Events noted in 1750

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1745 1751


Publication: “Observations on Surgery,” by Acrel, Olaus physician

Publication: “An Essay on the religion, worship, manners and customs of the Quakers,” by Alberti, George William preacher

Publication: “Histoire de la Suisse” by Alt, Francis Joseph Nicholas Baron D' the descendant of an ancient patrician family of Fribourg in Swisserland

Publication: “Parentalia, or Memoirs of the family of Wren,” by Ames, Joseph historian

Publication: “The theory of Fire,” by Arrighetti, Philip a native of Florence

Publication: “A dissertation on 2 Peter i. 19,” by Ashton, Thomas divine

Publication: “Pieces derobées a un ami,” by Attaignant, Gabriel Charles De L' poet

Publication: “An Hebrew Grammar, formed on the usage of words by the inspired writers,” by Bate, Julius divine

Publication: “The use and intent of Prophecy, and history of the Fall cleared,” by Bate, Julius divine

Publication: “JEsthetica,” by Baumgarten, Alexander Theophilus philosopher

Publication: “A Sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret’s Westminster, on Tuesday, January 30, 1749-50,” by Bentham, Edward canon of Christ-church

Publication: “Francfort Flora,” by Bergen, Charles Augustus De anatomist

Publication: “Flora Francofurtanaj” by Bergen, Charles Augustus De anatomist

Publication: “Parere sopra la seconda edizione de' Canti Carnascialeschi e in difesa della prima edizione,” by Biscioni, Anthony Maria scholar

Born: Blackburn, William architect

Publication: “Flora Lipsiae indigena,” by Boehmer, George Ralph an eminent professor of botany and anatomy in the university of Wittetnberg

Publication: “Cosmographical ephemerides,” by Brancas Villeneuve, Andrew Francis abbe d'Aulnay

Died: Breda, John Van painter

Publication: “Lettres sur la Decouverte de la ville d'Herculaneum,” by Brosses, Charles De writer

Publication: “A complete vindication of the Mallard of All-Souls college against the injurious suggestions of the rev. Mr. Pointer,” by Buckler, Benjamin antiquary

Publication: “An Idea of the Creator, from his works.” by Burgh, James writer

Died: Burnet, Thomas rector of West Kington

Publication: “An exact and authentic account of the greatest white-herring-fishery in Scotland, carried on yearly in the island of Zetland, by the Dutch only,” by Campbell, John an eminent historical

Publication: “Remarks on the Free and Candid Disquisitions,” by Carte, Thomas historian

Publication: “Combien un esprit trop subtil ressemble a un esprit faux,” by Cerutti, Joseph Anthony Joachim poet

Publication: “Lettres historiques et dogmatiques sur les Jubilés,” by Chais, Charles divine

Died: Chandler, Edward prelate

Publication: “Essay on the Roman Senate,” by Chapman, Thomas the son of John Chapman

Publication: “Nouveau Dictionaire Historique et Critique pour servir de Supplement, ou de Continuation au Dictionaire de M. Pierre Bayle,” by Chaufepie, James George De author of a very useful Biographical Dictionary

Publication: “PArt de verifier les dates,” by Clemencet, Charles was born at Painblanc

Died: Cohausen, John Henry physician

Publication: “Penshurst,” by Coventry, Francis the eldest son of Thomas Coventry

Publication: “Introduction to the Theory of Curve lines,” by Cramer, Gabriel mathematician

Died: Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Died: Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Born: Dalzell, Anthony Edin

Publication: “Recueil d‘Observations Chirurgicales sur les Maladies de l’Urethra,” by Daran, James surgeon

Publication: “Reponse a la Brochure de Bayet sur la defense et la conservation des parties les plus essentielles de l'homme,” by Daran, James surgeon

Died: Demainbray, Stephen Charles an ingenious electrician

Publication: “Observations, &c.” by Dionysius, Halicarnassensis critic

Publication: “Zara’s answer;” by Dodd, Dr. William divine

Publication: “Assize Sermon on Human Laws,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Born: Dolomieu, Deodati-Guy-Silvain-Tancred Gratet De a very able mineralogist

Publication: “De origine Germanorum,” by Eccard, John George antiquary

Died: Fabroni, Angelo scholar

Publication: “J. Facciolati logica tria complectens, Rudimenta, Institutiones, Acroases undecim,” by Facciolati, James orator

Born: Fergusson, Robert poet

Publication: “Art de verifier les dates;” by Florez, Henry a Spanish Augustine

Publication: “Reflections on Incredulity,” by Forbes, Duncan lawyer

Publication: “Biblia Hebraica, sine punctis,” by Forster, Nathaniel divine

Publication: “Analecta literaria de Libris rarioribus,” by Freytag, Frederic Gotthilf historian

Publication: “Parallele des quatre Electre, de Sophocle, d'Euripide, de Crebillon, et de Voltaire,” by Gaillard, Gabriel Henry historian

Publication: “Some Considerations upon Clandestine Marriages,” by Gally, Henry divine

Publication: “The Distressed Wife,” by Gay, John poet

Died: Gordon, Alexander a native of Scotland

Publication: “Musceum Cortonense,” by Gorio, Anthony Francis antiquary

Publication: “The Customs of the Israelites, translated from the French of the abbot Fleury, by R. G.” by Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Additions,” by Goujet, Claude Peter a canon of St

Born: Hamilton, William painter

Publication: “Dialogue in the Senate-house of Cambridge,” by Hardinge, Nicholas scholar

Publication: “Satyra de moribus Parhisiorumet FrUiae,” by Heerkens, Gerard Nicholas a native of Groningen

Died: Hele, Thomas by birth an Englishman

Publication: “Fusions of Ores, and on Founderies,” by Hellot, John a French chemist

Publication: “L'Art de la Teinture des Laines et EtofTes de Laines,” by Hellot, John a French chemist

Publication: “Ode on the Superstition of the Highlanders.” by Home, John clergyman

Publication: “Pantheon Ægyptiorum, sive de Diis eorum Commentarius, cum Prolegomenis de Religione et Theologia Egyptiorum,” by Jablonski, Paul-Ernest the son of Daniel-Ernest

Died: Jenkinson, Charles earl of Liverpool

Died: Jurin, James born in 1684

Born: Kelly, John clergyman

Publication: “Electra” by Larcher, Peter Henry scholar

Publication: “History of the Jubilees,” by Mann I, Dominic Maria writer

Born: Marechal, Peter Sylvanus writer

Died: Masson, John a reformed minister

Publication: “Account of a Lunar Globe constructed by the Cosmographical Society of Nuremberg, from new observations,” by Mayer, Tobias one of the greatest astronomers and mechanics of the last century

Publication: “Introduction to the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament,” by Michaelis, John David critic

Publication: “Comus” by Milton, John the most illustrious of English poets

Publication: “Observations de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle sur les Eaux Minerales de Pyrenees,” by Montesquieu, Charles De Secondat, Baron Of writer

Died: Mottley, John, Esq. writer (16921750)

Publication: “The same enlarged,” by Needham, John Tuberville divine

Died: Newton, John clergyman

Publication: “Anima Medica,” by Nichols, Frank physician and anatomist (?–1778)

Publication: “A Series of Medals representing the most remarkable Events of the Government of Malta,” by Paciaudi, Paul Maria antiquary

Publication: “Student,” by Parsons, Philip divine

Died: Petit, John Lewis surgeon

Publication: “Maclaurin’s Algebra translated,” by Pezenas, Esprit Jesuit

Publication: “Here is a fine statue of the architect Piranesi, as large as life, placed there by his son. It is the work of the living artist Angolini; and though it certainly cannot be compared with the best antiques, it still possesses real merit.” by Piranesi, John Baptist architect

Publication: “British Topography.” by Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

Publication: “The Character of king Charles the Second to which is subjoined, Maxims of State, &c,” by Savile, Sir George marquis of Halifax

Publication: “A critical Inquiry into the present State of Surgery;” by Sharp, Samuel not related

Publication: “New Observations, Natural, Moral, Civil, Political, and Medical, on Bills of Mortality,” by Short, Thomas physician

Born: Simmons, Samuel Foart physician

Died: Staal, Madame De known first by the name of mademoiselle de Launai

Publication: “Proposals for publishing an authentic description of Athens, &c.” by Stuart, James architect

Publication: “Inscriptiones Citieae: sive in binas Inscriptiones Phoenicias, inter rudera Citii nnper repertas, conjecturae. Accedit de nummis quibusdam Samaritanis et Phceniciis, vel insolitam prae se literaturam ferentibus, vel in lucem hactenus non editis, dissertatio,” by Swinton, John antiquary

Publication: “Metilia: sive de quinario Gentis Metiliae, e nummis vetustis caeteroquin minimum notae, dissertatio,” by Swinton, John antiquary

Publication: “A Scripture Catechism with Proofs.” by Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

Died: Terrasson, John was born at Lyons in 1670

Died: Thorpe, John antiquary

Publication: “Selectarum Plantaruin Decades,” by Trew, Christopher James naturalist

Born: Villoison, John Baptist Gaspard D'Ansse Det a very learned Frenchman

Publication: “A system of Divinity and Morality, containing a series of discourses on the principal and most important points of natural and revealed Religion; compiled from the works of the most eminent divines of the Church of England,” by Warner, Ferdinando writer

Publication: “The Roman Father,” by Whitehead, William poet (?–1785)

Born: Windham, William statesman

Born: Young, Matthew bishop

Died: Zeno, Apostolo poet