Heshusius, Tillemannus

, a German pretestant theologian, was born at Wesel in the duchy of Cleves, in 1526. He taught theology in several cities of Germany, but was of so turbulent a spirit as to be exiled almost from every one. He adopted several absurd and singular opinions in the zeal of his controversies with the Calvinists, particularly Beza. He died in 1588. His works are, 1. “Commentaries on the Psalms.” 2. “On Isaiah.” 3. “On all the Epistles of St. Paul.” 4. “A Treatise on Justification and the Lord’s Supper.” 5. “Sexcenti errores, pleni Blasphemiis in Deum, quos Romana pontificiaque Ecclesia contra Deum furenter defendit.” This is scarce. 6. Other miscellaneous productions, now forgotten. 3


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