Lobineau, Guy Alexis

, a Benedictine of the congregation de St. Maur, was born 1663, at Rennes. He entered his order in 1683, devoted his whole life to the study of history, and died at an abbey near St. Malo, June 3, 1727, aged sixty-one. His principal work is a “History of Bretany,” in 2 vols. fol. but the second only, which contains the titles, is valued. The abbé Vertot, and the abbé Claudius Moulinet, sieur des Thuilleries, have violently attacked that part of this history, in which his partiality to his own country has led him to disregard the rights of Normandy. Lobineau also translated a “History of the two Conquests of Spain by the Moors,” &c. from the Spanish of Miguel de Luna, a work of no authority. He was more usefully employed in completing and publishing the “History of the City of Paris,” 5 vols. fol. which Felibien had begun and made a considerable progress in before his death. The last three volumes contain many curious and interesting pieces; and an excellent dissertation is prefixed to the first volume, on the origin of the H6tel de Ville, and the corps municipal, by M. le Hoi, senior master jd warden of the goldsmiths, and controller of the rents of the Hotel de Ville. A satirical work, entitled “Les Avantures de Pomponius, chevalier Romain,” 12mo, has been attributed to Dom. Lobiweau, but without sufficient authority. 2