Hellot, John

, a French chemist, was born in 1686, and destined by his friends for the profession of theology, but the accidentally meeting with a book of chemistry, determined him to make that science the principal pursuit of his life. From 1718 to 1732, he was employed as the compiler of the “Gazette de France.” He translated Schlutter’s work on the “Fusions of Ores, and on Founderies,” and published it in 1750 1753, 2 vols. 4to, with his own notes and remarks. He published a work, entitled “L’Art de la Teinture des Laines et EtofTes de Laines,1750, 12 mo, which is reckoned a very valuable treatise, and is the first in which chemical principles are applied to the practice of the art. He furnished many articles to the “Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences,” and some to the royal society of London, of which he was elected a fellow in 1740. He died at Paris in 1766. 3