Noue, Francis De La

, surnamed Bras de Fer (Iron Arm), a celebrated warrior, was born in Bretany, in 1531, In his youth he served in Italy, and, returning to France, joined the Calvinists, and rendered them the most important services by his courage, prudence, and integrity. He took Orleans from the catholics, Sept. 28, 1567; commanded the rear at the battle of Jarnac in 1569, and made himself master of several strong places. His left arm being broken at the taking of Fontenay in Poitou, it was cut off at Rochelle, and he had an iron one made, which he used with great ease, and was from thence surnamed Bras de Fer. In 1578, La Noue engaged in the service of the Netherlands, gave them great assistance, and made count | Egmont prisoner at the capture of Ninove; but was himself taken prisoner in 1580, and not exchanged for the count till 1585. La Noue continued to serve with great glory under king Henry IV. but was mortally wounded in the head, by a musket-ball, at the siege of Lambale in 1591, and died a few days after. He left “Discours Politiques,Geneva, 1587, 4to. His son, Odet de la Noue, who died between 1611 and 1620, was author of some “Poesies Chretiennes,Geneva, 1504, 8vo. 1