Heritier, Marie Jeanne L'

, de Villandon, a daughter of the preceding, born at Paris in 1664, inherited a taste and talent for poetry, and was esteemed also for the sweetness of her manners, and the dignity of her sentiments. The academy of the “Jeux Floraux,” received her as a member in 1696, and that of the “Ricovrati,” at Padua, in 1697. She died at Paris in 1734. Her works are various, in prose and verse: 1. “A Translation of Ovid’s Epistles,” sixteen of them in verse. 2. “La Tour te’nebreuse,” an English tale. 3. “Les Caprices du Destin,” another novel. 4. “L’avare puni,” a novel in verse; with a few poems of an elegiac or complimentary nature. 2