Lommius, Jodocus

, a medical writer of reputation, was born at Buren, in Guelderland, about the commencement of the sixteenth century, and after a liberal education, studied medicine principally at Paris, and practised for a considerable time at Tournay, to which city he was pensionary physician in 1557; he removed to Brussels at an advanced period of life, about 1560, and was living in this city in 1562, beyond which period there is no record of him. He left three small works, in very | elegant Latin, viz. “Commentarii de Sanitate tuenda in primum librum C. Celsi,” Louvain, 1558, 12mo. This is an ample commentaryt upon Celsus, taken entirely from the ancients. “Observationum Medicinalium Libri tres,Antwerp, 1560. This work has passed through many editions: it consists of histories of disease, related with the simple perspicuity of Celsus, and containing many useful and valuable observations on the diagnostics, prognostics, and cure. “De curandis Febribus continuis Liber,Antwerp, 1563. This little treatise, like the foregoing, has been several times printed and translated. These works were published together at Amsterdam, in 1745, in 3 vols. 12mo, under the title of“Opera omnia.1

1 Haller Bifol. MeJ. Rees’s Cyclopcedia, from —Eloy.