Longueil, Gilbert

, a skilful physician of the sixteenth century, was born in 1507, at Utrecht, and died in 1543, at Cologn, aged thirty-six. He was physician to Herman, archbishop of that city, and left the following works, “Lexicon Graeco-Latinum,1533, 8vo; “Remarks in Latin on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Plautus, Cornelius Nepos, the Rhetoric of Herennius, and on Laurentius Valla,” in several volumes 8vo an edition in Greek and Latin of the “Life of Apollonius Tyaneus,” by Philostratus, 8vo, and a Latin translation of Plutarch’s seven “Gpuscula,” 8vo Notes on Cicero’s familiar Epistles, and a second edition of the Council of Nice, &c. 1


Moreri. Burman Trajcct. erudit. —Dict. Hist.