Holyoake, Francis

, a learned Englishman, memorable for having made an “Etymological Dictionary of Latin words,” was born at Nether Whitacre in Warwickshire, about 1567, and studied in the university of Oxford about 1582; but it does not appear that he ever took a degree. | He taught school at Oxford, and in his own country; and became rector of Southam in Warwickshire, 1604. He was elected a member of the convocation of the clergy in the first year of Charles the First’s reign; and afterwards, in the civil wars, suffered extremely for his attachment to that king. He died Nov. 13, 1653, and was buried at Warwick. His “Dictionary” was first printed in 1606-7, 4to; and the fourth edition in 1633, augmented, was dedicated to Laud, then bishop of London. He subscribed himself in Latin, “Franciscus de sacra quercu.1


Ath. Ox. vol. II.