittetnberg, where in 1598, he was appointed professor of history, and took his doctor’s degree in divinity. Three years after, he was invited to be superintendant at Kemsperg, and remained there until 1605, when he was chosen divinity professor at Wittemberg. He died suddenly ia 1628, of a second attack of apoplexy. Among his numerous works are, 1. “Syntagma controversiarum | theologicarum.” 2. “Historia animalium,” Francfort, 1671, 12mo; but the first edition was published at Wittemberg, 1616, 8vo, under the title “Historia animal iura sacra.”“It was afterwards reprinted often with improvements, the last of which editions appeared at Francibrt, 1712, 4 vols. 4to. There is also an English translation of the original work, Lond. 1674, 8vo. 3.” Schola sacrificiorum patriarchalium sacra, hoc est, assertio satisfactionis a Domino nostro J. C. pro peccatis totius mundi prcestitse, in sacrificiorum veterum typis fundata?, et recentibus Arianis et Photinianis oppositae,“Wittemberg, 1654, 4to. This has been sometimes sold in two parts; the one entitled” Schola sacrificiorum,“and the other” Assertio satisfactionis,“but it is the same work. 4.” Tractatus theologrcus de interpretatione scripturarnm maxime legitima, duabus constans regulis, a Luthero ad papatns Komani destructionem in versione Biblioruni Germanica usitatis, et 152 exemplis elucidatus," Wittemberg, 1634, 4to. Of this there have been several editions. Frantzius is also the author of various dissertations and disputations on subjects of theological controversy. 1


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