Jobert, Louis

, a pious and learned Jesuit, was a native of Paris, where he was born in 1647. He taught polite literature in his own order, and distinguished himself as a preacher. He died at Paris in 1719. There are several tracts of piety of his writing, besides a piece entitled “La Science des Medailles,” of which the best edition is that of Paris, in 1739, 2 vols. 12mo, but this superiority it owes to the editor, M. le Baron Bimard de la Bastie; and even of this edition, the second volume is a mere farrago of useless lumber. Pinkerton, who expresses a very low opinion of this work, affirms that Jobert borrowed much from Charles Patin’s “Introduction to the History of Medals,” without any acknowledgment. 2


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