Honorius De Sancta Maria

, whose proper name was Blaize Vauzelle, was born July 4, 1651, at Limoges. He made profession among the Carmelites at Toulouse, in 1671; taught theology with reputation in his order, in which he was prior, counsellor, provincial, and visitorgeneral of the three provinces of France. He died 1729, at Lisle, aged seventy-eight. His most curious work is entitled “Reflexions sur les regies, et sur l’usage de la Critique,” 3 vols. 4to; the first volume is most esteemed. He also left, “La Tradition des Peres, et des Auteurs Ecclesiastiques, sur la Contemplation^ avec un Traite sur les motifs, et la pratique, de l’Amour Divin,” 3 vols. 12mo; “Traite des Indulgences et du Jubile,” 12mo; <( Dissertations historiques et critiques sur les Ordres militaires," 1718, 4to. He wrote some pieces in favour of the Formulary, and the constitution Unigenitus, &c. 2 Hontan (The Baron de), was a native of Gascony, in the seventeenth century, and is principally known by his travels in North America, which, however, are written in an embarrassed and barbarous style, confounding truth and falsehood, disfiguring names, and disguising facts. They contain some episodes of pure fiction, particularly the narrative of the voyage up the long river, which is supposed to be of equal authority with the Voyage to Lilliput. He describes, nevertheless, with some success, the general face of the country, and the disposition, customs, government, and other particulars of the inhabitants. There is an edition of his travels published at Amsterdam in 1705, 2 vols. 12mo. He began his career in Canada as a common soldier, was raised to the rank of an officer, went to Newfoundland in the quality of royal lieutenant, there quarrelled with the governor, was broken, and retired first to Portugal, and finally to Denmark. 3