Hoogstraten, David Van

, a professor of the belles lettres, was born at Rotterdam in 1658, and died at Amsterdam in 1724. In the evening of Nov. 13, there suddenly arose so thick a mist, that he lost his way, and fell into a canal. He was soon taken out; but the coldness of the water, and the fright from the fall, brought on so strong an oppression upon the breast, that he died in eight days after. There are of Ims, 1. “Latin Poems.” 2. “Flemish Poems.” 3. “A Flemish and Latin Dictionary.” 4. “Notes upon C. Nepos and Terence.” 5. “An edition of Phaedrus,” for the prince of Nassau, 4to, in imitation of the Delphin editions. 6. A fine edition of “Janus Broukhusius’s Poems.2