Nesbit, Alexander

, was the youngest son of lord-president Nesbit, of Dirlton, and born at Edinburgh in 1672. He was educated for the law; but his genius led him to the study of antiquities, in which he made very great proficiency, as appears from his excellent book on heraldry, which has never yet been exceeded by any treatise on the same subject in the English language. It was published at Edinburgh, 2 vols. fol. 1722 42, and has been reprinted there within these few years. He wrote “A Vindication of Scottish Antiquities,” which is now ill ms. in the advocates’ library at Edinburgh, and published “Heraldical Essay on additional figures and marks of | Cadency,” 1702, 8vo and “An Essay on the ancient and modern use of Armories,” Lond. 1718, 4to. He died at Dirlton, 1725, aged fifty-six. 1


Preceding edition of this Dict.—Pref. to the new edition of his Heraldry.