Henryson, Robert

, a Scotch poet of the reign of Henry VIII. is unknown, except by his works. Mr. Henry styles him chief school-master of Dunfermline; and lord Hailes conjectures that he officiated as preceptor in the Benedictine convent. His “Fabils” were printed at Edinburgh by Andrew Hart, in 1621, and there is a ms copy in the Harleian library, dated 1571, collected, as Mr. Pinkerton thinks, near a century after Henryson’s death, which of course removes him to a more distant period than the reign of Henry VIII. These “Fabils” are likewise in Bannatyne’s Mss. His “Testament of Faire Creseide,” the subject of which was suggested by the perusal of Chaucer’s “Troilus and Creseide,” occurs in the common editions of Chaucer’s Works. His oenius seems to have been well adapted to didactic poetry; and in point of versification and fancy, he is not inferior to any of his contemporaries. Very favourable specimens of his talents may be seen in our authorities. 1


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