Lobb, Theophilus

, a physician of considerable reputation, was the son of Stephen Lobb, a dissenting minister, and grandson of Richard Lobb, esq. M. P. for St. Michael in Cornwall. He was born Aug. 17, 1678, and educated for the ministry among the dissenters, which he exchanged for the study of medicine, and having obtained a diploma | from Scotland, practised in London, and left several works on medical topics. He died May 19, 1763, in the eightyfifth year of his age. The following are the titles of his publications: “Treatise of the Small-pox,London, 1731, 1748, 8vo, which was translated into French in 1749. “Rational method of curing Fevers, deduced from the structure of the human body,” ibid. 1734, 8vo, in this work he adopted the doctrines of Boerhaave. “Medical Practice in curing Fevers,” ibid. 1735, 8vo; “A practical treatise on painful Distempers, with some effectual methods of curing them,” ibid. 1739; “A Treatise on Solvents of the Stone, and on curing the Stone and the Gout by Aliments,” ibid. 1739, which passed through several editions, and was translated into Latin and French. The author considered the matter of urinary calculi and of gout as of an alkaline nature, and vegetable acids as the remedy. “Letters concerning the Plague and other contagious Distempers,” ibid. 1745; “A Compendium of the Practice of Physic,” ibid. 1747. Besides these works, he was the author of several papers printed in the Gentleman’s Magazine; of a sermon preached by him at the ordination of the Rev. John Greene and of some pious tracts. 1


Life, by John Greene, 1767, 12mo.