Iselin, James Christopher

, in Latin Iselius, a learned antiquary, was born at Basil, in 1681. He was made professor of history and eloquence at Marpurg, in 1704; but was recalled to Basil, to teach history and antiquity, in 1707, where he was also promoted to the | divinity-chair in 1711. He went to Paris in 1717, intending to visit Holland and England but, being nominated rector of the university of Basil, was obliged to return into his own country. Shortly after, the academy of inscriptions and belles lettres at Paris made him an honorary foreign member, in the room of M. Cuper. Iselin was also librarian at Basil, where he died in 1737. He published a great number of books, of which the principal are, 1. “De Gailis Rhenum transeuntibus Carmen Heroicum/ 7 2.” De Historicis Latinis melioris aevi dissertatio." 3. Dissertations and orations upon various subjects. 1