Houdry, Vincent

, a Jesuit, was born Jan. 22, 1631, at Tours, and taught ethics, rhetoric, and philosophy among the Jesuits, and devoted himself afterwards to preaching twenty-four years; the rest of his life was spent in composing useful books. He died at Paris, in the college of Louis le Grand, March 29, 1729. His works are, “La Bibliotheque des Predicateurs,Lyons, 1733, 22 vols. 4to. “Morality,” 8 vols. the supplement 2 vols. “Panegyrics,” 4 vols. and the supplement 1 vol. The “Mysteries,” 3 vols. and the supplement 1 vol. “The Tables,” 1 vol. *' The Ceremonies of the Church,“1 vol.Christian Eloquence,“1 vol.” Traité de la maniere d’imiter le bons Predicateurs,“12mo.” Ars Typographica, carmen,“4to; and twenty volumes of” Sermons," all which shew more industry than genius, but some of them are consulted as repositories of facts and opinions. 1