Meyer, James

, a Flemish historian of some note, was born near Bailieul in Flanders, Jan. 7, 14yi, whence he is sometimes called Baliolanus. He became an ecclesiastic, and finally rector of Blackenbergh, but had undertaken the education of youth as an additional source of support. He died Feb. 5, 1552. His principal productions are, 1. “Annales rerum Flandricarum,” folio, published at Antwerp, in 1561. These annals are carried as far as 1477, and have been esteemed, not only for their matter, but for ease and purity of style. 2. “Flandricarum rerutn decas,” printed at Bruges, in 1531, 4to. 2


Niceron, vol. XXXIX. —Moreri.