Poisson, Nicholas Joseph

, a native of Paris, and learned priest of the Oratory, was esteemed well acquainted with philosophy, mathematics, and divinity. He made a considerable stay in Italy, where he acquired the respect | of the literati, and was sometime superior of his congregation at Vendome. He died in an advanced age at Lyons, May 5, 1710. His works are, a Summary of the Councils, printed at Lyons 1706, in two volumes, folio, under the title “Delectus actorum Ecclesiae universalis, seu nova Summa^Conciliorum,” &c. The second volume is nearly half filled with notes on the councils, and valuable remarks on the method, mechanics, and music of Descartes, who was his friend. He'.left also some manuscripts. It is said, that he was in possession of several pieces by Clemangis and Theophylact, which have never been printed. 1