Ingelo, Nathaniel, D. D.

, a divine of the seventeenth century, vvas a fellow of Etnanuel college, Cambridge, and admitted fellow of Queen’s college by the | parliamentary visitors, by whose interest likewise he probably became a fellow of Eton in 1650. He was re-admitted to the same in 1660. He published three Sermons in 1639 and 1677, and wrote a religious romance in folio, entitled “Bentivolio and Urania,” Lond. 1660. He died in August 1683, and his epitaph is in Eton college chapel, where he was buried. In April 1739, were published “Nineteen Letters from Henry Hammond, D. D. to Mr. Peter Stanny nought and Dr. Nathaniel Ingelo,” many of them on very curious subjects. 1


Harwood’s Alumni Etonenses.