Home, David

, was a protestant minister of a distinguished family in Scotland, but educated in France, where he passed the chief part of his life. James I. employed him to reconcile the differences between Tilenus and du Moulin, on the subject of justification; and, if possible, to reconcile the protestants throughout Europe to one single form of doctrine; but this was found impracticable. The chief work of Home is, his, 1. “Apologia Basilica; seu Machiavelli ingenium examinatum,1626, 4to. There are attributed to him also, 2. “Le contr' Assassin, ou reponse a TApologie des Jesuites,” Geneve, 1612, in 8vo. 3. “L’Assassinat du Roi, ou maximes du Viel de la | Montagne, pratiquees en la personne de defunt Henri le Grand,” 1617, 8vo. He is also the author of several conipositions in the “Delicise Poetarum Scotorum.” The times of his birth and death are not known, 1


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