Leschassier, James

, an able lawyer, and celebrated advocate of the parliament of Paris, was born in | that city in 1550, of a reputable family. When Henry IV. to whom he had remained faithful during the fury of the League, wanted to support the annuities charged on the H6tel de Ville, Leschassier had influence enough to dissuade him from his design by two very able petitions. He was consulted by the Venetian republic, in 1605, respecting their disputes with pope Paul V. and replied by his “Consultatio Parisini cujusdam,” printed in 1606, 4to, which proves him to have been a learned and judicious canonist. He died April 28, 1625, at Paris, aged seventyfive. The most complete edition of his works is that of Paris, 1652, 4to, which contains several curious and interesting particulars concerning the liberties of the Galilean church, and other affairs of great importance. 1


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