Goudelin, Peter

, a Gascon poet, was born at Toulouse in 1579, where his father was a surgeon. He was educated for the law, but the muses charmed him from, that profession, and he devoted himself to their service. His verses and the wit of his conversation procured him easy access to the tables of the great, but he profited so little by their patronage, that he would have been left to starve in his old age, had not his fellow citizens bestowed a pension on him from the public funds, which he enjoyed until his death, Sept. 10, 1649. Such was his reputation, that they also placed his bust in the gallery of the townhall, among those of other illustrious men whom Toulouse had produced; and his works were long cited with delight and admiration. They were published in a single volume, | and often printed at Toulouse; and at Amsterdam in 170O. His poem on the death of Henry IV. is one of his best, and one of the few that has borne a translation from the Gascon language. 1