Longepierre, Hilary Bernard De

, a Greek scholar and critic, was born at Dijon Oct. 18, 1659. By much study he made himself master of the beauties of the Greek tongue, a merit not common in his time; and has left us poetical translations of Anacreon, Sappho, Bion, and Moschus, with notes. He wrote several tragedies in imitation of the Greek poets; and he copied them chiefly in thisj that, in subjects of terror and cruelty, he never introduced love. But he also copied them in common-place prolixity | and want of action and plot; while he could never equal the beauty of their diction. Of those tragedies in the Grecian taste h never brought but two upon the stage, viz. the “Medea” and “Electra.” He died March 30, 1721. 1


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