Events noted in 1710

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1705 1715


Born: Ahlwardt, Peter professor of logic and metaphysics at GreifewaJd

Died: Aldrich, Henry divine

“This Latin work, consisting of ten octavo volumes, was printed at Paris and at Venice in 1698; in 1701 he added another volume; and they were all printed together at Paris, in two volumes folio, in 1703, with a collection of Latin letters, which had been printed separately. In 1703 he published tf A commentary upon the four Gospels,” Alexander, Noel, In Latin Natalis writer

“Rapporti di Parnasso,” Amenta, Nicholas lawyer

“Traite de la generation des Vers dans le corps de I'homme,” Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

“Remarques de medicine sur differents sujets, principalement sur ce qui regard e la Saignee et la Purgation,” Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

“Martini Grandini opera,” Argentre, Charles Duplessis D' bishop

Born: Arne, Thomas Augustine musician

“De jure divino; or, an assertion, that the title of the house of Hanover to the succession of the British monarchy (on failure of issue of her present majesty), is a title hereditary, and of divine institution,” Asgill, John lawyer

“Directions for the Conversation of the Clergy collected from the Visitation Charges of the. right reverend father in God, Edward Stillingfleet, D. D. late lord bishop of Worcester,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“De Motu Musculari,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

Died: Audran, Germain was the eldest son of Claude

“Annalium libri vii. ad annum usque 1533, cum notis Gundlingii,” Aventin, John author of the Annals ofBavaria

Died: Auria, Vincent born at Palermo

“Les Synodes nationaux des Eglises reformees de France,” Aymon, John a Piedmontese author

Born: Barbeau De Labruyere, John Lewis born at Paris in 1710

“Historia Medicinge,” Barchausen, John Conrad physician

Died: Basnage, Henry de Beauval

“Anacreon,” Baxter, William critic

“Selecta Disetetica, seu de recta ac convoniente ad sanitatem vivendi ratione tractatus,” Behrens, Conrad Bertold physician

Born: Bernard, Peter Joseph poet

Born: Bertier, Joseph Stephen of the oratory

Died: Betterton, Thomas a celebrated English actor

“The great necessity and advantage of Public Prayer and frequent Communion. Designed to revive primitive piety with, meditations, ejaculations, and prayers, before, at, and after the sacrament,” Beveridge, William divine

“A defence of the book of Psalms, collected into English metre by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others with critical Observations on the New Version, compared with the Old,” Beveridge, William divine

“Histofia hepatica, seu de Hepatis structura, usibus et morbis,” Bianchi, John Baptist anatomist

Born: Boccage, Mary-Anne Le Page, Du an eminent literary lady of France

“Index plantarum qnae in horto academico LugJuuoBatavo reperiuntur,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Died: Booth, Barton a celebrated tragic actor

“Political State of Great Britain,” Boyer, Abel writer

“Of Education, with respect to grammar-schools and universities,” Brokesby, Francis was born at Stoke Golding

Born: Buonamici, Castruccio historian

“Unhappy Princesses, or the history of Anne Boleyn, and Lady Jane Grey,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Born: Butler, Alban author of the “Lives of the Saints

Born: Cantemir, Antiochus son of the above

Died: Chazelles, John Matthew De a French mathetician and engineer

Died: Chudleigh, Lady Mary who had the character of a very philosophic and poetic lady

“Priestcraft in perfection” Collins, Anthony writer

Born: Costard, George clergyman

“A Letter to Isaac Bickerstaff, occasioned by a Letter to the Examiner,” Cowper, William earl Cowper

Died: Coxeter, Thomas a faithful and industrious collector of old English literature

“Astrea lacrirnans,” Coxeter, Thomas a faithful and industrious collector of old English literature

Died: Croese, Gerard divine

“Scripta varia in causa beatificationis et canonrzationis J. F. Regis,” Daubenton, William Jesuit

Born: Demainbray, Stephen Charles an ingenious electrician

Born: Denne, Samuel was born at the deanry in Westminster

“A Second Essay upon the Execution of the Laws against Immorality and Profaneness. Wherein the case of giving informations to the magistrate is considered, and objections against it answered. By John Disney, esq. With a Preface addressed to grand juries, constables, and churchwardens,” Disney, John divine

Died: Dryden, Erasmus Henry Dryden’s third son

“Notas in Pentateuchem,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“Remarks on the archbishop of Dublin’s sermon,” Edwards, John divine

Born: Ehret, George Dionysius painter

Born: Ellis, John naturalist

Born: Ferguson, James philosopher

Born: Fevret De Fontette, Charles Marie great grandson of the former

Born: Frye, Thomas artist

Born: Geddes, James the eldest son of an old and respectable family in the shire of Tweedale

“Life of Betterton,” Gildon, Charles writer

“De infinitis infinitorum, et infinite parvorum ordinibus disquisitio geometrica,” Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

“The Sacrament of the. Lord’s Supper explained to the meanest capacities,” Greene, Thomas prelate

Died: Gros, Nicholas Le a learned French theologian

Died: Guglielmini, Domenick mathematician

Born: Hammond, James well remembered as a man esteemed and caressed by the elegant and great

“An Essay upon Public Credit,” Harley, Robert afterwards earl of Oxford and earl Mortimer

Born: Heberden, William physician

“Artes Jesuiticse in sustinendis novitatibus laxitatibusque Sociorum;” Henry De St. Ignace divine

Born: Henry, David an ingenious printer

“A Method for Prayer,” Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

Died: Hertius, John Nicholas a celebrated civilian

“Notitia veteris Francorum regni,” Hertius, John Nicholas a celebrated civilian

Born: Huber, Mary a voluminous female author

“Dionysius Longinus,” Hudson, Dr. John critic

Died: Hughes, John of a different family from the former

Born: Hussey, Giles artist (17101787)

Died: Ken, Thomas bishop

“Convocation Sermon,” Kennet, White writer

“A true Answer to Dr. SacheverelPs Sermon before the Lord-Mayor, November 5 of that year.” Kennet, White writer

“A Vindication of the Divine Attributes,” King, Da. William archbishop

“A friendly Letter from honest Tom Boggy, to the Rev. Mr. Goddard, canon of Windsor, occasioned by a sermon preached at St. George’s chapel, dedicated to her grace the duchess of Marlborough,” King, Dn. William writer

“Political Considerations,” King, Dr. William son of the rev

Died: Kirch, Godfrey the first of a family of astronomers

Died: Lainez, Alexander poet

“Prodromus historic litterariae,” Lambecius, Peter writer

“Instituts Coutumiers,” Lauriere, Eusebius James De lawyer

“Brissonii de regio Persarum principatu,” Lederlin, John Henry critic

“The good Old Cause, or lying in truth; being a second Defence of the bishop of Sarum from a second Speech,” Leslie, Charles writer

Died: Ludolph, Henry William also a native of Erfurt

“La scienza Cavalleresca,” Maffei, Francis Scipio writer

“Memoirs of Europe towards the close of the eighth century,” Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

“The principles and duties of the Christian religion,” Mapletoft, John a very learned Englishman

Born: Melmoth, William son of the above

“A Treatise concerning Christian Prudence; or the Principles of Practical Wisdom fitted to the use of Human Life, designed for the better Regulation of it,” Norris, John divine

Born: North, George antiquary

Born: Paciaudi, Paul Maria antiquary

“Vindiciae Fratrum Dissentientium in Anglia,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“Rerum per Europam saeculo sexto-decirno maxime gestarum Commentarii Historici,” Perizonius, James a learned German

“Christian Morality,” Pictet, Benedict historian

Died: Poisson, Nicholas Joseph a native of Paris

“The Justification of the Moral Reflections, against the Problem,” Quesnel, Pasquier a celebrated French ecclesiastic

Died: Roemer mathematician

“Enchiridion studiosi, Arabice conscriptum a Borhaneddino Alzernouchi, &c.” Rostgaard, Frederick a learned Dane

Born: Short, James an eminent optician

Born: Simpson, Thomas professor of mathematics in the king’s academy at Woolwich

Died: Smith, Edmund one of those writers who

Died: Smith, Thomas divine

“The Conduct of the Allies.” Somers, John Lord lawyer

“Lord Somers’s Judgment of whole kingdoms in the power, &c. of Kings,” Somers, John Lord lawyer

“The new Pretenders to Prophecy re-examined, &c.” Spinckes, Nathaniel divine

Born: Sydenham, Floyer deserves a fuller account than can now be given of a learned and diligent man

“The university of Cambridge vindicated from the imputation of disloyalty it lies under on account of not addressing; as also from the malicious and foul aspersions of Dr. Bentley, late master of Trinity college, and of a certain officer and pretended reformer in. the said university,” Thirlby, Styan critic

Born: Torre, John Maria De La philosopher

“An ordinary Journey no Progress,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“The true genuine Whig and Tory Address,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Verses on Garth’s Verses to Godolphin,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Votes without Doors, occasioned by Votes within Doors,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Preface to an Answer to Priestcraft,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Born: Trembley, Abraham naturalist

Born: Tunstall, James divine

Died: Verheyen, Philip physician and anatomist

“The Debts of the Nation stated and considered, in four papers,” Walpole, Sir Robert earl of Orford

“The Thirty-five millions accounted for,” Walpole, Sir Robert earl of Orford

“A Letter from a foreign Minister in England to Monsieur Pettecum,” Walpole, Sir Robert earl of Orford

Born: Watson, David known chiefly as a translator of Horace

“A Discourse concerning, 1. The true import of the words Election and Reprobation; and the things signified by them in the Holy Scriptures. 2. The Extent of Christ’s 'Redemption. 3. The Grace of God: where it is inquired, whether it be vouchsafed sufficiently to those who improve it not, and irresistibly to those who do improve it; and whether men be wholly passive in the work of their regeneration? 4. The Liberty of the Will in a State of Trial and Probation. 5. The Perseverance or Defectibility of the Saints: with some reflections on the state of the Heathens, the Providence and Prescience of God,” Whitby, Daniel divine

Born: Wintringham, Clifton physician

“Dissertatio de Atheism! falso suspectis,” Wolfe, John Christopher scholar

“Casauboniana, sive Isaaci Casauboni varia de Scriptoribus, librisque judicia,” Wolfe, John Christopher scholar

“Poem on the Last Day,” Young, Edward poet

Born: Zuccarelli, Francis artist

“Fasciculus Dissertationum,” Zuinger, Theodore physician (1534–?)


“Imperium Orientale,” Agapetus deacon of the church of Constantinople

“History of the Chapel of the kings of France,” Archon, Louis chaplain to Louis XIV. was born at Riom in Auvergne in 1645

Born: Arnaud, George D' critic (17111740)

Died: Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“Imperium Orientale, sive Antiquitatis Constantinopolitanae,” Banduri, Anselm antiquary

“L'Histoire des Juifs reclamee et retabiie par son veritable auteur, &c.” Basnage, James de Franquener

Born: Bate, Julius divine

“Antiquitates Rutupinae,” Battely, Dr. John antiquary

“The great abuse of Music,” Bedford, Arthur clergyman

“Two letters to sir Jacob Banks, concerning the Minehead doctrine,” Benson, William critic

Died: Bentivoglio, Cornelius of Arragon

“Thesaurus Theologians or, a complete system of Divinity, summed up in brief notes upon select places of the Old and New Testament; wherein the sacred text is reduced under proper heads; explained and illustrated with the opinions and authorities of the ancient fathers, councils, &c.” Beveridge, William divine

“Syntagma de pondaribus et mensuris,” Beverini, Bartholomew a learned Italian of the seventeenth century

Born: Bigland, Ralph garter principal king at arms

“De viribus medicamentorum,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Boscawen, Right Hon. Edward a brave English admiral

Died: Bouflers, Louis Francis, Duc De peer and maréchal

“Presbytery not always an authoritative part of Provincial Synods,” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

“A letter to the author of LayBaptism invalid, wherein the doctrine of Lay-Baptism, taught in a sermon said to have been preached by the B of S 7 Nov. 1710, is censured and condemned by all reformed churches,” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

“L'Histoire abrege*e de la ville de Lyon,” Brossette, Claude of France

Born: Brownrigg, William physician

“Institutiones Theologiæ Moralis,” Buddeus, John Francis divine

Died: Cheron, Elizabeth Sophia daughter of Henry Cheron

Born: Clive, Catherine an actress of great merit

“A vindication of the Divine Attributes, in some remarks on the archbishop of Dublin’s (Dr. King) sermon, entitled, Divine predestination and foreknowledge consisting with the freedom of man’s will.” Collins, Anthony writer

“Life and Works” Conti, Armand De Bourbon prince of

“Soliloquy, or advice to an author,” Cooper, Anthony Ashley earl of Shaftesbury

“The book without a name,” Cotolendi, Charles an advocate in the parliament of Paris

“Essais de Grammaire,” Dangeau, Louis Courcillon De a French abbe

“History of Addresses,” De Foe, Daniel writer

Born: Desbillons, Francis Joseph Terrasse poet

“Scaligerana, Thuana, Perroniana, Pithoeana, et Colomesiana,” Desmaiseaux, Peter a fellow of the royal society of London

“Remarks upon a Sermon preached by Dr. Henry Sacheverell, at the assizes held at Derby, Aug. 15, 1709. In a Letter to himself. Containing a just and modest defence of the Societies for Reformation of Manners, against the aspersions cast upon them in that Sermon,” Disney, John divine

Died: Dodwell, Henry writer

“The case in view now in fact. Proving, that the continuance of a separate communion, without substitutes in any of the late invalidlydeprived sees, since the death of William late lord bishop of Norwich, is schismatical. With an Appendix, proving, that our late invalidly-deprived fathers had no right to substitute successors, who might legitimate the separation, after that the schism had been concluded by the decease of the last survivor of those same fathers,” Dodwell, Henry writer

“Memorial of the Church of England,” Drake, James physician

Born: Drummond, Robert Hay prelate

“Sylloge opusculornm variorum de Latinitate Jurisconsultorum veterum,” Duker, Charles Andrew an eminent classical editor

“Historia studii etymologici linguae Germanicas,” Eccard, John George antiquary

“An Answer to Dr. Whitby, concerning the Arminian doctrines,” Edwards, John divine

“Life of the rev. James Owen,” Evans, John divine (16801730)

Died: Faille, Germain De La writer

Died: Feuquieres, Anthony De Pas, Marquis Of son of Isaac

Born: Fordyce, David professor of philosophy in the Marischal college

Died: Frassen, Claudius a learned Franciscan

“Rural Sports, a Georgic,” Gay, John poet

Died: Gerberon, Gabriel writer

Died: Giordani, Vital mathematician

Born: Giorgi, Augustine Anthony an Italian ecclesiastic of considerable learning

“Memoires de Philippe de Commines;” Godefroi, John director of the chambre des comptes at Lisle

Died: Goerée, William an eminent and learned bookseller

“Remarks upon Grabe’s Essay,” Grabe, John Ernest the learned editor of the “Septuagint

Died: Gurtler, Nicolas divine

“Dissertationes de Jesu Christo in gloriam evecto,” Gurtler, Nicolas divine

“Chronicon Bergense” Hahn, Simon Frederic ayoungrnan of extraordinary talents

“Opera Genealogico-Historica de Westphalia et Saxonia inferiori,” Hamelmanne, Herman divine

“Mussei Indici catalogus, continens varia exotica animalia, insecta, vegetabilia, mineralia, quse collegerat,” Hermann, Paul botanist

“Two Treatises; one of the Christian Priesthood, the other of the dignity of the episcopal order, against a book entitled, The Rights of the Christian Church.” Hickes, George an English divirre of uncommon abilities and learning

Born: Holwell, John Zephaniah a learned English gentleman

“Memoires de Trevoux,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“Trait historique et critique de la Maison de Lorraine,” Hugo, Charles Louis a voluminous author in Latin and French

Born: Hume, David historian

“Dictionaire Francois- Allemand & Allemand -Francois,” Jablonski, Theodore and born at Dantzic in 1654

“An Answer to Clemens Alexandrinus’s Sermon upon * Quis Dives salvetur?‘ ’ What rich man can be saved' proving it easy for a camel to get through the eye of a needle.” King, Dn. William writer

“Rufinus, or an historical essay on the Favourite Ministry under Theodosius and his son Arcadius with a poem annexed, called ' Rufinus, or the Favourite.” King, Dn. William writer

Died: Lami, Dom. Francis Benedictine

Born: Lawrence, Thomas physician

“The Truth of Christianity demonstrated, in a Dialogue between a Christian and a Deist,” Leslie, Charles writer

“Apology for the Clergy of the Church of England,” Lewis, John antiquary

Born: Lomonozof poet

“Dissertationes philologies et exegetica;,” Maius, John Henry divine

“Bibliotheca Pharmaceutico Medica,” Manget, John James historian

“Court Intrigues,” Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

Born: Manstein, Christopher Herman De writer

Died: Medina, Sir John painter

Born: Moore, Edward writer

“Analysis per Quantitatum Series, Fluxiones, et Differentias, cum Enumeratione Linearum Tertii Ordinis,” Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Died: Noble, Eustache De one of the most indefatigable writers of his time

Died: Norris, John divine

“Inaugural Oration,” Ockley, Simon an eminent Orientalist

“History of the Revolutions in England under the family of the Stuarts, from 1603 to 1690,” Orleans, Peter Joseph D' historian

“An Enquiry into the present duty of a Low Churchman,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Pelletier, Claude De one of the few who have been able to unite attention to business

Born: Perceval, John second earl of Egmont

“Origines Ægyptiacae et Babylonicas,” Perizonius, James a learned German

“The Distressed Mother,” Philips, Ambrose poet

Born: Pingke, Alexander Guy mathematician

Died: Placette, John De La a protestant minister of great eminence

“Philosophus Autodidactus sive, Epistola Abu Jaafar Ebn Tophail de Hai Ebn Yokdhan. In qua ostenditur, quomod ex inferiorum contemplationead superiorum notitiam ratio humana ascendere possit.” Pocock, Edward divine

“Grammatica Anglo-Saxonica, ex Hickesiano Thesauro excerpta,” Rawlinson, Christopher of CarkhalL in Lancashire

Born: Rogers, Charles antiquary

Born: Rousseau, John James an eccentric genius of our own times

“Imagines piscium testaceorum,” Rumph, George Everard a doctor of physic in the university of Hanau

Died: Sage, John bishop

“Sermo Academicus de Linguarum Orientalium scientia,” Schaaf, Charles a learned German

“Oratio cle Matheseos su in Theologia,” Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

Born: Smith, William divine

“Measures of Submission,” Spinckes, Nathaniel divine

“Life and Letters of Archbishop Parker,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

“Grammatica Anglo-Saxonica ex Hickesiano linguarum Septentrionalium Thesauro excerpta,” Thwaites, Edward a learned Saxonist

“Historia rerum Norvegicarum,” Torfæus, Thermodus antiquary

“Opera omnia Medica,” Tozzi, Luke physician

“Examiner,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Character and principles of the present set of Whigs,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Verses on Harley’s being stabbed by Guiscard,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Poem to the duke of Ormond,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Character of a certain Whig,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Her Majesty’s prerogative in Ireland,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Born: Tytler, William writer

Born: Velli, Paul Francis historian

“A Vindication of king Charles the Martyr; proving that his majesty was the author of ' Eixav BawiAjw, against a memorandum said to be written by the earl of Anglesey, and against the exceptions of Dr. Walker and others. To which is added a preface, wherein the bold and insolent assertions published in a passage of Mr.JBayle’s Dictionary relating to the present controversy are examined and confuted. The third edition, with large additions together with some original letters of king Charles the First, &c.” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

Born: Warner, Richard who merits notice for his regard to the science of botany

Died: Wetstein, John Rodolph mentioned above as one of the tutors to John James Wetstein

“Libanii epist. adhuc non editarum centuria selecta Gr. cum versione et nods,” Wolfe, John Christopher scholar


Born: Algarotti, Francis writer

“Thé de l'Europe, ou les proprietes de la veronique,” Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

Born: Argellati, Francis was born at Bologna

“Defence on his Expulsion to which is added, an Introduction and Postscript,” Asgill, John lawyer

“A Representation of the present State of Religion.” Atterbury, Francis bishop

Died: Audran, Louis the last son of Germain Audran

“Compendium ratiocinii chetnici more geometrarum concinnatum,” Barchausen, John Conrad physician

Born: Bassi, Laura Maria Catherina the wife of Dr

Died: Beier, Adrian a native of Jena

“Melanges de remarques critiques, historiques, philosophiques, et theologiques,” Benoit, Elias the son of a Calvinist

“Disciplina Longini selecta,” Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

“Traite de la repentance tardive,” Bernard, James professor of philosophy and mathematics

Born: Bernstorf, John Hartwig Ernest, Count minister of state in Denmark

Born: Bertin, Exuperius Joseph anatomist

Born: Bertrand, Elias writer

“Declinatio juris divini naturalis et positivi universalis,” Beyer, George another bibliographer

“Scholastical history of the practice of the church in reference to the administration of Baptism by Laymen, part I.” Bingham, Joseph writer

“A Vocabulary or Dictionary, Portuguese and Latin,” Bluteau, Dom Raphael a Theatine

“Dissertations, and smaller pieces,” Boecler, John Henry critic

“the happy year wherein he was first master (possessor) of a Hebrew Bible, and began the study of it;” Boston, Thomas divine

“Febris rheumaticse malignae, historia medica,” Bottoni, Dominic the son of Nicholas Bottom

“Anacr^on and Sappho,” Bougeant, William Hyacinth historian

“Des Lettres sur les Therapeutes,” Bouhier, John president a mortier of the parliament of Dijon

“A sermon on Remission of Sins, Joh. xx. 21—23,” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

“Dutch poems” Broeckhusius, John scholar

“An History of the government of the primitive Church, for the three first centuries, and the beginning of the fourth,” Brokesby, Francis was born at Stoke Golding

Born: Bromfield, Sir William an eminent English surgeon

“Letters to the Earl of Arlington,” Bulstrode, Sir Richard was educated at Pembroke-hall

Died: Burgess, Daniel divine

“Esop’s Fables in prose and verse,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Died: Cassini, John Dominic an eminent astronomer

Died: Chastelain, Claude canon of the cathedral church of Paris

“Des Interets des princes d'Allemagne,” Chemnitz, Bogeslaus Philip grandson of the preceding Chemnitz

“Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity,” Clarke, Dr. Samuel divine

Died: Courtilz, Gatien De sieur de Sandras

Born: Cullen, William one of the most eminent physicians of the last century

Died: Dandini, Pietro painter

“Divina Elohim inter coaequales de primo homine condendo deliberatio,” Dantz, John Andrew divine

“A Second Report to the Honourable the Commissioners,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

Born: Davies, Thomas a man of considerable talents

“Commentary on the Revelation of St. John,” Daubuz, Charles divine

Born: Dimsdale, Thomas, Baron a celebrated inoculator for the small pox

“Observations and reflections on Mr. Winston’s Primitive Christianity,” Edwards, John divine

“Animadversions on Dr. Clarke’s Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity,” Edwards, John divine

Died: Edwards, Jonathan divine

Died: Eisenschmidt, John Caspar was born at Strasbourg Sept. 25

Died: Fabra, Aloysio physician

Died: Fare, Charles Augustus, Marquis De La was born in 1644

Died: Fesch, Sebastian antiquary

“Four Sermons; viz. On the Death of queen Mary, 1694; on the Death of the duke of Gloucester, 1700; on the Death of king William, 1701; on the Queen’s accession to the throne, 1702. With a preface,” Fleetwood, William bishop

Born: Fournier, Peter Simon engraver

“Idea studii Theologise,” Francke, Augustus Herman divine

“Praelectiones Hertneneuticae,” Francke, Augustus Herman divine

Born: Frederic Ii. surnamed the Great

“Geographiae veteris scriptores Grseci minores,” Gagnier, John an eminent orientalist

Born: Genovesi, Antony or

Born: Glover, Richard poet

Born: Gluck, Christopher composer

“Orationes,” Gravina, John Vincent scholar

Born: Gua, John Paul De a learned French abbé

Born: Hanway, Jonas a benevolent and amiable character

“Direcsions for daily Communion with God,” Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

“History of Gloucestershire,” Herbert, William antiquary

“Under this name he was one of the writers in the Bangorian controversy, of which he began in some measure the history, by publishing an account of all the considerable pamphlets to which it gave rise, with a continuation and occasional observations, to the end of the year 1719, by the name of Philonagnostes Criticus. He published also, w An account of all the considerable books and pamphlets written in the controversy concerning the Trinity,” Herne, Thomas writer

Born: Hoogeveen, Henry a very celebrated Dutch philologer

“An Answer to an Admonition to Parliament, by John Whitgift, D. of Divinitie,” Hooker, Richard divine

“The View of the Pontificate, from its supposed beginning, to the end of the Council of Trent, A. D. 1563, in which the corruptions of the Scripture and sacred antiquity, forgeries in the councils, and encroachments of the court of Rome on the church and state, to support their infallibility, supremacy, and other modern doctrines, are set in a true light.” Howel, Laurence a learned

“Moeris Atticista, de vocibus Atticis & Hellenicis. Gregorius Martinus de Grsecarum literarum pronunciatione,” Hudson, Dr. John critic

“Dissertations sur diverses rnatieres de la Religion & de Philologie,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“Rights of the Church,” Hughes, John of a different family from the former

“Amrenitates Exoticae,” Kaempfer, Engelbert traveller

“Useful Miscellanies,” King, Dn. William writer

“The English Grammar, applied to, and exemplified in, the English tongue,” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

“Compendium theologiae,” Marck, John De divine

Died: Mayer, John Frederic divine

“Nova Institutionum Medicarum Idea,” Morgagni, John Baptist anatomist

“Dissertations sur diverses Matieres de Religion et de Philologie, recueillies par M. l'Abbe de Tilladet,” Morin, Stephen a learned French protestant

“Commercium Epistolicum D. Johannis Collins & aliorum de Analyst Promota, jussu Societatis Regise editum,” Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Died: Nichols, William divine (16641712)

“An Account of the between Dr. Grabe and Mr. Whiston.” Ockley, Simon an eminent Orientalist

“Reflections on Dr. Swift’s Letter to the Earl of Oxford about the English Language,” Oldmixon, John ridiculed in the Taller by the name of Mr

“History of Philosophy,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

Died: Opitius, Henry divine

Died: Pengelly, Sir Thomas a learned judge

Born: Pessklier, Charles Stephen member of the academies of Nancy

Born: Pilkington, Letitia an English wit and poetess

“De patrra in cohdendis testamentrs potestate,” Politi, Alexander was born at Florence in 1679

“Messiah” Pope, Alexander the most elegant and popular of all English poets

“Directions to Church Wardens,” Prideaux, Humphrey divine

Died: Rhenferd, James scholar

Born: Rutherforth, Thomas divine

Died: Sibbald, Sir Robert physician

Died: Simon, Richard critic

“The Sick Man visited, &c.” Spinckes, Nathaniel divine

Born: Thomas, John bishop

“Lettre d'urt Anglois a un Hollandois an sujet du docteur Sacheverell:” Toland, John writer

Born: Tucker, Josiah divine

“Dissertations” Van-Dale, Anthony writer

“Apologia pro Vanino,” Vanini writer

Born: Vernet, Joseph painter

Died: Wagstaffe, Thomas divine


“Corpus Poetarum” Afranius poet

Died: Alghizi, Thomas a very celebrated lithotomist

Died: Alting, Menso probably of fche same family

Born: Ambrogi, Antoine Marie scholar

“Histoire de la vie de M. Ltscheid,” Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“Rime per le sacre stimate del Santo Patriarca Francesco,” Arisi, Francis lawyer

“Dissertatio de Rapressaliis habita Pisis,” Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

Born: Auvergne, Antoine D' composer

Born: Barret, Stephen a classical teacher of considerable eminence

“Antiquitez Judaiques, ou Remarques critiques sur la Republique des Hebreux,” Basnage, James de Franquener

Born: Batteux, Charles professor of philosophy in the college royal

“The hereditary Right of the Crown of England asserted,” Bedford, Hilkiah of Sibsey

Born: Bender, Blaise Colomban, Baron De a field-marshal in the Austrian service

“Essay on the thirty-nine articles of Religion, agreed on in 1562, and revised in 1571, wherein (the text being first exhibited in Latin and English, and the minutest variations of eighteen the most ancient and authentic copies carefully noted) an account is given of the proceedings of convocation in framing and settling the text of the articles, the controverted clause of the twentieth article is demonstrated to be genuine, and the case of subscription to the articles is considered in point of law, history, and conscience; with a prefatory epistle to Anthony Collins, esq. wherein the egregious falsehoods and calumnies of the author of ‘Priestcraft in perfection’ are exposed,” Bennet, Dr. Thomas divine

“Philcleutherus Lipsiensis.” Bentley, Richard regius professor of divinity

Died: Beregani, Nicholas, Count an Italian author of the seventeenth century

“The Principles of human knowledge;” Berkeley, George prelate

“Les Aventures d‘Abdalla, fils d’Hanif.” Bignon, Jerome writer

“Prose di Dante Alighieri e di Gio. Boccaccio,” Biscioni, Anthony Maria scholar

“Vertumnus,” Bobart, Jacob a German horticulturist

“A Treatise on Varnishes,” Bonanni, Philip Jesuit

“Antiquitatum Gritearum, praecipne Atticarurh, brevis Descriptio,” Bos, Lambert philologist

Born: Bremond, Francis De a member of the French academy of sciences

“Enquiry into the judgment and practice of the primitive church, &c. in answer thereto,” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

Born: Burman, Peter called the second

Born: Caille, Nicholas Lewis De La an eminent French Inathematician and astronomer

Born: Canton, John philosopher

Born: Capell, Edward a gentleman well known by his indefatigable attention to the works of Shakspeare

“Vitæ eruditissimorum in re litteraria virorum,” Casel, John divine

Died: Cassana, Niccolo called Nicoletto

Died: Cave, William divine

Died: Cheron, Lewis the brother of Elizabeth Cheron

Born: Clairault, Alexis Claude mathematician

Died: Closterman, John painter

Died: Cobb, Samuel poet

“Mr. Collins’s Discourse of Freethinking, put into plain English, by way of abstract, for the use of the poor,” Collins, Anthony writer

Died: Cooper, Anthony Ashley earl of Shaftesbury

Died: Corelli, Arcangelo musician

Born: Cowper, Spencer was the second son of the lord high chancellor Cowper

“Solomon’s Song, chap, iv.” Croxall, Dr. Samuel was the son of Samuel Croxall

“Antiquitez Judaiques,” Cunitia, Maria a lady of great genius and learning

“The History of France,” Daniel, Garriel a very ingenious and learned Frenchman

“Sinceritas sacrae Scripturae veteris testamenti triumphans, cujus prodromus Sinceritas Scriptuvae Vet. Test, prevalente Keri vacillans,” Dantz, John Andrew divine

“Davidis in Ammonitas devictos mitigata crudelitas,” Dantz, John Andrew divine

“De Natura Deorum,” Davies, John critic

“Corpus Legum de Moribus Reformandis,” Disney, John divine

Born: Ducarel, Andrew Coltee antiquary

Born: Dundas, Robert of Arniston

“Theologia Reformata, or the substance and body of the Christian religion,” Edwards, John divine

“Remains,” Edwards, John divine

Died: Ellwood, Thomas writer

Born: Entick, John a miscellaneous compiler of various historical works

Born: Espagnac, John Baptist Joseph De Sahuguet Damarzil, Baron D' writer

Died: Feutsking, John Henry divine

Born: Foggini, Peter Francis a learned Italian ecclesiastic

“De Yeteribus Hsereticis Ecclesiasticorum codicum corruptoribus,” Germon, Bartholomew Jesuit

Born: Gib, Adam divine

“Le Journal LitteVaire.” Gravesande, William James philosopher

“History of the Common Law of England, in twelve chapters,” Hale, Sir Matthew lawyer

“Henrici Dodwell de Parma Equestri Wood ward iana dissertatio,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Commentationes et Opuscula ad Mistoriam et Geographiam antiquae Germanise spectantia,” Hertius, John Nicholas a celebrated civilian

Born: Hervey, James divine

“Disquisitio corporis human! Anatomico-Pathologica;” Hoffman, John Maurice son of the former by his first wife

Died: Juennin, Gaspard divine

Born: Keene, Edmund prelate

“A Memorial for Protestants on the 5th of November, &c. in a letter to a peer of Great Britain,” Kennet, White writer

Born: Knutzen, Martin professor of philosophy in Prussia

“The Case stated between the Church of Rome and the Church of England,” Leslie, Charles writer

“Discours historique sur les principales Editions des Bibles Polyglottes,” Long, James Le historian

“Opera & Fragmenta Veterum Poe'tarum,” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

Born: Mallet, Edmund was one of the writers in the French Encyclopedic

“Consultationum Medicinalium Centuria prima,” Malpighi, Marcellus physician and anatomist

Died: Maratti, Carlo one of the most admired painters of the Italian school

Died: Marsh, Narcissus prelate

“A treatise on Natural Religion,” Martin, David divine

Born: Masters, Robert antiquary

Born: Montague, Edward Wortley only son of the preceding lady Mary

“Epistola ad J. Perizonium de Nummis consularibus,” Morel, Andrew antiquary

Born: Needham, John Tuberville divine

“Observationes sacrae in Evangelium Matthaei,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

Died: Petis De La Croix, Francis writer

“A Catalogue of Mr. Ray’s English Herbal, illustrated with figures,” Petiver, James botanist

Born: Pott, Percival an English surgeon of the highest eminence (17131788)

Born: Pratt, Charles, Earl Camden lawyer (?–1794)

Born: Raynal, William-Thomas writer

“Historia Patriarcharum Alexandrinorum Jacobitarum,” Renaudot, Eusebius writer

“Letters,” Roussel, William Benedictine

“Martial Atchievements.” Ruddiman, Thomas critic

“Literary Journal,” Sallengre, Albert Henry De writer

Died: Sharp, John prelate

Born: Sharpe, Gregory master of the Temple

Born: Soufflot, James Germain architect

Died: Sprat, Thomas prelate

Born: Sterne, Laurence said to be great-grandson of the preceding

Born: Stewart-Den Ham, Sir Jamks writer

Born: Stuart, James architect

“Cadenus and Vanessa.” Swift, Jonathan an illustrious English wit

“On the Motion of a stretched String.” Taylor, Brook mathematician

Died: Tillemont, Lewis Sebastian Le Nain De whom L‘Avocat prqnounces one of the most judicious and accurate critics and historians that France has produced

Born: Toup, Jonathan critic

“Odes on the Oxford Act,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Peace,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Died: Wetenhall, Edward prelate

“An account of some Roman urns, and other antiquities, lately digged up near Bishopsgate; with brief reflections upon the ancient and present state of London, in a letter to sir C. Wren,” Woodward, John philosopher

“Observations on the State of the Nation,” Wotton, William divine (?–1726)

“Cato” Young, Edward poet


“Preussische und Brandisburgische Staats-Historie,” Abel, Gaspar a native of Halberstadt

Born: Abel, Frederick Gottfried physician

“Corpus Poetarum” Alcæus poet

Born: Almici, Peter Camille a priest of the oratory

Born: Arnald, Richard divine (17141756)

“Systema literarium, complectens prsecipua scientiæ literariæ monumenta,” Arndt, Charles [son of Joshua Arndt]

“Dissertationes philologicæ,” Arndt, Charles [son of Joshua Arndt]

Died: Arnold, Gothofred pastor and inspector of the churches of Perleberg

“History of Mystic Theology,” Arnold, Gothofred pastor and inspector of the churches of Perleberg

“Memo ire sur la Digestion,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

Born: Audiffredi, John Baptist mathematician

Born: Audra, Joseph philosopher

“Pensees philosophiques et theologiques,” Barre, Francis Poullain De La was born July 1647

“A Letter from a Layman, in communion with the church of England, though dissenting from her in some points, to the right rev. the bishop of ———, with a postscript, shewing how far the bill to prevent the growth of schism is inconsistent with the act of toleration, and the other laws of this realm.” Barrington, John Shute first lord viscount Harrington (16781734)

Born: Baumgarten, Alexander Theophilus philosopher

“Discourses on Popery,” Bennet, Benjamin a dissenting minister of considerable note in the beginning of the last century

“De I'excellence de la religion Chretienne,” Bernard, James professor of philosophy and mathematics

Died: Bernardoni, Peter Antony poet

Died: Beyer, George another bibliographer

“Ortographia Manuale, o sia arte facile di correttamento Scrivere e Parlare,” Biacca, Francis Maria scholar

“Della satira Italiana, trattato,” Bianchini, Joseph Maria scholar

“Jus Ecclesiasticum Protestantium,” Boehmer, Justin Henning lawyer

Died: Bonjour, William a learned Augustin

“A farther Enquiry, &c.” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

“Les prlncipes du raisonnement exposes en deu:: logiques nouvelles, avec des remarques sur les logiques,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

Born: Burgh, James writer

Died: Burnet, Gilbert bishop

Born: Burnett, James lord Monboddo

Born: Cassini De Thury, Cæsar-François a celebrated French astronomer

“Bussy d'Amboise his Revenge,” Chapman, George poet

Born: Chaulnes, Albert Duke De a peer of France

Born: Clement, Francis historian

“Bibliotheque Universelle.” Clerc, John Le writer

Died: Clerc, Sebastian Le engraver

Born: Cole, William antiquary

Born: Conder, John divine

Born: Cuming, William born Sept. 30

“A Philological Essay, or Reflections on the death of Freethinkers, with the characters of the most eminent persons of both sexes, ancient and modern, that died pleasantly and unconcerned,” Deslandes, Andrew Francis Boltreau writer

“The Genealogy of the most serene and most illustrious House of Brunswick Lunenburgh, the present royal family of Great Britain; drawn up from the best historical and genealogical writers,” Disney, John divine

Born: Dreux Du Radier, John Francis advocate

Born: Eloy, Nicholas Francis Joseph physician

Died: Estrees, Cæsar D' cardinal

“Compendium Chirurgicurn,” Eysel, John Philip physician

“Monumenta varia inedita, variisque linguis conscripta, nunc singulis trimestribus prodeuntia; e museo Joach. F. Felleri secretarii Wimariensis,” Feller, Joachim Frederic was born at Leipsic

“Recueil des Commentateurs de la Coutume de Paris,” Ferrier, Claude De a learned French civilian

“Journal des Observations physiques, mathematiques, & botaniques, faites par l‘ordre du Hoi, sur les cotes orientates (occidentales) de l’Amerique meridionale, & dans les Indes occidentales, depuis l'anne 1707 jusques en 1712,” Feuillee, Louis a Franciscan friar

Born: Fielding, Sarah was born in 1714

Died: Fleetwood, William bishop

Born: Fletcher, Abkaham a man of some celebrity and talents

“Batavia Sacra, sive res gestae Apostolicorum virorum,” Foppens, John Francis historian

“The Wife of Bath,” Gay, John poet

“New Rehearsal, or, Bays the Younger; containing an examen of Mr. Rowe’s plays, and a word or two on Mr. Pope’s ‘ Rape of the Lock,’” Gildon, Charles writer

“Natural Religion insufficient; and Revealed necessary to man’s happiness,” Halyburton, Thomas divine

Died: Handel, George Frederic composer

“Notitia Auctorum,” Hedericus, Benjamin of Haiti

Died: Hedges, Sir Charles statesman

“A History of Monastic Orders, religious and military, and of secular congregations of both sexes,” Helyot, Peter perhaps Elliot

Died: Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

“Some Queries proposed to civil, canon, and common lawyers, 1712;” Hickes, George an English divirre of uncommon abilities and learning

“Spectators.” Hughes, John poet

“The Accomplished Conveyancer,” Jacob, Giles writer

“The Clerk’s Remembrancer.” Jacob, Giles writer

“Propitiatory Oblation in the Eucharist;” Johnson, John divine

Died: Juncker, Christian was born Oct. 16

“Baxter’s Life abridged,” Lewis, John antiquary

Born: Lyttelton, Charles third son of sir Thomas

Died: Mackenzie, George viscount Tarbat

Died: Magliabechi, Anthony one of the most celebrated

Born: Manara, Prosper statesman

“Adventures of Rivelle,” Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

“Satyre Menippee,” Marchand, Prospeu an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted

Died: Marchetti, Alexander physician

Born: Milles, Jeremiah antiquary

“Letters relating to the Restoration,” Monk, George duke of Albemarle

Born: Montalembert, Mark Rene De senior member of the academy of sciences of France

“A volume of Poems,” Oldmixon, John ridiculed in the Taller by the name of Mr

“Introductio in accentuationem Hebraeoruni metricam & prosaicam,” Ousel, Philip a learned professor of divinity of the university of Francfort on the Oder

Died: Papenbroch, Daniel a native of Antwerp

“Acta Sanctorum.” Papenbroch, Daniel a native of Antwerp

Died: Passeri, Joseph nephew of the former

“St. Jerome meditating on the last Judgment,” Passeri, Joseph nephew of the former

Born: Pigalle, John Baptist one of the most celebrated sculptors that France has produced

“The Committee,” Quin, James a celebrated actor

Born: Rabener, Theophilus William a German satirist

“Some Memoirs of his Life,” Radcliffe, Dr. John physician

Died: Reyher, Samuel lawyer

Born: Romaine, William divine

Died: Rymer, Thomas antiquary

Born: Saxius, Christopher historian

“A Letter in Syriac of the bishop Mar Thomas, written from, Malabar to the patriarch of Antioch, and a Latin version by himself,” Schaaf, Charles a learned German

Born: Shenstone, William eldest son of a plain uneducated country gentleman

Born: Shipley, Jonathan prelate

Born: Smith, George of Ch'uhester

“The Case stated between the church of Rome and the church of England,” Spinckes, Nathaniel divine

Born: Squire, Samuel divine

Died: Steele, Sir Richard the first of a class of writers called the British Essayists

“Cum notis suctioribus Pitisci,” Suetonius, Caius Suetonius Tranquillus historian

Born: Thorpe, John antiquary

“Dunkirk or Dover, or, the queen’s honour, the nation’s safety, the liberties of Europe, and the peace of the world, all at stake, till that fort and port be totally demolished by the French.” Toland, John writer

“De annis imperil M. Antonii Aurelii Heliogabali,” Torre, Philip Della antiquary

“Chronicle” Tschudi, Giles De one of a family of Swiss writers

“Parallele d'Homere et de Chapelain,” Van Effen, Justus a man of letters

Born: Vattel, Emer De, an eminent publicist

Born: Wallis, John divine

“Dr. Clarke’s Scripture doctrine of the Trinity examined,” Welchman, Edward divine

“A Discourse concerning Treasons and Bills of Attainder,” West, Richard lord-chancellor of Ireland

Born: Whitefield, George founder of the Calvinistic methodists

Born: Whytt, Robert physician

Born: Wilson, Richard artist

“Tractatus de Podagra, in quo de ultimis vasis et liquidis et succo nutritio tractatur,” Wintringham, Clifton physician

“Thesaurus;” Wotton, William divine (?–1726)

“A Vindication of the Earl of Nottingham,” Wotton, William divine (?–1726)

“Farther Additions,” Wright, Abraham divine

Born: Zaccaria, Francis Anthony Jesuit (?–1795)