Events noted in 1715

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1710 1720


Died: Ancillon, Charles son of the above

“Vita di Giacomo Antonio Ferrari,” Angelis, Dominico De author of several pieces relating to the history of literature

“Monumens authentiques de la religion des Grecs, et de la faussete de plusieurs confessions de foi,” Aymon, John a Piedmontese author

“Collecta medicines practicue generalis,” Barchausen, John Conrad physician

“Recueil de voyages au Nord, contehant divers memoires tres-utiles an commerce et a la navigation,” Bernard, John Frederic an industrious and learned bookseller of Amsterdam

Born: Bernis, Francis Joachim De Pierres count of Lyons

“Ductus lacrymalis, &c. anatome,” Bianchi, John Baptist anatomist

Died: Block, Joanna Koerten artist

“Bibliographia critica,” Boecler, John Henry critic

Born: Boerhaave, Abraham Kaan professor of medicine in the university of Petersburg

“Animadversiones ad Scriptores quosdam Graccos. Accedit specimen animadversionum Latinarum,” Bos, Lambert philologist

Died: Bosch, Balthasar Vanden artist

“Histoire de la Musique,” Bourdelot, Peter Bonnet physician

Died: Boyd, William and fourth and last earl of Kilmarnock

Born: Brequigny, Lewis George, Oudard De Feudrix a learned member of the French academy

Born: Brereton, Owen Salusbury the son of Thomas Brereton

Died: Brokesby, Francis was born at Stoke Golding

Born: Brown, John writer

Born: Brown, Lancelot an eminent horticulturist

Born: Bryant, Jacob one of the most learned English scholars of the eighteenth century

“Worthies of Devon,” Bryant, Jacob one of the most learned English scholars of the eighteenth century

“Historia Ecclesiastica Veteris Testamenti,” Buddeus, John Francis divine

“Geographic universelle avec le secours des vers artificiels et avec des cartes,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“Homere en arbitrage,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

Died: Bulstrode, Sir Richard was educated at Pembroke-hall

“Essays” Bulstrode, Sir Richard was educated at Pembroke-hall

Died: Burman, Peter philologist

“A certain dutiful Son’s Lamentation for the Death of a certain right reverend; with the certain Particulars of certain Sums and Goods that are bequeathed him, which he will most certainly part with in a ctrtain time.” Burnet, Thomas bishop

Died: Burnet, Dr. Thomas writer

Died: Carvalho D'Acosta, Anthony a native of Lisbon

“Great Britain’s Memorial against the Pretender and Popery; to which is annexed, the method of dragooning the French protestants after the revocation of the edict of Nantes,” Chandler, Samuel an eminent dissenting minister

Born: Cochin, Charles Nicholas was born at Paris in 1715

“An essay on the 39 Articles by Dr. Thomas Bennet,” Collins, Anthony writer

“Queries recommended to the authors of the late discourse of Free-thinking,” Collins, Anthony writer

Born: Condillac, Stephen-Bonnot De of the French academy and that of Berlin

Born: Courtivron, Gaspard Le Compassed De Crequi, Marquis De chevalier de Saint-Louis

“A brief account of Church Music.” Croft, William musician

Born: Crusius, Christian professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

“Athenæ Britannicæ,” Davies, Mlles clergyman

“the greatest part (says Baker, the antiquary) borrowed from modern historians, but containing some things more uncommon, and not easily to be met with.” Davies, Mlles clergyman

“Chymie raisonnee, ou Ton tache de decouvrir la nature et la maniere d'agir des remedes chymiques les plus en usage en medicine et en chirurgie,” Deidier, Anthony writer

Born: Dinouart, Anthony Joseph Toussaint canon of the chapter of St

“Sermon on the practical influence of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

“Bibliographic anatomicoe specimen, seu catalogus pene omnium auctorum qui ab Hippocrate ad Harveium rem anatomicam illustrarunt,” Douglas, James physician

“The English. Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St, George.” Elstob, Elizabeth sister of Mr

Born: Fawcett, Benjamin a dissenting minister

Died: Fenelon, Francis De Salignac De La Motte archbishop

Died: Ferrier, Claude De a learned French civilian

“A Letter to Mr. FleetvVood, 1702;” Fleetwood, William bishop

“The Counsellor’s Plea for the Divorce of sir G. D. (Downing) and Mrs. F.” Fleetwood, William bishop

Born: Fourcroy, Charles René De marechal de camp

“A History of Winchester Cathedral,” Gale, Samuel dean

Died: Galland, Antony antiquary

Born: Gellert, Christian Furchtegott poet

Died: Gennari, Cæsar And Benedict two brothers

“Irensei Fragmenta Anecdota,” Grabe, John Ernest the learned editor of the “Septuagint

Born: Graves, Richard divine

Born: Guettard, John Stephen botanist

Born: Harmer, Thomas a learned dissenter

Born: Hawkesworth, John writer

“De Hcnrico Guelfo Leone commentarius,” Hecht, Godfrey by some said to be a brother of the preceding

Born: Helvetius, Claude Adrian the most remarkable of this family

“Synopsis canonum ecclesiae Latinae,” Howel, Laurence a learned

“Bibliotheca Historica Hamburgensis,” Hubner, John a native of Lusatia

“Traitede l'Inspiration des Livres Sacres,” Jacquelot, Isaac divine

Born: Jago, Richard poet

“Des Poeses Chretiennes Heroiques & Morales,” Jarry, Laurence Juillard Du poet

Born: Kalm, Peter naturalist

“Sermons on several occasions, preached before the Society of British Merchants in foreign Parts.” Kennet, Basil was born Oct. 21

Born: Kleist, Christian Ewald Von poet

Died: Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

“A System of Rhetoric,” Lami, Bernard a learned priest of the Oratory

“Traite des accouchemens naturels, non naturels, et contre nature,” Lamotte, William an eminent French surgeon and accouc-heur

“A Letter to the Bishop of Sarum, in answer to his Sermon after the Queen’s Death, in Defence of the Revolution,” Leslie, Charles writer

Died: Lucas, Richard divine

Died: Magnol, Peter botanist

“Dissertation sur les variations du Barometre,” Mairan, John James D'Ortous De philosopher

Died: Malebranche, Nicolas philosopher

“Elements of Geometry, for the duke of Burgundy,” Malezieu, Nicolas De a French author

Born: Margon, William Plantavit De La Pause, De a French author and journalist

“Dialogues on many Duties of Life,” Marsollier, James historian

“An Explanation of the 110th Psalm,” Martin, David divine

“New Testament” Massieu, William writer

“Dictionary of learned men,” Mencke, John Burcard was born at Leipsic

“Perplexed Couple,” Molloy, Charles, Esq. descended from a very good family in the kingdom of Ireland

Died: Monk, Hon. Mary daughter of Lord Molesworth

Born: Monnier, Peter Charles Le mathematician

“Remarks on the Menagiana:” Monnoye, Bernard De La poet

Born: Monro, John physician

Died: Montague, Charles, Earl Of Halifax poet

Born: Mudge, Thomas an eminent mechanist

“Riflessioni SDpra il buon gusto, &c.” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

“Disputatio de Aeris praesentia in humoribus animalibus,” Musschenbroeck, Peter De mathematician

“Apparatus ad Bibliothecam max. veterum Patrum,” Nourry, Nicholas Le Benedictine

“State and Miscellany Poems, by the author of the Examiner,” Oldisworth, William queen

“Posthumous Works” Oldmixon, John ridiculed in the Taller by the name of Mr

Died: Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

“El Museo pictorico y escala optica,” Palomino, Don Acislo Antonio Y Velasco painter

“The Connection of the History of the Old and New Testament;” Prideaux, Humphrey divine

“The Country Lasses;” Quin, James a celebrated actor

Born: Randal, John music professor in the university of Cambridge (?–1799)

“History and Antiquities of Winchester,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

“Commentarius in principinm epistolae Pauli ad Epht’sos,” Roell, Hermann-Alexander divine

“L'Eloge de PYvresse,” Sallengre, Albert Henry De writer

“Tuscan prose,” Salvini, Antonio Maria a learned Italian

Born: Strahan, William an eminent printer

Died: Teissier, Anthony writer

Born: Tertre, Francis Joachim Duport Du writer

Born: Toussaint, Francis Vincent writer

Born: Townley, James a learned master of Merchant Taylors’ school

Born: Townson, Thomas divine

“Preservative against unsettled notions,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Journal Litteraire,” Van Effen, Justus a man of letters

Born: Watson, Sir William eminent for his skill in botany and electricity

Died: Wharton, Thomas, Marquis Of Wharton was eld* est son of Philip lord Wharton

Born: Whitehead, William poet (?–1785)


Died: Abercromby, Patrick historian

Born: Adam, Nicolas a French grammarian

“Arcadicorum,” Adami, Lionardo scholar

Died: Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

“The Practice of an Holy Life; or the Christian’s Daily Exercise, in Meditations, Prayer, &c.” Allein divine

“Orazione funebre recitata in occasione della morte dell' imperadore Giuseppe nel vescoval domo di Gallipoli,” Angelis, Dominico De author of several pieces relating to the history of literature

“Scritto istorico legale sopra le ragioni della suspension! del' interdetto locale generale della chiefa di Lecce e sua diocesi,” Angelis, Dominico De author of several pieces relating to the history of literature

Born: Arnaud, Francis Thomas Marie De Baculard D' writer

Born: Ashton, Thomas divine

“Interpretationum Juris libri duo,” Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

“Pedagogue d‘armes a un Prince Chretien, pour entreprendre et achever heureusement une bonne guerre, victorieuse de tous les ennemis de son etat et de l’eglise.” Auger, Edmund Jesuit

Died: Bagford, John antiquary

Died: Baldovini, Francis poet

Born: Balguy, Thomas son of the above

“Les Fetes de FEte,” Barbier, Mary Anne a French lady

Born: Baretti, Joseph was born at Turin about the year 1716

“The Layman’s Letter to the bishop of Bangor.” Barrington, John Shute first lord viscount Harrington (16781734)

Born: Barthelemi, John James writer

Born: Benvenuti, Charles Jesuit

“Opere de Claudio Claudiano tradotte ed arrichite di erudite annotazioni,” Beregani, Nicholas, Count an Italian author of the seventeenth century

“Rariora mussel Besleriani,” Besler, Michael Robert physician

“The Beauty of Holiness in the Common Prayer, as set forth in four Sermons preached at the Rolls chapel,” Bisse, Thomas divine

“Latin Poems” Bisse, Thomas divine

Died: Blackall, Offspring, D. D. divine

Born: Bock, Frederic Samuel professor of divinity and Greek in the university of Konigsberg

“Praxis medica,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Died: Boileau, James a doctor of the Sorbonne

“Historia plantarum Suceuientarum,” Bradley, Richard writer

“The Hoop-petticoat, a poem,” Breval, John Durant De son of Francis Durant de Breval

Born: Brindley, James a man of a most uncommon genius for mechanical inventions

Born: Buckler, Benjamin antiquary

Born: Capperonnier, John was born at Mondidier in 1716

“Memorie Istoriche della Sicilia,” Carusius, John Baptist a learned historiographer of Palermo

“The Arguments of the books and chapters of the Old and New Testament, with practical observations written originally in French, by the rev. Mr. Ostervald, professor of divinity, and one of the ministers of the church at Neufchatel in Swisserland, and by him presented to the society for promoting Christian knowledge,” Chamberlayne, John was admitted into Trinity college

“Bibliotheque Anglaise,” Chapelle, Armand De La minister of the Walloon church at the Hague

Born: Cleghorn, George physician

“Sylvoj Philologies.” Clerc, John Le writer

“Dissertatio satyrica, physico-medico-moralis, de Pica Nasi sive Tabaci sternutatorii moderno abusu, et noxa,” Cohausen, John Henry physician

“Archaeus faber febrium et medicus,” Cohausen, John Henry physician

Died: Corbinelli, James a man of wit and learning of the sixteenth century

Born: Coustou, William born at Paris in 1716

Died: Cuper, Gisbert philologist

“The truly Catholick and Old Religion, shewing that the established church in Ireland is more truly a member of the catholic church, than the church of Rome, and that all the ancient Christians, especially in Great Britain and Ireland, were of her communion,” Davis, Rowland divine

“Christian Loyalty,” Davis, Rowland divine

Born: Daubenton, Louis John Maria naturalist

“Acta Regia,” Disney, John divine

Died: Doucin, Lewis Jesuit

“Oratio de difficultatibus quibusdam interpretationis Grammatics veterum Scriptorum Graecorum et Latinorurn,” Duker, Charles Andrew an eminent classical editor

“Methode pour etudier la Theologie,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“Defense de la monarchic de Sicile contre les enterprises de la cour de Rome,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

Died: Fecht, John of Brisgaw

“Ilias in mice, seu Medicina Synoptica,” Fischer, John Andrew physician

“De Hominis Liene sano,” Fizes, Anthony physician

Died: Fleming, Robert was born and partly educated in Scotland

Died: Fletcher, Andrew an eminent Scotch politician

Died: Fosse, Charles De La painter

“Life of Peter du Bosc,” Gendre, Louis Le historian

Born: Goguet, Antony-Yves writer

Born: Gray, Thomas poet

Born: Hall, Henry divine

Died: Hartsoeker, Nicholas mathematician

Died: Hawles, John lawyer

“Gulielmi Roperi vita D. Thomse Mori equitis aurati, lingua Anglicana coutexta,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

Died: Helyot, Peter perhaps Elliot

“Phoronomia, or two books oh the forces and motions of both solid and fluid bodies,” Hermann, James mathematician

“Meditations and Contemplations; containing Meditations among the Tombs Reflections on a Flower-garden; and a Descant on Creation,” Hervey, James divine

Born: Hill, Sir John writer

“Histoire de Commerce & de la Navigation des Anciens,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“The Grand Precedent,” Jacob, Giles writer

“The History of the Religious Orders,” Justiniani, Bernard nephew of the above

“The case of John Atherton, bishop of Waterford in Ireland, fairly represented against a partial edition of Dr. Barnard’s relation and sermon at his funeral, &c.” King, John rector of Chelsea

Born: Kirby, John Joshua eminent for his talents in perspective

“Pausanice Groecise descriptio,” Kuhnius, Joachim a learned German

Died: Kuster, Ludolf critic

“Theatrum Anatomicum, cum Eustachii Tabulis Anatomicis,” Manget, John James historian

“Practical Discourses upon the Lord’s Prayer, preached before the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn; published by the special order of the Bench,” Mangey, Thomas divine

“Histoire de Pierre Bayle & de ses ouvrages,” Masson, John a reformed minister

“Marinda; Poems and Translations upon several Occasions,” Monk, Hon. Mary daughter of Lord Molesworth

“Vera sciendi Methodus,” Moor, Michael divine

Born: Morton, Charles antiquary

“The Constitution of the Catholic Church, and the nature and consequences of Schism set forth, in a collection of papers written by the late George Hickes, D. D.” Nelson, Robert a learned and pious English gentleman

Died: Newcourt, Richard author of that very valuable work the “Repertorium Londinense

Born: Nivernois, Louis-Jules Mancini, Duke Of was born at Paris

Born: Ogden, Samuel divine

Born: Owen, Henry divine

“Venus and Adonis,” Pepusch, John Christopher one of the greatest theoretic musicians of modern times

Born: Pernety, Anthony Joseph was born Feb. 15

“A Treatise against indifference in Religion,” Pictet, Benedict historian

“The Art of living and dying well,” Pictet, Benedict historian

Born: Premontval, Peter Le Guay De of the academy of sciences at Berlin

Born: Reiske, John James scholar

“A Collection of ancient Greek and Oriental Liturgies,” Renaudot, Eusebius writer

Born: Rose, John Baptist a worthy French priest

“Dissertations Historiques et Critiques sur POrigine des Comtes des Provence, de Venaissin, de Forcalquier, et des Vicomtes de Marseille” Ruffi, Anthony De historian

“Poesies de M. de la Monnoye;” Sallengre, Albert Henry De writer

“Epitome Grammaticae Hebraicae,” Schaaf, Charles a learned German

Died: Schelhammer, Gonthier Christopher philosopher

“Museum Diluvianum,” Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

“Parsons’s Christian Directory,” Stanhope, George dean

Born: Stonhouse, Sir James a pious and worthy baronet

Born: Ulloa, Don Antonio mathematician

Died: Vieussens, Raymond physician and anatomist

Died: Welwood, James historian

Died: West, Gilbert writer

“Novum Testamenturn Copticum,” Wilkins, David divine (?–1745)

“Triga Dissertationum,” Zuinger, Theodore physician (1534–?)


“Voyage en Palestine,” Abulfeda, Ishmael historian

Born: Alembert, John Le Rond D' philosopher

“Tractatus de artibus humanis,” Aler, Paul Jesuit

Died: Allix, Peter divine

Born: Amherst, Jeffery, Lord Amherst was the second son of Jeffery Amherst

Died: Archon, Louis chaplain to Louis XIV. was born at Riom in Auvergne in 1645

“Poems” Arrivabene, Hyppolito a descendant of the same family

Died: Aulisio, Dominico the son of Antonio Aulisio

Died: Ayloffe, Sir Joseph of Framfield in Sussex

Born: Beard, John an English actor and singer

Born: Beauzee, Nicholas one of the French academy

“Reflections on the scandalous aspersions cast on the Clergy, by the author of the Remarks on Dr. Bentley’s Sermon on Popery, &c.” Bentley, Richard regius professor of divinity

“La Caduta de' decemviri clella Roman a republica per la funzione della serenissima republica di Lucca,” Berti, Alexander Pompey a learned Italian

Born: Bianconi, John Lewis philosopher

Born: Bielfeld, James Frederick Baron De was born at Hamburgh March 31

Died: Billberg, John a Swedish astronomer

Born: Bisset, Charles physician

Born: Block, George Castaneus bishop

Died: Booth, George Lord Delamer

“On the properties of Rhubarb,” Bouillet, John writer

“St. Bruno in a landscape” Boullongne, Bon De was born at Paris in 1649

Born: Bouvart, Michael Philip physician

“New Improvement of Planting and Gardening, both philosophical and practical,” Bradley, Richard writer

“The Art of Dress, an heroi-eomical poem,” Breval, John Durant De son of Francis Durant de Breval

“Mac Dermot, or the Irish Fortune-hunter,” Breval, John Durant De son of Francis Durant de Breval

“Calpe, or Gibraltar,” Breval, John Durant De son of Francis Durant de Breval

Died: Bromley, John clergyman

“Introduction a l‘histoire de maisons souveraines de l’Europe,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

Born: Butler, John bishop

Born: Cambridge, Richard Owen writer

“A Bold Stroke for a Wife,” Centlivre, Susannah writer

Born: Chamousset, Charles Humbert Piarron De was born at Paris in 1717

Born: Chapman, Thomas the son of John Chapman

“Nonjuror,” Cibber, Colley poet

“Reflexions sur la Grammaire Franeoise,” Dangeau, Louis Courcillon De a French abbe

“Inauguratio Christi haud obscurior Mosaica, decem dissert, asserta,” Dantz, John Andrew divine

Died: Does, Simon Vander was born at Amsterdam in 16.53

Born: Donati, Vitaliano botanist

“Silius Italicus,” Drakenborch, Arnold an eminent classical editor

Born: Duncan, William professor of philosophy in the marischal college

“Traite philosophique et theologique sur l'amour de Dieu,” Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

“La Vie et les Sentimens de Lucilio Vanini,” Durand, David a very eloquent French protcstant preacher at the Savoy in London

“Miscellaneous Poems,” Fenton, Elijah poet

“Papists not excluded from the Throne upon the account of Religion. Being a vindication of the right reverend lord bishop of Ban go r' a Preservative, &c. in that particular. In a short Dialogue,” Fleetwood, William bishop

“A Letter from Mr. T. Burdett, who was executed at Tyburn for the murder of capt. Falkner, to some attorneys’ clerks of his acquaintance; written six days before his execution,” Fleetwood, William bishop

“A Letter td an Inhabitant of the Parish of St. Andrew’s, Holborn, about new ceremonies in the church,” Fleetwood, William bishop

“Historia Episcopatus Antverpiensis,” Foppens, John Francis historian

Born: Forster, Nathaniel divine

“De palingenesis, five resuscitatione artiBciali planlarum, hominum, et amuialiuiii, e sure cineribus, liber singularis,” Franck De Franckenau, George physician

“Monita Pastoralia Theologica,” Francke, Augustus Herman divine

“Opuscula” Gravina, John Vincent scholar

Died: Guyon, Joanna Mary Bouvieres De La Mothe a French lady of fashion

“Gulielmi Camdeni Annales rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum, regnante Elizabetha,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Pratique du Theatre,” Hedelin, Francis at first an advocate

“Compendium Anatomieuai,” Heister, Laurence physician

“The False notion of a Christian priesthood, &c.” Herne, Thomas writer

“A Letter to the Prolocutor,” Herne, Thomas writer

Died: Hochstetter, Andrew-Adam divine

Died: Hough, Jons prelate

Died: Hubert, Matthew a celebrated French preacher

Died: Hure, Charles divine

“A Catalogue of all Writs and Processes of the Courts at Westminster,” Jacob, Giles writer

Died: Jouvenet, John painter

“An address of thanks to a good prince, presented in the Panegyric of Pliny upon Trajan, the best of the Roman emperors.” Kennet, White writer

Born: Lassone, Joseph Maria Francis De physician

Died: Lloyd, William bishop

“Dissertation sur la cause de la lumiere des Phosphores, et des noctiluques,” Mairan, John James D'Ortous De philosopher

“Stephanorum Historia, vitas ipsorum ac libros complectens,” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

“Rector of St. Nicholas’s in Guilford,” Mangey, Thomas divine

“Cambridge Gratulations.” Markland, Jeremiah one of the most learned critics of the eighteenth century

“The genuine Works of St. Cyprian,” Marshall, Nathanael a celebrated preacher at the beginning of the last century

“A Defence of our Constitution in Church and State,” Marshall, Nathanael a celebrated preacher at the beginning of the last century

“Thesaurus anecdotorum novus,” Martenne, Edmund a benedictine of the congregation of St

“Voyage Literaire de deux Benedictins,” Martenne, Edmund a benedictine of the congregation of St

Died: Martianay, John Benedictine

Died: Merian, Maria Sibylla a lady much and justly ceJebrated for her skill in drawing insects

Born: Michaelis, John David critic

Born: Moreau, Jacob Nicolas a French advocate (17171799)

“Del I'Antichita Estense et Italiane,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

Born: Oeser, Frederic professor of painting

Born: Orton, Job divine

“Observations on Pope’s translation of Homer,” Otway, Thomas one of the first names in the English drama

Died: Ousel, Philip a learned professor of divinity of the university of Francfort on the Oder

“Dialogo intitulato il grammatico overo deile false Esercitationi, delle scuele (da Aonio Paleario),” Palearius, Aonlus writer

“Vindication of the Dissenters,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“A Letter to Dr. Bennet, occasioned by his late treatise concerning the Nonjurors’ Separation,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“Preface to the Presbyterians not chargeable with King Charles’s death,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“An impartial Account of the frauds and abuses at Dagenham Breach, and of the hardships sustained by Mr. William Boswell, late undertaker of the works there: in a Letter to a Member of Parliament,” Perry, John captain

Died: Pfanner, Tobias the son of a counsellor at Augsburg

Born: Powell, William Samuel divine

“History of Eton College,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

“History and Antiquities of Hereford,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

“History and Antiquities of Rochester,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

“Inscriptions on tombs in Bunhill-fields,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

Born: Rodney, George Brydges a celebrated naval commander

Died: Roussel, William Benedictine

Born: St. Lambert, Charles Francis De formerly a member of the French academy

Died: Sedgwick, Odadiah divine

“Geometry Improved,” Sharp, Abraham mathematician

“Sermons” Smalridge, George prelate

“Notitia Germaniæ antiquæ,” Spener, Philip James divine

Born: Stewart, Matthew mathematician

Died: Torre, Philip Della antiquary

“Virgil translated into blank verse,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“A short answer to the bishop of Bangor’s great book against the Committee,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Died: Vyth, John Martin artist

Born: Wargentin, Peter knight

Born: Warner, Joseph an eminent surgeon

“Epistles, Odes, &c. written on several subjects; with a translation of Longinus’s Treatise on the Sublime.” Welsted, Leonard poet


Born: Aa, Christian Charles Henry Vander divine

“La Verite de la Religion lleformee,” Abbadie, James divine

Died: Abeille, Gaspar was born at Riez in Provence

Born: Agnesi, Maria Cajetana an Italian lady of great learning

Born: Amiot, Father one of the most learned French missionaries in China

“Disputatio de Fistula ani feliciter curanda,” Bassius, Henry anatomist

“De vetere Literatura Hunno-scythica exercitatio,” Bel, Matthias born at Otsova in Hungary

“A Spital sermon preached before the lord mayor, aldermen. &c. of London, in St. Bridget’s church, on April 24, 1717,” Bennet, Dr. Thomas divine

Born: Bergier, Nicolas Sylvester writer

Born: Bergius, John Henry Louis writer

Born: Bernard, John Stephen physician

Born: Bettinelli, Saverio one of the most eminent Italian scholars of the last century

“Essays upon several subjects,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

“An Introduction to the Classics containing a short discourse on their excellences, and directions how to study them to advantage with an essay on the nature and use of those emphatical and beautiful figures which give strength and ornament to writing,” Blackwall, Anthony a native of Derbyshire

Born: Blair, Hugh divine

“Miscellaneous observations in Physic, Anatomy, Surgery, and Botanies,” Blair, Patrick botanist

“The duty of Reformation,” Boehm, Anthony William minister of the German chapel at St

“Libellus de materia medica et remediorum formulis,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“Pisonis selectiores observationes,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Died: Bohn, John physician

Born: Bontems, Madame a lady who was born at Paris in 1718

“De Medicina Ægyptiorum,” Bontius, James called by some

“Recueil des principals questions de droit qui se jugent diversement dans differens tribunaux du royaume,” Bretonnier, Bartholomew Joseph advocate of the parliament of Paris

“Exercice dela piete,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“Tableau chronologique de l'histoire universelle en forme de jeu,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“Nouveau x elomens d'histoire et de geographic,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“Sentimens Chretien sur les principales verites de la religion,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“Journal des Scavans,” Burette, Peter John born at Paris in 1665

“Apologie de la Moraledes Peres contre Barbeyrac,” Cellier, Remi a voluminous French biographer

Died: Clarke, Dr. Samuel divine

“The Last Day,” Clarke, Dr. Samuel divine

Died: Collet, Philibert a learned advocate of parliament of Dombes

“Icones Plan?­tarum, presertim ex Indiis collectarum,” Commelin, John botanist

Died: Coronelli, Vincent a celebrated geographer of the Minime order

Born: D'Argonne

“Lactantii Firmiani epitome divinarum institutionum,” Davies, John critic

“Doctrine of Chances; or Method of calculating the Probabilities of Events at Play.” Demoivre, Abraham mathematician

“Dissertation sur la mort subite, avec l‘histoire d’une fille cataleptique,” Dionis, Peter writer

Born: Donn, Abraham mathematician

Born: Drysdale, John, D. D. clergyman

Died: Duncombe, William writer

Born: Eliott, George Augustus the gallant defender of Gibraltar

Died: Eusden, Lawrence poet (16881730)

“Poemata Graeca et Latina,” Fabricius, John Albert one of the most eminenjt and laborious scholars of his time in Europe

Died: Fagon, Guy Crescent physician

Died: Fardklla, Michael Angelo a celebrated professor of astronomy and natural history at Padua

“Letters on different subjects of Religion and Metaphysics,” Fenelon, Francis De Salignac De La Motte archbishop

“Pharmacopoeia Bateana,” Fuller, Thomas physician

Born: Gerdil, Hyacinth Sigismond cardinal

Died: Germon, Bartholomew Jesuit

Died: Graverol, John divine

Died: Griffier, John painter

Born: Grosley, Peter John antiquary

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Born: Henry, Robert author of a History of England on a new plan

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Died: Tyrrell, James historian

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Died: Wake, William prelate

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Born: Abeille, Louis Paul was born at Toulouse

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Born: Campbell, George divine

Died: Cignani, Carlo artist

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Died: Halley, Edmund philosopher

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Born: Hawkins, Sir John writer

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Born: Heusinger, James Frederick was a nephew of the former

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Died: Jouvenci Jesuit

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Born: Sedaine, Michael John writer

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Died: Sturmius, Leonard Christopher writer

Born: Toaldo, Joseph a learned Italian meteorologist

Died: Torfæus, Thermodus antiquary

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Died: Ziegenbalg, Bartholomew a very Celebrated protestant missionary