Events noted in 1500

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1450 1510


Born: Albuquerque, Blaise was born in 1500

Died: Alcock, John bishop

Born: Ales, Alexander divine

Born: Alessi, Galeas architect

Publication: “Commentary In Isagogen Porphyrii,” by Ammonius philosopher

Died: Aquilano, Serafino so called from Aquila

Died: Badius, Josse Jodocus Badius Ascensius

Publication: “De omnium a capite ad calcem morborum causis, signis, differentiis, indicationibus, et remediis, lib. triginta,” by Benedictus, Alexander physician

Publication: “Commento di Hieronimo Benivieni, cittadino Florentine, sopra a piu sue Canzone e Sonnetti deilo amore e della belleza divina,” by Benivieni, Jerome poet (1453–?)

Born: Betuleius, Sixtus whose name in German was Birck

Born: Bibliander, Theodore divine

Born: Borde, Andrew Andreas Perforatus (?–1549)

Died: Bos, Jerome artist

Born: Brasavola, Antonius Musa physician

Born: Brodeau, John in Latin Brod&Us

Died: Buslidius, John a native of Arlon in Luxemburgh

Born: Camerarius, Joachim one of the most learned writers of his age

Publication: “Roberti de Licio Sermones,” by Caraccioli, Robert often called Hobertus de Licio

Born: Castello, John Baptist artist

Born: Cellini, Benvenuto engraver

Died: Corio, Bernardine born in 1460

Born: Cornarius physician

Born: Garcilasso poet

Publication: “Commentary on the Master of the Sentences,” by Gregory Of Rimini general of the Augustines 1357

Publication: “Epigrams,” by Mancinelli, Antonio an Italian grammarian

Born: Martelli, Lewis poet

Born: Moulin, Charles Du in Latin Molinæus (15001566)

Born: Nanni or in his native language

Born: Perino Del Vaga, Otherwise Pierino Buonaccorsi one of the most distinguished scholars and assistants of Raphael in the Vatican

Born: Perion, Joachim a learned doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Pole, Reginald cardinal (?–1558)

Died: Scot a munificent benefactor to Lincoln college (1423–?)

Born: Smith, Richard divine

Born: Speroni, Sperone scholar

Publication: “Embryon relimatum, sive Vocabularium Metricum,” by Stanbridge, John an eminent schoolmaster (14631525)

Publication: “The Serjeant Major: or, a Dialogue of the office of a Serjeant major,” by Thorie, John one of a family of that name

Born: Tyndale, William otherwise named Hitchins

Died: Urceus, Anthony Codrus a learned Italian


Publication: “De Universalibus,” by Achillini, Alexander a native of Bologna

Publication: “Mons perfections ad Carthusianos,” by Alcock, John bishop

Died: Bellini, Gentile artist

Publication: “Collectorium super libros sententiarum G. Occami,” by Biel, Gabriel one of the ablest scholastic divines of his time

Born: Cardan, Jerom physician

Born: Carpi, Girolamo De artist

Born: Fuchs, Leonard botanist

Died: Gaguin, Robert historian

Publication: “De situ Elementorum,” by Galateo, Antony writer

Born: Goez, Damian De writer

Born: Hortensius, Lambert was a philologer

Died: Marc He, Oliver De La a French courtier and author

Born: Matthiolus, Peter Andrew physician

Publication: “De expetendis et fugiendis rebus,” by Valla, George physician

Born: Zanchius, Basil one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century


Born: Aldegraef, Henry artist

Died: Annius which Bayle follows

Publication: “Astrolabium plenum in tabulis ascendeus, continens qualibet hora atque minuta aequationes domorum cceli,” by Apono, Peter astrologer

Born: Beccadelli, Lewis was born at Bologna in 1502

Born: Beolco, Angelo surnamed Ruzzante

Died: Bosso, Matthew scholar

Publication: “Apologia Socratis,” by Bruni, Leonard historian

Born: Constantin, Robert doctor of physic

Born: Dudley, John baron of Maipas

Publication: “Rosa Anglica” by Gaddesden, John Of physician

Born: Gregory Xiii. the principal event in whose life is the reformation he introduced in the Roman calendar

Publication: “Latin Poets” by Juvencus, Caius Vectius Aquilinus one of the first Christian poets

Died: Maillard, Oliver preacher

Publication: “Satyrarum decades deceni,” by Philelphus, Francis a learned Italian

Publication: “Epistolarum familiarum libri triginta septem,” by Philelphus, Francis a learned Italian

Publication: “Onomasticon” by Pollux, Julius an ancient Greek grammarian

Publication: “Pyramus and Thisbe” by Raimondi, Marc Antonio the most celebrated of the old masters in the art of engraving

Publication: “Epistolæ familiares, necnon Orationes et Poemata,” by Sabellicus whose proper name was Marcus Antonius Coccius

Publication: “A Comment upon the second book of Pliny’s Natural History,” by Valla, George physician

Born: Varchi, Benedict historian


Publication: “De subjecto Chiromantiæ et Physiognomiæ,” by Achillini, Alexander a native of Bologna

Publication: “On judicial Astrology.” by Alchabitius astrologer

Died: Alkmar, Henry writer

Publication: “Commentary on Aristotle De Interpretatione,” by Ammonius philosopher

Died: Borgia, Cæsar a monster of ambition and cruelty

Born: Bourbon, Nicholas poet

Died: Calentius, Elisius poet

Born: Casa, John De La writer

Born: Cavalcanti, Bartholomew writer

Publication: “Storia di Milano,” by Corio, Bernardine born in 1460

Born: Curio, Cœlius Secundus of Piemont

Publication: “Thistle and Rose,” by Dunbar, William poet

Born: Grazzini, Antony Francis poet

Born: Hamilton, Patrick usually reckoned the first Scotch reformer (15031527)

Publication: “Res Gestae” by Herodian historian

Born: Hosius, Stanislaus cardinal

Born: Nostradamus, Michel astrologer

Born: Parmigiano, Il whose family name was Francis Mazzuoli

Born: Piccolomini, Alexander archbishop

Born: Stephanus, Robert the most celebrated printer of this family

Born: Wyat, Sir Thomas poet


Born: Albani, John Jerome born in 1504

Publication: “Alexandri iatros practica, cum expositione glossae interlinearis Jacobi de Partibus, et Simonis Januensis,” by Alexander, Trallianus philosopher

Died: Arrivabene, John Peter bishop

Died: Beaufort, Margaret the foundress of Christ’s and St

Publication: “Aristotelis Ethicorum Libri decem,” by Bruni, Leonard historian

Born: Carranza, Bartholomew Dominican

Publication: “Oratio de laudibus literarum Graecarum,” by Carteromachus, Scipio whose proper name was Forteguerra

Born: Cruciger, Caspar one of the contributors to the reformation in Germany

Born: Fagius, Paul whose German name was Buchlein

Born: Giraldi, John Baptist Cjntio poet

Born: Grenada, Lewis De Dominican

Died: Landinus, Christopher scholar

Born: Lazius, Wolfgang historian

Publication: “Poesies Chretiennes,” by Noue, Francis De La surnamed Bras de Fer

Born: Parker, Matthew archbishop (?–1575)

Publication: “Perspectiva Communis,” by Peckham, John archbishop

Born: Strozzt, Titus And Hercules father and son

Born: Tornasius, John the first of a family of eminent printers and booksellers


Publication: “Textus Mesues noviter emendatus, &c.” by Apono, Peter astrologer

Publication: “Orationes, prefationes, praelectiones, &c.” by Beroaldo, Philip the elder

Born: Castelvetro, Lewis critic (?–1571)

Publication: “Italian poems,” by Catherine, St. of Sienna

Born: Cavendish, Sia William second son of Thomas Cavendish of Cavendish

Publication: “De Poetis Latinis” by Crinitus, Peter scholar (14751507)

Born: Gorris, John De in Latin Gorreus

Born: Hospital, Michel De L' chancellor of France

Born: Knox, John the chief instrument and promoter of the reformation in Scotland (?–1572)

Died: Mantegna, Andrea painter

Born: Menno, Simon surnamed Simon

Born: Taverner, Richard a pious layman of the reigns of Henry VIII

Born: Tschudi, Giles De one of a family of Swiss writers

Born: Zegedin, Stephen De divine


Publication: “Commentary on Ezekiel, and the twelve minor propnets.” by Abrabanel, Isaac rabbi

Publication: “Religious Sciences” by Algazeli, Abou-Hamed-Mohammed philosopher

Publication: “De Morbo Gallico,” by Aquilanus, Sebastianus his true name being unknown

Died: Aubespine, Magdalene D' daughter of Claude d'Aubespine

Died: Bandello, Matthew a celebrated Italian novelist

Died: Behem, Martin otherwise Behaim

Publication: “Collectiones medicinæ, sive, aphorismi de medici et ægri officio,” by Benedictus, Alexander physician

Born: Bentivoglio, Hercules one of the best Italian poets of the sixteenth century

Born: Buchanan, George historian

Born: Cooke, Sir Anthony preceptor to Edward VI. was born at Giddy

Born: Cousin, Gilbert in Latin

Born: Fernel, John Francis physician

Born: Ferrier, Armand lawyer

Born: Francucci, Innocent painter

Publication: “Dictionarium Thalmudicum,” by Kimchi, David rabbi

Died: Longueil, Christopher De scholar

Born: Marlorat, Augustine divine

Born: Osorio, Jerome divine

Died: Sabellicus whose proper name was Marcus Antonius Coccius

Publication: “Thesaurus.” by Sabellicus whose proper name was Marcus Antonius Coccius

Born: Scrimzeor, Henry one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

Born: Sleidan, John historian (?–1556)

Born: Udal, Nicholas an eminent schoolmaster of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Encomia,” by Udal, Nicholas an eminent schoolmaster of the sixteenth century

Born: Xavier, St. Francis commonly called the Apostle of the Indies


Born: Aldrich, Robert bishop

Publication: “De pestilentia ej usque curatione per preservationum et curationum regimen,” by Bayro, Peter De physician

Born: Bolen, Anne second wife of king Henry VIII. was born in 1507

Publication: “La Prima Navigatione per TOceano a le terre de Negri della bassa Ktiopia,” by Cadamosto, Lewis a famous Venetian navigator

Born: Caro, Hannibal poet (?–1566)

Born: Chevalier, Antony Ralph Le divine

Born: Costanzo, Angelo Di lord of Cantalupo

Born: Daurat, John poet

Born: Gale, Thomas surgeon

Born: Longueil, Gilbert physician

Born: Nowell, Alexander divine (?–1602)

Born: Oporinus, John a famous German printer

Born: Rondelet, William a celebrated professor of physic at Montpellier

Born: Sadler, Sir Ralph statesman

Born: Sturmius, John the Cicero of Germany

Born: Vinet, Elias a classical editor


Died: Abrabanel, Isaac rabbi

Publication: “Commentary on Exodus;” by Abrabanel, Isaac rabbi

Publication: “L'exil de Gennes le Superbe,” by Authon, John D' abbot

Died: Celtes, Conrad poet

Publication: “De structura Orationis,” by Dionysius, Halicarnassensis critic

Born: Dolce, Lewis writer

Born: Erskine, John baron of Dun

Publication: “Batistte Fulgosi de dictis factisque memorabilibus collectanea a Camillo Ghilino Latina facta, libri novem,” by Fregoso, Baptist of the ancient family of Fregoso

Publication: “Angelicum ac Divinum Opus Musicae Materna Lingua Scrip.” by Gaffurius, Franchinus writer

Born: Gemma, Reinier sometimes called Gemma Frisius

Died: Littleton, Thomas a celebrated English judge

Publication: “Letters of Pliny,” by Manutius, Aldus the elder of three justly celebrated printers (?–1515)

Died: Martial, D'Auvergne poet

Publication: “Satyrae centum distinctae decem decadibus Catholicis passim refertoe sententiis: praemissa authoris vita ab Egid. Perrino Campano, &c.” by Philelphus, Francis a learned Italian

Born: Pope, Sir Thomas founder of Trinity college

Born: Rastall, John one of our early printers

Born: Rightwise, John, In Latin Justus an eminent grammarian (?–1532)

Born: Sabinus, George whose family name was Schalter (?–1560)

Born: Telesius, Bernard philosopher

Born: Truberus, Primus celebrated for his learned translations


Publication: “Tractatus brevis de laudibus Florentias et Saonse,” by Albertini, Francis an ecclesiastic of Florence

Publication: “Oratio,” by Antiquarius, James a learned Italian of the fifteenth century

Publication: “Les Epistres envoyees au roy par les 6tats de France, avec certaines ballades et rondeaux,” by Authon, John D' abbot

Publication: “The Shyp of Folys,” by Barclay, Alexander writer

Born: Calvin, John one of the chief reformers of the church (?–1564)

Died: Comines Lat. Cominæus

Born: Commandine, Frederick mathematician

Born: Dolet, Stephen writer

Born: Duaren, Francis professor of civil law at Bourges

Died: Erasmus, Desiderius one of the most illustrious of the revivers of learning

Publication: “Em. Chrysolorae erotemata lingusc Graecse, in compendium redacta, a Guarino Veronesi,” by Guarino Of Verona surnamed Veronese

Publication: “Sum of the Virtues,” by Hales, Alexander divine

Publication: “Enchiridion fidei,” by Ofihely, Maurice archbishop

Born: Pare', Ambrose surgeon

Publication: “Morals,” by Plutarch historian

Born: Servetus, Michael a famous Anti-trinitarian (?–1553)

Born: Shepreve, John poet

Born: Staunford, Sir William lawyer

Publication: “Psalterium quintuplex,” by Stephanus, Henry and in France Estienne

Born: Volterra, Daniele Di whose family name was Ricciarelli