Santeul, Claude

, brother of the preceding, born Feb. 3, 1628, also wrote some beautiful hymns in the Paris breviary, under the name of “Santolius Maglorianus,” a name given on account of his having resided a long time in the seminary of St. Magloire at Paris, as a secular ecclesiastic. Though the brother of Santeul, and a poet like him, he was of a totally different temper and disposition; mild, calm, and moderate, he had none of that heat and impetuosity, by which his brother was incessantly agitated. 'He was esteemed not only for his poetical talents, but his deep learning and exemplary piety. He died September 29, 1684, at Paris, aged fifty-seven. Besides his hymns on the particular festivals, which are very numerous and preserved by the family in ms. 2 vols. 4to; some of his

1 Perrault Les Homines lllustre*. Santoliaaa. —Moreri. —Dict. Hist.
| poetry has been printed with his brother’s works. There was another Claude Santeul, related to the preceding, a merchant and sheriff of Paris, who died about 1729, leaving some “Hymns,” printed at Paris in 1723, 8vo. 1

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