Hahn, Simon Frederic

, ayoungrnan of extraordinary talents, was born at Bergen, in the duchy of Hanover, in 1692. He soon acquired an extensive knowledge of the learned languages, and when he was only fourteen years of age, he pronounced, at the university of Halle, a Latin harangue on the origin of the monastery of Bergen, which was printed with some other pieces. In 1703, he published | a continuation of the “Chronicon Bergense” of Meibomius; and, in 1711, printed two “Dissertations;” one on “Henry the Fowler,” the other on the kingdom of Aries, which do him great honour. After giving public lectures for some years at Halle, he was appointed professor of history at Helmstadt, though but twenty-four years old, and afterwards was made counsellor, historiographer, and librarian to his Britannic majesty at Hanover. He died in 1729, leaving the first four volumes of a “History of the Empire; 17 and” Collectio Monumentorum veterum et recentium ineditorum," 2 vols. 8vo, &C. 1


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