Lacarry, Giles

, a French Jesuit, was born in 1605, and became successively professor of polite literature, philosophy, and theology; performed missions; and went through several departments of business in his society. Among all his avocations, he found time to be the author of several useful works relating to the history of his country; the most considerable of which are, 1. “Historia Galliarum sub Praefectis Prsetorii Galliarum,1672, in 4to. 2. “Historia Coloniarum a Gallis in exteras Nationes missarum,1677, in 4to. 3. “De Regibus Franciae et Lege Salica.” 4. “Historia Romana,1671, 4to. This includes the period from Julius Caesar to Constantine, and is supported and illustrated by medals and other monuments of antiquity. 5. “Notitia Provinciarum Imperil utriusque cum Notis,1675, 4to. He gave also good editions of “Velleius Paterculus” and “Tacitus <le Germairia,” with learned notes, of which Dithrnan availed himself in his edition of 1726. 2