Fulgentius Planciades, Fabius

, who is sometimes confounded with the preceding St. Fulgentius, is supposed to have been bishop of Carthage in the sixth century, but some think not before the eighth or ninth. He is the author of three books of mythology, addressed to one Catus, a priest. They were first published in 1498, at Bftilan, in folio, by Jo. Bapt. Pius, who added a | commentary.Jerome Commolin reprinted them in 1599, with the works of other mythologists. There is likewise a treatise by him “De Prisco Sermone, ad Chalcidium,” published Hy Hadrian Junius, at Antwerp, 1565, along with Nonius Marcel I us, and afterwards reprinted with the “Auctones Linguae Latinaj,Paris, 1586, and elsewhere. His works are now rather curious than valuable, as they bear the impress of the dark age in which be lived. 1


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