Events noted in 1695

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1690 1700


“Delicioe quorundam Poetarum Danorum, Frederici Rostgaard,” Aagard, Christian poet

“Panegyrique de Marie reine d'Angleterre,” Abbadie, James divine

Died: Ainsworth, Robert an eminent Grammarian and lexicographer (?–1743)

“Contra vitam monastic-am,” Alciati, Andrew lawyer

“Journal historique de l‘Europe pour l’annee 1694,” Alemand, Louis-Augustine writer

“Les Presidents uniques, et les premiers Presidents au parlement de Dauphiné,” Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

“Recueil des Lettres,” Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

“Animadversions on Mr. Hill’s Vindication of the primitive Fathers, against the right rev. Gilbert, bishop of Sarum,” Allix, Peter divine

“An examination of Dr. Woodward’s account of the Deluge, &c. with a comparison between Steno’s philosophy and the doctor’s, in the case of marine bodies dug up out of the earth, &c.” Arbuthnot, Dr. John physician

Born: Arckenholz, John historian

Died: Aubery, Anthony lawyer

“De Feudis liber singularis,” Barathier, Bartholomew lawyer

Died: Basnage, Henry du Fraqueny

“Le Chirurgien de l'hospital,” Belloste, Augustine a French surgeon

“Bradamante,” Bernard, Catharine of the academy of the Ricovrati of Padua

“The miscellaneous works of Charles Blount, esq.” Blount, Charles younger son of sir Henry Blount

Died: Blow, John musician

“Historia Musica di Gio. And. Angelini Bontempi,” Bontempi, Angelini a native of Perugia

Born: Borlase, William antiquary

“A free discourse against customary swearing, and a dissuasive from cursing,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

Born: Boyle, Richard third earl of Burlington and fourth earl of Cork

Died: Brevint, Daniel divine

“Tractatus de Passione Christi,” Burman, Francis the first upon record of a very learned family

Died: Busby, Richard the most eminent schoolmaster in his time

Died: Cabel, Adrian Vander painter

“Hydrostaticse dissertationes,” Casati, Paul Jesuit

“Tables of Jupiter’s Satellites,” Cassini, John Dominic an eminent astronomer

“Love’s last Shift,” Cibber, Colley poet

Born: Clayton, Robert bishop

“Juris publici prndentia,” Cocceius, Henry lawyer

“L'Elvio, favola pastorale,” Crescimbeni, John Mario poet

“Historia Quakeriana,” Croese, Gerard divine

“A Vindication of the Divine Perfections, &c. by a Person of Honour,” Dalrymple, James the seventh baron and first viscount Stair

“An Essay upon Ways and Means of supplying the War,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

Born: Dewit, James painter

“Traite co‘ntre l’avarice, par Louis de Dieu, qui est le seul de tous ses ouvrages Flamans qu‘il ait souhaite qu’on publiat.” Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

“Histoire des quatre Gordiens, prouvee et illustree par les medailles,” Dubos, John Baptist critic

Born: Duval, Valentine Jamerai a man of extraordinary talents

“Of the excellency and perfection of Scripture,” Edwards, John divine

“Thoughts concerning the causes and occasions of Atheism,” Edwards, John divine

Born: Estrees, Louis Cæsar, Duke D' marshal of France

Died: Felibien, Andrew Sieur des Avaux et de Javerci

“A Second Defence of the Propositions, &c.” Fowler, Edward prelate

“A Discourse on the great disingenuity and unreasonableness of repining at afflicting Providences, and of the influence which they ought to have upon us, published upon occasion of the death of queen Maw; with a preface containing some observations touching her excellent endowments and exemplary life,” Fowler, Edward prelate

“Observationes Biblicae menstrua: iti Versionern Germanicam Biblionun Lutheri,” Francke, Augustus Herman divine

“The Life of Francis Harlay,” Gendre, Louis Le historian

“Britannia” Gibson, Edmund bishop

“Memoria Cossoniana; id est, Danielis Cossonii Vita breviter clescripta, cui annexa nova Editio veteris Monument! Ancyrani,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Abraham! Gorlaei Dactylotheca cum Explicationibus,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Trait< de Pinspiration des livres sacrt-es,” Groteste, Claude, Sieur De La Mothe clergyman

“Discourse to his Clergy,” Hacket, John bishop

Born: Hay, William writer

Died: Herbelot, Bartholomew D' an eminent Orientalist of France

Died: Hermann, Paul botanist

“Florae Lugdunobatavrc flores,” Hermann, Paul botanist

Died: Hinckley, John son of Robert Hinckley of Coton in Warwickshire

Died: Hondius, Abraham artist

“Select Collec-' tion;” Hopkins, Charles was born at Exeter

“Ovid’s Metamorphoses,” Hopkins, Charles was born at Exeter

“Notae ad Georg. Wicelium de methodo concordiae ecclesiasticae,” James, Thomas critic

“Parochial Antiquities, attempted in the History of Ambroseden, Burcester, and other adjacent parts, in the counties of Oxford and Bucks,” Kennet, White writer

Died: Kettlewell, John divine

“An Admonition to the Dissenting Inhabitants of the Diocese of Derry, concerning a book lately published by Mr. J. B. entitled Remarks, &c.” King, Da. William archbishop

Died: Lancelot, Claude writer

“A Poem on the enterprize of the Prince of Orange in England,” Leti, Gregory writer

Died: Lister, Martin philosopher

“Cochlearum & Limacum Exercitatio anatomica; accedit de Variolis Exercitatio,” Lister, Martin philosopher

“De l'Education des Enfans,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“The Reasonableness of Christianity,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“A clear and learned Explication of the History of our Blessed Saviour, taken out of above thirty Greek, Syriac, and other oriental authors, by way of Catena, by Dionysius Syrus, translated into English,” Loftus, Dudley scholar

“A Vindication of Robert, the third king of Scotland, from the imputation of bastardy, &c.” Mackenzie, George viscount Tarbat

“Observations sur la Grossesse et l'Accouchement des Femmes, et sur leurs Maladies, et celles des Enfans nouveaux ne*s,” Mauriceau, Francis an eminent French accoucheur

Died: Merret, Christopher naturalist

Died: Mignard, Peter painter

“Voyage en divers endroits de l'Europe, en Afrique et au Levant,” Monconys, Balthasar traveller

Born: Mosheim, John Lawrence divine (16951755)

“Letters between Mr. Moyle and several of his friends,” Moyle, Walter, Esq.

Died: Nelson, Robert a learned and pious English gentleman

“Britannia,” Nicolson, William antiquary

“Analysis infinitorum seu curvilineorum Proprietates ex Polygpnorum natura deductse,” Nieuwentyt, Bernard mathematician

“Letters concerning the Love of God, between the author of the `Proposal to the Ladies,' and Mr. John Norris wherein his Jate discourse, shewing that it ought to be intire and exclusive of all other loves, is further cleared and justified,” Norris, John divine

Born: Pitot, Henry mathematician

“Descriptions des Plantes de PAmerique,” Plumier, Charles called Father Plumier

Born: Rutherford, John physician

Born: Servandoni, John Nicholas architect

Died: Spencer, John divine

Born: Stuckius, John-William writer

“Mathesis enucleata,” Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

“Notitia Monastica, or a short History the Religious Houses in England and Wales,” Tanner, Thomas antiquary

“Testament politique du marquis de Louvois,” Tellier, François Michel Le marquis de Louvois

Died: Thomassin, Lewis divine

Born: Trew, Christopher James naturalist

Died: Vaughan, Henry poet

“Remarks on some late Sermons, and in particular on Dr. Sherlock’s sermon at the Temple December the 30th, 1694, in a letter to a friend. The second edition, with additions. Together with a letter to the author of a pamphlet entitled A Defence of the archbishop’s Sermon, &c. and several other Sermons, &c.” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

“The Husbandman’s Manual: directing him how to improve the several actions of his calling, and the most usual occurrences of his life, to the glory of God, and benefit of his soul,” Welchman, Edward divine

“Elegies on Q. Mary and Abp. Tillotson,” Wesley, Samuel divine

“Vindication of archbishop Tillotson’s Four Sermons (concerning the divinity and incarnation of our blessed Saviour) and of the bishop of Worcester’s sermon on the mysteries of the Christian faith.” Williams, John divine

Born: Wise, Francis antiquary

Died: Wood, Anthony antiquary

“L'Inganni Felici,” Zeno, Apostolo poet


“Traité des plaies d'Arquebusades,” Abeille, Scipio was also born at Riez

“Le parfait Chirurgien d'armée,” Abeille, Scipio was also born at Riez

Born: Achard, Anthony divine

“Practical godliness the ornament of Religion,” Alsop, Vincent an English nonconformist of considerable note

Died: Annesley, Samuel a very eminent nonconformist minister

“Bibliotheca Hispana vetus, complectens scriptores qui ab Octaviani Augusti imperio usque ad annum M. floruerunt,” Antonio, Nicholas a very learned and useful Spanish biographer

“A Theological Discourse of last Wills and Testaments,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

“A two-fold Vindication of the late archbishop of Canterbury, and the Author of the History of Religion, &c.” Atterbury, Francis bishop

“DelP Istoria del Monasterio di S. Benedetto di Polirone nella Stato di Mantoua Libri cinque,” Bacchini, Bernardin scholar

Died: Baengius, Peter son of Eric Basngius

Died: Baldinucci, Philip of Florence

Died: Balguy, John divine

Born: Barbazan, Stephen antiquary

“Exercitatio Physica, de Ventis,” Barrington, John Shute first lord viscount Harrington (16781734)

“Traite de la conscience,” Basnage, James de Franquener

“L‘Histoire de Catherine de France, reine d’Angleterre,” Baudot De Juilli, Nicholas born at Vendôme in 1678

“Thesaurus, sive Gemmae, Numismata,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

“De constitutione artis medicae,” Behrens, Conrad Bertold physician

Died: Bellori, John Peter antiquary

“Dissert. Sex de Libanio,” Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

Born: Berti, John Lawrence a famous Augustine monk

“Tractatus de refractione solis inoccidui,” Billberg, John a Swedish astronomer

“Prince Arthur, an heroic poem in ten books,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Born: Bleterie, John Philip Rene De La was born at Rennes

Died: Bois, Gerard Du of the Oratory

“History of the Church of the Vatican; with the plans both antient and modern,” Bonanni, Philip Jesuit

“Dissertatio de nomine patriarch! Joseph! a Pharaone imposito, in defensionem vulgatoe editionis, et patrum qui Josephum in Serapide adumbratuni tradiderunt,” Bonjour, William a learned Augustin

Died: Bouette De Blemur, Jacqueline a lady

“The light of the world,” Bourignon, Antoinette a famous female enthusiast

Died: Brandt, Gaspard was born in 1653

“Aonii Palearii Verulani opera,” Broeckhusius, John scholar

“A Vindication of Abp. Tillotson,” Burnet, Gilbert bishop

Born: Burton, John divine

Born: Clarke, Dr. Alured divine

“De Philologia,” Crenius, Thomas a native of the marche of Brandenburg

“DeEruditione comparanda,” Crenius, Thomas a native of the marche of Brandenburg

“DiluciJationes quasdam valde neces$ariae in Gerardi Croesii Hist.” Croese, Gerard divine

Born: Dandini, Hercules Francis count

“Observations on Blackmore’s Prince Arthur;” Dennis, John poet

“Operationes Chirurgicse novum lumen exhibentes obstetricantibus,” Deventer, Henry a celebrated man-midwife

Died: Domat, John lawyer

Born: Dupre De St. Maur, Nicholas Francis master of the accounts at Paris

“A Demonstration of the Existence and Providence of God,” Edwards, John divine

“The Socinian Creed,” Edwards, John divine

Died: Erskine, Henry divine

“The Preternatural state of the Animal Humours described by their sensible qualities,” Floyer, Sir John physician

“Epistola prima ad C. Valerium Accinctum, vero nomine Jacobum Perizonium, professorem Leyden­*em,” Francius, Peter poet

Born: Gally, Henry divine

Born: Geinoz, Francis member of the academy of inscriptions and belles lettres

“Theatrum Botanicum” Gesner, Conrad scholar

“On Architecture,” Goldman, Nicholas mathematician

“Delle Antiche Favola,” Gravina, John Vincent scholar

“Tollii insignia itinerarii Italici,” Gregory, Nazianzen was born A. D. 324

“Harpocrationis tie Vocibus Liber; accedit Diatribe Henrici Stephani ad locos Isocrateos,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“O ratio de primis Incrementis Urbis Lugduni,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“De duobus LapU dibus in agro Dnyvenvoordiensi repertis,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Rycquius de Capitolio Romano, cum Notis Gronovii,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Born: Hecht, Christian divine

Died: Henry, Philip an eminent nonconformist

“The Life of Mr. Philip Henry,” Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

“Jeux Floraux,” Heritier, Marie Jeanne L' de Villandon

Born: Hervey, John, Lord Hervey Of Ickworth writer

Died: Holder, William philosopher

Born: Home, Henry usually called Lord Kames

“Thucydides,” Hudson, Dr. John critic

“Museum regium, sive catalogus rerum, &c. quee in basilica bibliotheca Christiani V. Hafnise asservantur,” Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

“Parallele de trois Lettres pastorales de Mr. Jurieu, c.” Juried, Peter divine

Born: Keith, James field-marshal in the king of Prussia’s service

“Historia Critica Homeri,” Kuster, Ludolf critic

“Mystical city of God,” Lenglet Du Fresnoy, Nicholas writer

“Conchy liorum Bivalvium utriusque Aquae Exercitatio anatom. tertia,” Lister, Martin philosopher

“Vindication of the Reasonableness,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“A second Vindication,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“Historical Collections concerning Deposing of Bishops,” Lowth, Simon clergyman

“Letters, one from a supposed nun in Portugal,” Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

“A Discourse concerning the Love of God,” Masham, Lady Damahis a lady distinguished by her piety and extraordinary accomplishments

“Bibliotheca Latina” Mayer, John Frederic divine

Died: Molinos, Michael a Spanish priest

Died: Molyneux, William, Esq. mathematician

“De Origine et Progressu Idololatrise,” Morin, Stephen a learned French protestant

“Considerationes secundoe circa differentialis Principia r & Responsio ad Yirum nobilissimum G. G. Leibnitium,” Nieuwentyt, Bernard mathematician

Born: Oldys, William a bibliographer of great industry and accuracy

“Sermons et instructions Chretiennes sur diverses matieres,” Orleans, Peter Joseph D' historian

Born: Orville, James-Philip D' critic

“Aonii Palearii opera,” Palearius, Aonlus writer

“Fasciculus Dissertationum dequibusdam Machinis Physicis,” Papin, Denys physician

“Histoire Evangelique confirmée par la Judaïque & la Romaine,” Pezron, Paul a learned and ingenious Frenchman

“Almagestum Botanicum, sive Phytographiae Piukenetianae Onornasticon,” Plukenet, Leonard botanist

“Resolutio omnium difficultatum,” Puy, Peter Du historian

“Synopsis” Ray, John philosopher

“De Antiquitate Characters hodierni Judaici,” Rhenferd, James scholar

Born: Saxe, Maurice, Count Of a celebrated commander

“Codex juris Alemannici feudalis,” Schilter, John an eminent jurist

“Institutiones juris publici,” Schilter, John an eminent jurist

Died: Sevigne', Mary De Rabutin, Lady De Chantal And Bourbilly, And Marchioness De was the only daughter of Celse Benigne de Rabutin

Died: Shaw, Samuel a learned non- conformist

“Scotia Illustrata, sive Prodromus historian naturalis, &c.” Sibbald, Sir Robert physician

“De legibus historian naturalis,” Sibbald, Sir Robert physician

Died: Simson, Robert mathematician

Died: Sinclare, George professor of philosophy in the university of Glasgow in the seventeenth century

“Catalogus librorum manuscriptorum Bibl, Cottonianse,” Smith, Thomas divine

“Thomas a Kempis De Imitatione Christi,” Stanhope, George dean

Born: Strange, Sir John lawyer

“Epistolaad Cellarium, de Bibliothecis,” Struvius, Burcard Gotthelf one of the many sons of the preceding

Born: Theodore, Anthony I. king of Corsica

Died: Tollius, James physician

“Histoire des Revolutions de Suede,” Vertot D'Aubœuf, Rene' Aubert De historian

“Variorum,” Victor, Sextus Aurelius historian

“An account of the proceedings in the House of Commons, in relation to the recoining the clipped money, and falling the price of guineas. Together with a particular list of the names of the members consenting and dissenting; in answer to a Letter out of the country,” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

“A new Theory of the Earth, from its original to the consummation of all things; wherein the Creation of the World in six days, the universal deluge, and the general conflagration, as laid down in the Holy Scriptures, are shewn to be perfectly agreeable to Reason and Philosophy,” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

“Egyptiaca;” Witsius, Herman divine

Died: Witte a German biographer


Died: Abeille, Scipio was also born at Riez

“On the prophet Habakkuk,” Agelius, Anthony a native of Sorrento

Died: Alberti, Valentine professor of divinity at Leipsic

Born: Albinus, Bernard Siegfried and one of the most celebrated anatomists of modern times

“Twentyseven letters in ‘Gudii Epistolas,’” Alciati, Andrew lawyer

“Eclaircissement des prétendues difficultés proposeés a mons. l'archevêque de Rouen, sur plusieurs points importans de la morale de Jesus Christ,” Alexander, Noel, In Latin Natalis writer

“A Letter to a Doctor of Sorbonne, upon the dispute concerning Probability, and the Errors of a Thesis in Divinity maintained by the Jesuits in their college at Lyons, the 26th of August,” Alexander, Noel, In Latin Natalis writer

“A second letter upon the same subject,” Alexander, Noel, In Latin Natalis writer

“Genealogie de la famille Simiane,” Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

“Notitia Germanise inferioris,” Alting, Menso probably of fche same family

Born: Altmann, John George divine

Died: Ange De St. Joseph, Le Pere a barefoot carmelite of Toulouse

Born: Anson, George an eminent naval commander

Died: Antelmi, Joseph antiquary

Born: Antonelli, Nicholas Maria count of Pergola

Born: Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

“Traite de la lecture des Peres de l'Eglise.” Argonne, Noel, Called Dom Bonaventure D' was born at Paris in 1634

“Fama Arndtiana reflorescens,” Arndt, Charles [son of Joshua Arndt]

Born: Attaignant, Gabriel Charles De L' poet

“History of the Viceroys of Sicily,” Auria, Vincent born at Palermo

“Dissertatio Philosophica, de Theocratia morali,” Barrington, John Shute first lord viscount Harrington (16781734)

“Dissertatio Philosophica Inauguralis, de Theocratia civili,” Barrington, John Shute first lord viscount Harrington (16781734)

Died: Beale, Mary painter

Born: Bearcroft, Philip master of the Charterhouse

Born: Beaurain, John De an accurate military geographer

Born: Belidor, Bernard Forest De a member of the academies of sciences of Paris and Berlin

“Lond. 1699, 8vo. 5.” Bentley, Richard regius professor of divinity

Died: Bernard, Dr. Francis physician

“Critique on the Works of Rabelais,” Bernier, John physician

“Istoria universale provata con monument! e figurata con simboli degli antichi,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

Born: Biancolini, John Baptist Joseph was born at Verona

“Vindiciae quorundam Delineationum Anatomicarum contra ineptasAnimadversionesF. Ruyschii, &c.” Bidloo, Godfrey writer

“Essays,” Blount, Sir Thomas Pope writer

“Musæo di fisica e cli esperienze decorate di opervazioni naturali,” Boccone, Paolo naturalist

Born: Bolton, Robert dean

“Apostolic Charity, its nature and excellency considered, in a discourse upon Daniel xii. 3. preached at St. Paul’s, at the ordination of some Protestant Missionaries to be sent into the plantations. To which is prefixed, a general view of the English colonies in America, in order to show what provision is wanting for the propagation of Christianity in those parts, together with proposals for the promoting the same r to induce such of the clergy of this kingdom, as are persons of sobriety and abilities, to accept of a mission.” Bray, Thomas divine

Born: Bruckman, Francis Ernest botanist

“Ars transferendi; of sure guide to the conveyancer,” Brydal, John antiquary

“Remarks upon an Essay concerning human understanding;” Burnet, Dr. Thomas writer

Born: Burton, John antiquary

“Curiosities of England,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Born: Camusat, Francis Dennis was born at Besanon

Born: Canal, Antonio painter

“Life of St. Chaumont,” Chastelain, Claude canon of the cathedral church of Paris

“Chevraeana,” Chevreau, Urban was born at Loudun

Died: Child, William Mus. D

“Incredulity.” Clerc, John Le writer

“Ritratti de celebri personaggi dell 1 academia cosmografica, &.c.” Coronelli, Vincent a celebrated geographer of the Minime order

“Nouvelle methods de Geographic historique, &c.” Dangeau, Louis Courcillon De a French abbe

“An Essay on the East-India Trade,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

“A Plot and no Plot, or Jacobite Credulity,” Dennis, John poet

“The Sham- Lawyer, or the Lucky Extravagant” Drake, James physician

“I only borrowed two months.” Dryden, John poet

Born: Duchal, James a learned dissenting minister

Died: Eachard, John master of Catharine-hall (?–1697)

“Remarks on Mr. Whiston’s Theory of the Earth,” Edwards, John divine

“Fragmenta” Ephorus historian

“Numismata; a discourse of medals, ancient and modern; together with some account of heads and effigies of illustrious and famous persons, in sculps and taille douce, of whom we have no medals extant, and of the uses to be derived from them. To which is added, a digression concerning physiognomy,” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Died: Fabricius, John Lewis divine

“An Explication of the Maxims of the Saints concerning the interior life.” Fenelon, Francis De Salignac De La Motte archbishop

“Explanation of the Maxims of the Saints,” Fenelon, Francis De Salignac De La Motte archbishop

“De futilitate Poetices,” Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

Died: Firmin, Giles divine

Died: Firmin, Thomas a person memorable for public benefactions and charities

“An Enquiry into the right use of Baths,” Floyer, Sir John physician

Born: Foster, Dr. James an English dissenting minister

“Specimen eloquentiac exterioris ad orationem M. T. Ciceronis pro A. Licin. Archia accommoclatnm,” Francius, Peter poet

“The Lives of certain Martyrs,” Gallonius, Anthony a native of Rome

Died: Gethin, Lady Grace an English lady of uncommon parts

“Catalog! Librorum Manuscriptorum in Anglia & Hibernia in unum collecti,” Gibson, Edmund bishop

Born: Gill, John divine

“Lettres sur les Progres de la Religion a la Chine,” Gobien, Charles Le Jesuit

Born: Goujet, Claude Peter a canon of St

Died: Grævius, John George critic

“Thesaurus GriEcarum Antiquitatum,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Born: Hamberger, George Edward professor of chemistry and of the practice of medicine in the university of Jena

“Cogitationes super quatuor priora capita Geneseos,” Helmont, Francis Mercurius Van was born in 1618

“Ricovrati,” Heritier, Marie Jeanne L' de Villandon

Born: Hogarth, William a truly great and original genius (?–1764)

“Boadicea Queen of Britain,” Hopkins, Charles was born at Exeter

“Traite de l'Existence de Dieu,” Jacquelot, Isaac divine

Died: Kuhnius, Joachim a learned German

“Elements of Arithmetic and Algebra,” Lagny, Thomas Fantet De mathematician

Born: Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

“A History of England,” Larrey, Isaac De historian

“Exercitationes quinque de Aquis Mineralibus, Thermis calidis, Morbis acutis, Morbis intermittentibus, Hydrope,” Leigh, Charles naturalist

“Exercitationes medicinales,” Lister, Martin philosopher

“A Letter to the Bishop of Worcester,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“Reply to the Bishop of Worcester,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

“Lycophron,” Lycophron poet

Born: Madox, Isaac prelate

“Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum Angliae & Hiberniae,” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

“Opera Posthnma,” Malus, Stephen Louis mathematician

Died: Manby, Peter writer

Born: Marin, Michael Angelo writer

“Lexicon philologicum, in quo Latinae et a Latinis auctoribus usurpatae turn purae, turn barbaroe voces ex originibus declarantur, &c.: accedit Cadmus Graeco-Phoanix etGlossarium Isidori,” Martinius, Matthias divine

Born: Mascrier, John Baptist De a French abbé

Born: Meadowcourt, Richard critic

“A Discourse of Conscience, &c. with reflexions upon the author of Christianity not mysterious,” Milner, John divine

Born: Monro, Alexander, M. D. anatomist

Born: Morand, Sauveur Francis a French surgeon

“Anecdota Latina,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

“An Office for Prisoners,” Nelson, Robert a learned and pious English gentleman

Died: Osiander, John Adam divine

Born: Parisot, Peter famous for his adventures

“Snarronis Sturlonidac Hist, regum Septentrionalium,” Peringskiold, John antiquary

Died: Pezron, Paul a learned and ingenious Frenchman

“The History of the Peace of Westphalia,” Pfanner, Tobias the son of a counsellor at Augsburg

“Theologie du Coeur,” Poiret, Peter famous only for his love of mysticism and enthusiasm

Died: Pool, Matthew a learned Nonconformist

Born: Prevot D' Exiles, Antony Francis was born at Hesdin (16971763)

Born: St. Palaye, John Baptist De La Curne De writer

Died: Santeul, John Baptist in Latin Santolius

“Charron on Wisdom,” Stanhope, George dean

Died: Struvius, Burcard Gotthelf one of the many sons of the preceding

“Sciagraphia Templi Hierosolymitani,” Sturmius, Leonard Christopher writer

“Orcades, seu rerum Orcadensium historiae libri tres,” Torfæus, Thermodus antiquary

Died: Towerson, Gabriel divine

Born: Trublet, Nicholas Charles Joseph a French abb of temporary fame

“Cornpleat history of the most remarkable Providences, both of Judgment and Mercy, &c. to which is added, whatever, is curious in the works of nature and art. The whole digested into one volume, under proper heads; being a work set on foot thirty years ago, by the rev. Mr. Pool, author of the ‘ Synopsis Criticorum;’ and since undertaken and finished by William Turner,” Turner, William divine

Died: Vincent, Thomas divine

Died: Ward, John writer

“Sermons,” Wharton, Thomas physician

“Three poems of St. Paul’s cathedral, viz. The Ruins (mentioned above), The re-building, The Choir,” Wright, Abraham divine


“Histoire de la Conspiration derniere d'Angleterre,” Abbadie, James divine

“The Christian’s daily Sacrifice, on Prayer,” Addison, Lancelot clergyman

“Accessiones Histories,” Alberic historian

Born: Alberti, John professor of Divinity in the university of Leyden

“Etat politique de Grenoble,” Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

“Fabularum Æsopicarurn delectus,” Alsop, Anthony writer

“Apologie del'amourqui nous fait desirer de posseder Dieu seul, &c. avec des remarques sur les maximes et les principes de M. de Fenelon,” Argentre, Charles Duplessis D' bishop

“Traite de PEglise,” Argentre, Charles Duplessis D' bishop

“The Plain Man’s Devotion, Part I. In a method of daily Devotion and, a method of Devotion for the Lord’s Day. Both fitted to the meanest capacities,” Assheton, Dr. William son of Mr

Born: Baker, Henry naturalist

Born: Ballerini, Peter And Jerom brothers

“Pyrosophia,” Barchausen, John Conrad physician

“Florus Danicus, sive Danicarum rerum a primordio regni ad tempera usque Christian! I. Oldenburgici Breviarium.” Bering, Vitus poet

Died: Berkeley, George Earl Of descended in a direct line from Robert Fitzharding

“Nouvelles de la llepublique des Lettres,” Bernard, James professor of philosophy and mathematics

Died: Bernier, John physician

“Synopsis rerum ab orbe condito gestarum, usque ad Ferdinandi imperium,” Besold, Christopher lawyer

“De Fornicatione cavenda,” Beverland, Adrian born at Midclleburgh in Zealand

“Notitiae auctorum juridicorum et juris arti inservientium, tria specimina,” Beyer, George another bibliographer

“A letter to Anthony Leeuvvenhoek concerning the animals which are sometimes found in the liver of sheep or some other animals.” Bidloo, Godfrey writer

“Conspectus prcestantiorum scriptorum linguæ Latinæ;” Borrichius physician

“Thomre Magistri Dictionum Atticarurh Ecloga,” Bos, Lambert philologist

Born: Bouchardon, Edmund a French sculptor

Born: Bouguer, Peter mathematician

Died: Boyer, Claude of the French academy

“Medicinal experiments: or, a collection of choice remedies, chiefly simple, and easily prepared, useful in families, and fit for the service of the country people. The third and last volume, published from the author’s original manuscript; whereunto are added several useful notes, explicatory of the same,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

“History of Oliver Cromwell,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Died: Calvert, James the son of Robert Calvert

Born: Chambre, Francis Illharrart De Là an ingenious doctor of the Sorbonne

Died: Ciampini, John Justin a learned Italian

“Cotelerii Patres Apostolici,” Clerc, John Le writer

“Hypomnemata Juris,” Cocceius, Henry lawyer

Born: Contant, Peter architect

“Specchio del mare Mediterraneo,” Coronelli, Vincent a celebrated geographer of the Minime order

Born: Corte, Gotlieb professor of law at Leipsic

“Dictionarium antiquitatum Romanarum et Grsecarum,” Danet, Peteu a French cure at Paris

“Discourses on the public revenues, and of the trade of England. Part I. To which is added, a discourse upon improving the revenue of the state of Athens, written originally in Greek by Xenophon, and now made English from the original, with some historical notes by another hand,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

“Histoire de Nestorianisme,” Doucin, Lewis Jesuit

Died: Echard, James an useful French biographer

“Twelve Sermons on special occasions and subjects,” Edwards, John divine

Born: Ellis, John writer

Died: Evelyn, John third son of the former

“Enchyridion de formulis prescribendis, secundum method um Gaspari Crameri,” Eysel, John Philip physician

“Compendium Anatomicum,” Eysel, John Philip physician

“Animoe humanae Natura ab Augustino detecta,” Fardklla, Michael Angelo a celebrated professor of astronomy and natural history at Padua

Born: Fleming, Caleb a dissenting minister

“A Treatise on the Asthma,” Floyer, Sir John physician

“De Emphasibus Sac. Script,” Francke, Augustus Herman divine

Born: Francois, Laurence writer

“Sur le pecule des Religieux,” Gerbais, John a learned French ecclesiastic

“Hist, de PEditde P empereur de la Chine en faveur de la religion Chretienne,” Gobien, Charles Le Jesuit

“Considerations theologiques et critiques centre le Projet d'une nouvelle Version de la Bible,” Gousset, James divine

Born: Griffet, Henry writer

“Manethonis Apotelesmaticorum Libri sex, nunc primum ex Bibliotheca Medicea eruti,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Suetonius a Salmasio recensitus cum Emendationibus J. Gronovii,” Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

“Phaedrus,” Gudius, Marquard critic

“Voces Typico-propheticiT,” Gurtler, Nicolas divine

Died: Heidegger, John Henry divine

“Historia Papatfts,” Heidegger, John Henry divine

Born: Hildesley, Mark prelate

Died: Hoffman, Maurice physician

Died: Hoffman, John Maurice son of the former by his first wife

“Fifteen Sermons upon the fifth chapter of St. Matthew,” Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

Born: Houbraken, Jacob engraver

Died: Howard, Sir Robert writer

“Geographies Veteris Scriptores Graeci Minores cum Dissertationibus & Armotationibus Henrici Dodwelli,” Hudson, Dr. John critic

“De Navigationibus Salomonis,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

Born: Hutchins, John historian

Born: Jortin, Dr. John divine

“Examination of Burnet’s Theory of the Earth,” Keill, John mathematician

“The Anatomy of the Human Body abridged,” Keill, James physician

“Preface to sir Henry Spelman’s History of Sacrilege,” Kennet, White writer

“Tractatus de Calumniis Pagariorum in veteres Christianos,” Kortholt, Christian a learned professor of divinity at Kiel

“Quaestiones philosophies ex sacris Veteris et Novi Testament! aliisque scriptoribus,” Kuhnius, Joachim a learned German

“The History of Sin and Heresy,” Leslie, Charles writer

“Reply, in answer to the Bishop’s second Letter,” Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

Born: Lockman, John a man of much literary industry

“Grammatica Amharicae liiifmse qua; est vernacula Habessinorum,” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

“Lexicon Amharico-Latinnm, &c.” Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

Born: Maclaurin, Coun mathematician

Died: Martignac, Stephen Algai, Sieur De seems to be one of the first French writers who practised the plan

“A Treatise on Religion, against the Atheists, the Deists, and the new Pyrrhonians,” Mauduit, Michael divine

Born: Maupertuis, Peter Louis Morceau De mathematician

Died: Meninski, Franciscus A Mesgnien a most celebrated German orientalist

Born: Metastasio, Peter poet

Born: Mignot, Stephen a learned French canonist

“Poetical Translation of Psalms,” Milbourne, Luke writer

“Notes on Dryden’s Virgil,” Milbourne, Luke writer

“A View of the Dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, &c. lately published by the rev. Dr. Bentley. Also, of the examination of that Dissertation by the hon. Mr. Boyle,” Milner, John divine

“Explanationes sacrse et philologicae in aliquot V. et N. Testament! Loca,” Morin, Stephen a learned French protestant

Died: Morton, Richard physician

“The Advantages of a learned Education,” Nichols, William divine (16641712)

“De Fcenore et Usuris,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“De Jur6 summi Imperii et Lege regia, Oratio habita,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

Born: Oglethorpe, James Edward a distinguished English officer

Died: Orleans, Peter Joseph D' historian

Died: Palliot, Peter historiographer

Born: Pearsall, Richard divine

Born: Pontoppidan, Eric bishop

“Boethius de Consolatione Philosophise,” Rawlinson, Christopher of CarkhalL in Lancashire

Died: Redi, Francis physician

Born: Richardson, William divine

Died: Richelet, Caesar Peter writer

“Libra veritatis,” Rittangelius, John Stephen a native of Forcheim

“Phsedrus,” Rittershusius, Conradus a learned civilian and philologer of Germany

Born: Savage, Richard an eminent instance of the uselessuess and insignificancy of knowledge

“Cases in parliament resolved and adjudged upon petitions and writs of error,” Shower, Sir Bartholomew lawyer

“Discourses upon Government;” Sidney, Algernon a strenuous champion for repub-­lican government

“Inscriptiones Grgecse. Palmyrenorum, cum scholiis Ed. Bernardi et Thotnse Smithi,” Smith, Thomas divine

“The English Works of sir Henry Spelman,” Spelman, Sir Henry antiquary

Born: Spence, Joseph divine

“The Life of Sir Thomas Smith,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Died: Theophanes, Prokopovitch historian

“Dionysii Orbis Descriptio, cum veterum scholiis et Eustathii commentariis. Accedit Periegesis Prisciani, cum notis Andrea Papii,” Thwaites, Edward a learned Saxonist

“Sermons,” Toland, John writer

“The Militia Keformed, &c.” Toland, John writer

“Histoire des Plantes qui naissent aux environs de Paris, avec leur usage dans la me'decine,” Tournefort, Joseph Pitton De botanist

“An Argument, shewing that a standing army is inconsistent with a free government, and absolutely destructive to the constitution of the English monarchy;” Trenchard, John writer

“Numismata imperatdram & Csesarum, a populis Romanae ditionis GriEce loquentibus ex omni modulo percussa,” Vaillant, John Foi a great medallist

Died: Walpole, Sir Robert earl of Orford

Born: Warburton, William prelate


Born: Abresch, Frederic Louis scholar

Died: Abriani, Paul of Vincenza

“the best Latin poem since the Æneid.” Addison, Joseph son of Dr (16721719)

Died: Aguirre, Joseph Saenz De a very learned man of the 17th century

“Traite de l'amour desouverain bien, &c.” Ameline, Claude a French ecclesiastic

Died: Anguier, Francis And Michael the sons of a mechanic in the town of Eu in Normandy

“Sermons,” Atterbury, Lewis was born at Caldecot

Died: Barbeyrac, Charles physician

Died: Bates, William divine

Born: Beckingham, Charles writer

“Excidium Trojanum,” Beger, Lawrence the son of a tanner

“Gli antichi sepolcri, owero Mausolei Romani et Etruschi, &c.” Bellori, John Peter antiquary

“An answer to the dissenters pleas for Separation, or an abridgment of the London cases; wherein the substance of those books is digested into one short and plain discourse,” Bennet, Dr. Thomas divine

Born: Benson, George a learned and eminent dissenting teacher

“De antiqua poetarum sapientia” Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

“La Medicina difesa contra la calunnie degli nomini volgari e dalle opposizioni del dotti, divisa in due dialoghi,” Bertini, Anthony Francis physician

“Tractatus de reformatione Calendarii Juliani et Gregoriani,” Billberg, John a Swedish astronomer

Born: Blair, Robert divine

“Oxford history of Plants,” Bobart, Jacob a German horticulturist

“Songe de Boccace, ou de Labyrinthe d' Amour,” Boccaccio, John one of the most eminent Italian poets and scholars

“In monumenta Coptica, seu Ægyptiacæ bibliothecæ Vatican brevis exercitatio,” Bonjour, William a learned Augustin

Born: Bowyer, William the most learned English printer of whom we have any account

Died: Bruyere, John De La one of those celebrated persons whose writings attract universal admiration

Born: Bullet, John Baptist writer

“Unparalleled Varieties,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Born: Camus, Charles Stephen Lewis mathematician

Died: Canitz, The Baron Of poet

“Historia gentis & religionis Samaritanae ex nova Sichemitarum epistola aucta,” Cellarius, Christopher critic

“Ars Critica,” Clerc, John Le writer

“De vita Theoxlorici regis Ostrogothorum,” Cochlæus, John a native of Nuremberg

“A Defence of the Short View, being a reply to Mr. Congreve’s amendments, &c. and to the vindication of the author of the Relapse,” Collier, Jeremy divine

“Theologise Christianae prinfcipia mathematica,” Craig, John mathematician

Died: Cramer, John Rodolphus divine

“An Essay on the probable Method of making the people gainers in the Balance of Trade,” Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

“Rinaldo and Armida,” Dennis, John poet

Born: Desbois, Francis Alexander Aubert De La Chesnaie a laborious Dictionary maker

“History of Physic,” Drake, James physician

“Animadversiones ad Nicolai Bergerii librog de publicis et militaribus imperii Romani viis,” Dubos, John Baptist critic

“Des Memoires Politiques, pour servir a Pintelhgence de la paix de Ilyswic,” Dumont, John baron of Carlscroon

“Voyages en France, en Italie, en Aiiemagne, aMalte, et en Turkic,” Dumont, John baron of Carlscroon

“Dialogues posthumes du Sieur de la Bruyeresur le Quietisme,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“A Survey of the different dispensations of Religion, from the beginning of the world to the consummation of all things,” Edwards, John divine

“Compendium Physiologicum,” Eysel, John Philip physician

“Observationes Anatomico medicos selectiores,” Fantoni, John physician

Died: Ferrand, Louis lawyer

“Specimen eloquentia exterioris ad orationem Ciceronis pro M. Marcello accommodatum,” Francius, Peter poet

“The Dispensary.” Garth, Sir Samuel physician

Died: Gerbais, John a learned French ecclesiastic

Born: Gravelot, Henry Francis Bourignon artist

“Dialogi Eucharistici,” Gurtler, Nicolas divine

Died: Halket, Lady Anne a learned English lady

Died: Helmont, Francis Mercurius Van was born in 1618

Born: Hill, Robert was a man remarkable for his perseverance and talent in learning many languages by the aid of books alone

“Philosophical Transactions” Hooper, Dr. George divine

“Dissertations sur le Messie,” Jacquelot, Isaac divine

“Gratius, de Venatione, cum notis,” Johnson, Thomas scholar

Born: Jussieu, Bernard was also a native of Lyons

“Rohault’s Philosophy.” Ibbot, Dr. Benjamin writer

“Harmonia sive concordia Evangelii,” Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

“Epistolae ad principem suum Auguscum Saxonise dueem,” Languet, Hubert a native of France

“Lithophylacii Britannici Iconographia,” Lhuyd, Edward antiquary

Born: Martyn, John professor of botany at Cambridge

Died: Mead, Matthew divine

“Barrow’s Optical Lectures,” Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Born: Nichols, Frank physician and anatomist (?–1778)

“Julius Paulus sive, de Partus Expositione et Nece apud veteres, Liber singularis,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“Introduction to the Roman and German history, from the foundation of Rome to the year 1699,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

“Judgment of the ancient Jewish church,” Philo, Judæus writer

Born: Pitt, Christopher poet

“Traité de l'Orgueil,” Placette, John De La a protestant minister of great eminence

“La Communion deVote,” Placette, John De La a protestant minister of great eminence

Born: Pombal, Sebastian Joseph Carvalho marquis of

Died: Pomet, Peter born April 2

Born: Pothier, Robert Joseph son of a counsellor to the presidial of Orleans (16991772)

Died: Racine, John poet

“De veritate Religionis Christianas,” Rittangelius, John Stephen a native of Forcheim

Died: Rocaberti, John Thomas De a celebrated general of the Dominicans

“A method of resolving Indeterminate Questions in Algebra,” Rolle, Michel mathematician

“Lectiones Venusinae,” Rutgers, John critic

“Disputationes historic^ civiles,” Schurtzfleisch, Conrad Samuel a learned German

“The Mourner’s Companion, or Funeral Discourses on several texts,” Shower, John divine

Died: Stillingfleet, Edward one of the most learned prelates of the seventeenth century

“Lessons for Youth and Old Age,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

“Mathesis Juvenilis,” Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

Died: Swift, Jonathan an illustrious English wit

“Musae Anglicanse,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“A Defence of the Vindication of king Charles the Martyr; justifying his majesty’s title to Efxcuv 'BacriMw, in answer to a late pamphlet entitled Amyntor,” Wagstaffe, Thomas divine

Died: Walker, Obadiah divine

Born: Wharton, Philip, Duke Of was born about 1699

“Historia Histrionica; an historical account of the English stage, shewing the ancient use, improvement, and perfection, of dramatic representations in this nation. In a dialogue of plays and players,” Wright, Abraham divine