Gramont, Gabriel Bartholomew, Seigneur De

, in Latin, Gramondus, president of the parliament of Toulouse, and son of the dean of the counsellors to the | same parliament, descended from an ancient family in Rouergue, who were long in possession of the estate of Gramont. He wrote in Latin a History of the reign of Louis XIII. from the death of Henry IV. to 1629. This history, the best edition of which is 1643, fol. may be considered as a supplement to that of the president du Thou, although much inferior both as to style and fidelity: the author flatters cardinal de Richelieu because he hoped for his favour; and abuses Arnauld d’Andilly, and others, from whom he had no expectations. He died in 1654. In 1623 he published his “Historia prostratae a Ludovico XIII. Sectariorum in Gallia rebellionis,” 4to, which contains some curious and interesting facts, mixed with strong prejudices against the protestants, which lead him to such excess of bigotry as to vindicate the horrible massacre of St. Bartholomew. 1


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