Events noted in 1720

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1715 1725


“Collection of Curious Discourses,” Agard, Arthur antiquary

“Monumenta Vetustatis Kempiana, &c.” Ainsworth, Robert an eminent Grammarian and lexicographer (?–1743)

Born: Albani, John Francis and heir to his taste and munificence

“The form of the Installation of the Garter” Anstis, John writer

Born: Averdy, Clement Charles De L' statesman

“Thesaurus Gemmarum affabre sculptarum, coliectus a J. M. ab Ebermayer,” Baier, John James physician

“Les actes de S. Barlaam,” Baltus, John Francis Jesuit

“Grundlicher Beritcht oon bandagen,” Bassius, Henry anatomist

Died: Baulot, James a celebrated lithotomist

“Lettere al cavaliere Tommaso Derham, intorno la nieteora chiamata fuoco fatuo. Edita primum in societatis Lond. transact.” Beccaria, James Bartholomew physician

“Sommaire d‘un cours d’architecture rnilitaire, civil et hydraulique,” Belidor, Bernard Forest De a member of the academies of sciences of Paris and Berlin

Born: Berardier De Bataut, Francis Joseph a doctor of the Sorbonne

“Notizie istoriche clegli Arcadi morti,” Biacca, Francis Maria scholar

“Lettere intorno alia cataratta,” Bianchi, John naturalist

Born: Bilguer, John Ulric De a surgeon

“A discourse on the Plague, with a preparatory account of malignant fevers, in two parts containing an explication of the nature of those diseases, and the methods of cure,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

“Botanic Essays,” Blair, Patrick botanist

“The doctrine of godly sorrow,” Boehm, Anthony William minister of the German chapel at St

Born: Boehm, Andrew privy- counsellor of the landgrave of Hesse

“Index alter, &c.” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“De Lutheri actis anno 1520,” Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

Born: Bonnet, Charles philosopher

“The Fourfold State,” Boston, Thomas divine

“Sur la cause de la Pesanteur,” Bouillet, John writer

Born: Browne, Patrick naturalist

“Specimen Botanicum, exhibens fungos subterraneos, vulgo tubera terræ dictos,” Bruckman, Francis Ernest botanist

“A treatise on the Authority of the Popes,” Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

“Quintilian,” Burman, Peter philologist

“The Contrivances,” Carey, Henry composer

“Histoire de PIsle de St. Dominique,” Charlevoix, Peter Francis Xavier De Jesuit

“An account of all the considerable books and pamphlets that have been written on either side, in the Controversy concerning the Trinity, since the year 1712. In which is also contained an account of the pamphlets written this last year on each side by the Dissenters, to the end of the year 1719,” Clarke, Dr. Samuel divine

“Recueil de diverses pieces sur la philosophic, la religion naturelle, Phistoire, les mathematiques, &c. par Messrs. Leibnitz, Clarke, Newton, et autres auteurs celebres,” Clarke, Dr. Samuel divine

“The History and Exanimation of Duels,” Cockburn, Catharine a lady much distinguished by her literary accomplishments

“Baronetage” Collins, Arthur antiquary

Born: Conway, Henry Seymour statesman

“Tres Satyrae Mennipeae,” Corte, Gotlieb professor of law at Leipsic

Died: Coysevox, Anthony an ingenious French sculptor

“The Vision,” Croxall, Dr. Samuel was the son of Samuel Croxall

“Sanchoniatho’s Phoenician History, translated from the first book of Eusebius de Preparatione Evangelica,” Cumberland, Richard divine

“they had no better writer since Calvin than M. Daille.” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Died: Dangeau, Philip De Courcillon, Marquis De was born in 1638

Died: Diecman, John divine

Died: Dunlop, William, A.M. was born at Glasgow

“Sermo Panegyricus de variarum gentium bibliothecis,” Falster, Christian critic (16901752)

“Theologia Practica, wherein are explained the duties of Natural and Revealed Religion;” Fiddes, Richard divine

Died: Finch, Anne, Countess Of Winchelsea a lady of considerable poetical talents

Born: Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

Born: Fordyce, James clergyman

“On the Resurrection of Christ;” Foster, Dr. James an English dissenting minister

“De Pueritia Latins Linguae,” Funccius, John Nicolas a native of Marpurg

“De Fatis Medicorum, Oratio Inauguralis,” Furstenau, John-Herman physician

Born: Galiani, Ferdinand an Italian wit

Born: Geer, Charles De naturalist

Born: Gibbons, Thomas divine

Died: Gibson, Edmund bishop

Born: Gibson, William a remarkable instance of the strength of natural powers usefully directed

Died: Gregory, David was born in 1627 or 1628

“A Vindication of the Church of England, in answer to Mr. Pearce’s Vindication of the Dis^ senters; by a Presbyter of the Church of England.” Grey, Zachary divine

Born: Guys, Peter Augustine writer

Born: Harris, William a biographical compiler

“A Collection of curious Discourses written by eminent antiquaries upon several heads in our English antiquities,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Textus RorTensis,' &c.” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle, as illustrated and improved by Robert of Brune, from the death of Cadwaladon to the end of king Edward the Ist’s reign, c.” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

Born: Hell, Maximilian a learned astronomer

Died: Henry De St. Ignace divine

Born: Hollis, Thomas esq. of Corscombe in Dorsetshire; a gentleman whose “Memoirs.” have been printed in two splendid volumes (17201774)

Born: Hurd, Richard prelate

“The Modern- Justice, containing the business of a justice of peace, with precedents,” Jacob, Giles writer

Died: Jaeger, John Wolfgang divine

Died: Jeffery, John divine

“Cebetis Tabula,” Johnson, Thomas scholar

“Genealogiae 20 illustrium in Hispama famiharum,” Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

“Recueil de diverses Pieces sur la Philosophic, &c. par Mess. Leibnitz, Clarke, Newton, &c.” King, Da. William archbishop

Died: Leake, Sir John a brave and successful English admiral

“Bibliotheque Germanique,” Lenfant, James writer

Born: Lennox, Charlotte a lady long distinguished for her genius and literary merit

“Remarks on Whiston’s Scripture Politics,” Lindsay, John divine (16861768)

Died: Lisle, Claude De historiographer and censor royal

Born: Macquer, Philip lawyer

“Traduttori Italiani,” Maffei, Francis Scipio writer

“In 1719, Lucan.” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

“The Power of Love, in seven novels,” Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

“Nouveau recueil des Epigrammatistes Francois anciens et modernes,” Martiniere, Anthony-Augustin Bruzen De La a French author of considerable celebrity about the beginning of the last century

“Discourse concerning Pestilential Contagion,” Mead, Richard physician

Born: Merrick, James divine

“Half-pay Officers,” Molloy, Charles, Esq. descended from a very good family in the kingdom of Ireland

Born: Montague, Elizabeth a learned and ingenious English lady

Born: Montbeliard, Philibert-Gurneau naturalist

“Discussion Critique & Theologique des Remarques de M. sur le Dictionnaire de Moreri de 1718,” Moreri, Lewis divine (?–1680)

“A new History of the World; containing an historical and chronological account of the times and transactions from the creation to the birth of Christ, according to the computation of the Septuagint,” Nary, Cornelius divine

“Speculum Brit, pars altera, or a delineation of Northamptonshire,” Norden, John an industrious topographer

“The Western Inquisition,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“Propositions relating to the Controversy concerning the Trinity, in a Letter to the Rev. Mr. Enty,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Peringskiold, John antiquary

Born: Poissonnier, Peter Isaac physician

“The Imperial Captives,” Quin, James a celebrated actor

“Norden’s Delineation of Northamptonshire,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

“The English Topographer, or, an Historical Account of all the Pieces that have been written relating to the antient Natural History or Topographical Description of any Part of England,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

Died: Renaudot, Eusebius writer

“Letters and Negociations of Sir Ralph Sadler,” Sadler, Sir Ralph statesman

Died: Smith, Edward bishop

“An accurate edition of Stow’s Survey of London,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Born: Sulzer, John George a very eminent German

Died: Talbot, Charles lord high chancellor of Great Britain

Born: Talbot, Catherine a very ingenious lady

“Reasons most humbly offered to the House of Commons, why the bill sent down to them should not pass into a Law,” Toland, John writer

Born: Usher, James writer

Born: Vade', John Joseph poet

“Artemira” Voltaire, Marie-Francis Arouet De the greatest literary character which France produced in the last century

“A Vindication of the Orthodox Clergy, in answer to two scurrilous libels, pretending to be a Vindication of the Lordship of Canterbury, but scandalously reflecting upon his Grace and our most orthodox Clergy,” Wake, William prelate

“Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer,” Wheatley, Charles the author of an excellent illustration of the Book of Common Prayer

Born: White, Gilbert divine (?–1793)

Died: Wollaston, William writer

Born: Yorke, Philip earl of Hardwicke


Born: Akenside, Mark physician

Died: Albinus, Bernard physician

Born: Arnaud, Francis writer

Died: Arndt, Charles [son of Joshua Arndt]

“Origine de la Peste,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

Died: Audran, Benoit was the second son of Germain Audran

“De libertate civitatis Florentine ejusque dominis,” Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

Born: Bachius, John Augustus critic

“La Vie de Sainte Fabronie,” Baltus, John Francis Jesuit

Born: Baratier, John Philip scholar

Died: Barnes, Joshua divine

Born: Beau, John Lewis Le younger brother to the above

“Tractatus de jure prohibendi, quod competit opincibus in opifices,” Beier, Adrian a native of Jena

“A memorial of the Reformation,” Bennet, Benjamin a dissenting minister of considerable note in the beginning of the last century

“A full answer to all the Remarks of a late pamphleteer, by a member of Trinity college, Cambridge,” Bentley, Richard regius professor of divinity

“Relation historique de la Peste de Marseille,” Bertrand, John Baptist physician

“Disputatio de harmonia praestabilita,” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

Born: Blacklock, Thomas poet

“Modern Arians unmasked,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

“Oratio qua repurgatas Medicinse facilis asseritur sirnplicitas decomparandocerto in physicis de chemia suos errores expurgante de vita et obitu Bernhardi Albini,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“De actis Lutheri anno 1531,” Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

“Avis et remedes, contre la Peste,” Bouillet, John writer

Died: Bouquet, Dom Martin antiquary

“Philosophical Account of the Works of Nature,” Bradley, Richard writer

“Otium Vindelicum, sive Meletematum Historico-philosophicorum Triga,” Brucker, John James the learned author of the “History of Philosophy

“Journal d'un Voyage fait aux Indes Orientales sur Tescadre de M. du Quesrie en 1690 et 1691,” Chasles, Gregory De who was born August 17

“Observations et reflexions touchant la nature, les evenements, et le traitement de la Peste de Marseilles,” Chicoyneau, Francis counsellor of state

“An Appendix,” Collier, Jeremy divine

Died: Colston, Edward a person ever memorable for his benefactions and charities

“Several Letters written by a noble lord to a young man at the university:” Cooper, Anthony Ashley earl of Shaftesbury

Died: Coustant, Peter Benedictine

“The Letters of the Popes,” Coustant, Peter Benedictine

“De divinauone & de fato,” Davies, John critic

Born: Davies, Samuel clergyman

Died: Davis, Rowland divine

“Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders” De Foe, Daniel writer

Died: Dogget, Thomas an author and an actor

Born: Douglas, John bishop

Born: Duby, Peter Ancher Tobiesen antiquary

“Origines Habsburgo-Austriacae,” Eccard, John George antiquary

Born: Egerton, John bishop

Born: Elphinston, James writer

Died: Elswich, John Hekman divine

Born: Erskine, John divine

“Ortografia moderna Italiana,” Facciolati, James orator

“Vigilia prima noctium Ripensium,” Falster, Christian critic (16901752)

Born: Fawkes, Francis writer

“A Letter in answer to one from a Freethinker, occasioned by the late duke of Buckingham’s epitaph: wherein certain passages in it that have been thought exceptionable are vindicated, and the doctrine of the soul’s immortality asserted. To which is prefixed, a version of the epitaph, agreeably to the explication given of it in the Answer;” Fiddes, Richard divine

Born: Fixlmillner, Placidus an eminent German astronomer

“Essay to restore the dipping of infants in their baptism,” Floyer, Sir John physician

“Historia Episcopatus Sylvicducensis,” Foppens, John Francis historian

Died: Foucault, Nicolas Joseph born at Paris Jan. 8

Born: Francklin, Thomas chaplain in ordinary to his majesty

“De morbis Jurisconsultorum Epistola,” Furstenau, John-Herman physician

“System of the Christian Philosopher,” Gamaches, Stephen Simon writer

Born: Garden, Francis was born at Edinburgh June 24

Died: Garzi, Louis born at Rome in 1640

Died: Gibbons, Grinling an eminent carver in wood

“Logonomia Anglica,” Gill, Alexander head master of St

Died: Gill, John divine

“Journey to Mequinez,” Golius, James professor of Arabic at Leyden

Born: Guignes, Joseph De scholar

“The Great Concern of Salvation,” Halyburton, Thomas divine

Born: Hamilton, Robert physician

“Tertulliani Apologeticus,” Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Born: Heathcote, Ralph divine

Died: Hecht, Godfrey by some said to be a brother of the preceding

Born: Heinecken, Christian Henry a child greatly celebrated for the wonderfully premature developemerit of his talents

Died: Helvetius, John Frederic physician

“Loimologia, or, an Historical Account of the Plague of London in 1665, with precautionary Directions against the like Contagion. To which is added, an Essay on the different causes of pestilential diseases, and how they become contagious. With remarks on the infection now in France, and the most probable means to prevent its spreading here;” Hodges, Nathaniel physician

Died: Howe, John, Esq. was the younger brother of sir Scroop Howe

Died: Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“A Treatise of the Laws, or a general introduction to the common, civil, and canon law,” Jacob, Giles writer

Born: James, Sir William an eminent English officer in the East India service

“The Reasonableness and Certainty of the Christian Religion;” Jenkin, Robert divine

Born: Jones, Griffith who deserves a place in the catalogue of English writers for having first introduced the numerous and popular little books for the amusement and instruction of children

“Conspectus ChirurgiaR,” Juncker, Gottlob John physician

“History of the Military Orders,” Justiniani, Bernard nephew of the above

“Tolando-Pseudologo-mastix, or a currycomb for a lying coxcomb. Being an answer to a late piece of Mr. Toland’s called Hypatia,” King, John rector of Chelsea

Died: Laguekre, Louis painter

“Synopsis historiae sacrx et ecclesiasticse, ab origine mundi ad prcesentia tempora, secundum seriem periodorum deductae,” Lampe, Frederic Adolphus divine

Born: Langhorne, John poet

“The Life of Pope Sixtus V.” Leti, Gregory writer

Died: Leydecker, Melchior divine

Died: Longepierre, Hilary Bernard De critic

Died: Mace, Francis a learned French priest

Born: Macknight, James clergyman

“Cassiodori complexiones, in Epistola et Acta Apostolorum,” Maffei, Francis Scipio writer

“Lettere scientifiche,” Magalotti, Laurence mathematician

Born: Malesherbes, Christian-William De Lamoignon born at Paris

Born: Man, James a schoolmaster of considerable learning

“Bibliotheca Chirurgica,” Manget, John James historian

“Traite de la Peste recueilli des meilleurs Auteurs,” Manget, John James historian

Born: Manners, John marquis of Granby

Born: Manning, Owen antiquary

Died: Mapletoft, John a very learned Englishman

Died: Martin, David divine

Born: Maubert, De Gouvest, John Henry a noted political adventurer

Died: Maynard, Sir John lawyer

Born: Mehegan, William Alexander historian

“Some farther Remarks, Paragraph by Paragraph, upon Proposals lately published for a new edition of a Greek and Latin Testament, by Richard Bentley,” Middleton, Conyers divine

Died: Misson, Francis Maximilian lawyer

“The Fatal Extravagance, a tragedy,” Mitchell, Joseph was the son of a stone-cutter in North-Britain

“an age ripe for writing.” Montesquieu, Charles De Secondat, Baron Of writer

Died: Moore, Edward writer

“Observationes sacra?, et historico- critic^,” Mosheim, John Lawrence divine (16951755)

Died: Moyle, Walter, Esq.

Died: Musgrave, Dr. William antiquary

Died: Palaprat, John seigneur de Bigot

“The Security of Truth, in answer to Mr. Enty,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“An Answer to a pamphlet, entitled Textf of Holy Scripture compared, &c.” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“A Reply to Mr. Enty’s late piece, entitled Truth and Liberty consistent,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“The Briton,” Philips, Ambrose poet

“Humfrey Duke of Gloucester,” Philips, Ambrose poet

Born: Potter, Robert scholar (17211804)

“Gentle Shepherd.” Ramsay, Allan one of the extraordinary instances of the power of uncultivated genius

Born: Robertson, William one of the most illustrious names in modern literature

“A Survey of the Roman Stations in Britain, according to the Roman Itinerary,” Salmon, Nathaniel antiquary

Died: Saxe, Maurice, Count Of a celebrated commander

“Institutiones Canonici,” Schilter, John an eminent jurist

Born: Serassi, Peter Anthony an Italian biographer

Born: Sheridan, Thomas by his wife Miss Macpherson

Born: Smollett, To Bias historian

Born: Strange, Sir Robert engraver

“Ecclesiastical Memorials,” Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Died: Tooke, Thomas was born in East-Kent

Born: Torelli, Joseph mathematician

Died: Voyer, Marc Rene Le Voyer Be Paulmy, Marquis D'Argenson statesman

“Wassii et Dukeri,” Wasse, Joseph scholar

Died: Watteau, Anthony

“A conference with an Arian,” Welchman, Edward divine

“an Answer” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

Born: Wilkie, William poet

“Leges Saxonicae,” Wilkins, David divine (?–1745)

Died: Wright, Nathan of Barwell


“Specimen anatomicum exhibens novam tennium homipis intestinorum descriptionem,” Albinus, Bernard Siegfried and one of the most celebrated anatomists of modern times

Born: Almeida, Theodore a Portugueze priest

Born: Askew, Anthony scholar

Died: Atterbury, Francis bishop

Born: Baker, Sir George physician

“La Relation historique et galante de l'invasion de PEspagne par les Maures,” Baudot De Juilli, Nicholas born at Vendôme in 1678

“Lettera sopra cataratta gleucomatosa,” Benevoli, Anthony an Italian surgeon

“Irenicum, or a review of some late controversies about the Trinity, &c.” Bennet, Benjamin a dissenting minister of considerable note in the beginning of the last century

“An enquiry into the authority of the primitive Complutensian edition of the New Testament, in a letter to archdeacon Bentley,” Bentley, Richard regius professor of divinity

“Liber de officiis,” Bergler, Stephen was born at Hermanstadt

“Miscellanea aliquot 8criptorum carmina,” Blackbourne, John divine

“A treatise on the Small-pox, in two parts and a dissertation upon the modern practice of Inoculation,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Died: Blegny, Nicholas a French surgeon

Born: Bode, Christopher Augustus a learned professor of the university of Helmstadt

“That chemistry was capable of clearing itself from its own errors.” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“Epistolae ad Ruischium clarissimum, pro sententia Malpighiana de glandulis,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Bordeu, Theophilus De was born Feb. 22

Born: Bougainville, John Peter De born at Paris Dec. 1

Died: Boulainvilliers, Henry De comte de St

Born: Boulanger, Nicholas Anthony one of the earliest French infidels

Born: Brocklesby, Richard physician

Born: Brotier, Gabriel scholar

Born: Brown, John clergyman

“Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in three books.” Browne, Simon writer

“Posthumous Works,” Browne, Sir Thomas antiquary

“History of Virginia,” Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Born: Camper, Peter physician

Born: Camus, Antony Le physician

“Poems;” Carey, Henry composer

Born: Carr, John LL. D. many years an eminent schoolmaster at Hertford

“Casimiri Oudini Commentarius de Scriptoribus Ecclesix, &c.” Cave, William divine

“Cassiodori Senatoris Complexiones in Epistolas, Acta Apostolorum, & Apocalypsin, e vetustissimis Canonicorum Veronensium membranis nuper erutee. Editio altera ad Florentinam fideliter expressa, opera & cura Samuelis Chandleri,” Chandler, Samuel an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Chauveau, Rene son of the foregoing

“Anatomy of the Human Body,” Cheselden, William anatomist

Died: Churchill, John duke of Marlborough

Born: Cole, Charles Nalson lawyer

“Harmonia Mensurarum,” Cotes, Roger mathematician

“Some account of the present Greek church, with reflections on their present doctrine and discipline, particularly in the Eucharist,” Covel, Dr. John divine

Born: Cronstedt, Axel Frederic a Swedish mineralogist

“Nouvelles maximes sur l'Education des enfans,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

“Cinq Sermons sur la verite de la religion Chretienne,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

“The Fair Circassian,” Croxall, Dr. Samuel was the son of Samuel Croxall

“Religious Courtship,” De Foe, Daniel writer

“L'Homme de Rene Des Cartes, et la formation du fetus; avec les remarques de Louis de la Forge,” Des Cartes, Rene philosopher

Born: Desmahis, Joseph Francis Edward De Corsembleu was born at Sully-sur-Loire in 1722

“The Flower-piece.” Duncombe, William writer

“Historia genealogica principumSaxonite superioris, necnon origines Aulialtiiue et Sabaudicae,” Eccard, John George antiquary

“Acta Erudit.” Facciolati, James orator

“Specimen de Suppuratione in Partibus mollibus,” Fizes, Anthony physician

Born: Forbonnois, Francis V'Eron De writer

“Registrum Honoris de Richmond,” Gale, Roger esq. F. R. and A. Ss. eldest son of the preceding

Born: Goussier, John James physician

“A Letter from a nobleman abroad to his friend in England,” Granville, George viscount Lansdowne

“Presbyterian Prejudice displayed,” Grey, Zachary divine

“A pair of clean Shoes and Boots for a Dirty Baronet; or an answer to Sir Richard Cox,” Grey, Zachary divine

“Continuatio” Hall, Anthony a learned

“Ten Sermons preached before and after the celebration of the Lord’s Supper,” Halyburton, Thomas divine

Born: Hasselquist, Frederick one of the favourite pupils of Linnæus

“Dissert, de Alexandri magni numismate,” Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

“Johannis de Fordun Scotichronicon genumum, una cum ejusdem supplemento ac continuatione,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“The History and Antiquities of Glastonbury, &c.” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Greek Lexicon” Hedericus, Benjamin of Haiti

Died: Heineccius, John Gotlieb lawyer

“Anatomy of the Human. Body,” Highmore, Joseph painter

“Observationum Physico-Chemicarum Libri tres,” Hoffmann, Frederick physician

Born: Hommel, Charles Frederick lawyer

“Huetiana, ou pensees diverses de M. Huet,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“Epistola ad virum ornatis. Joannem Freind, &c. in qua D. W. Trilleri, Phil, et M. D. epistolam medico-criticam super primo et tertio epidemiorum, a viro ornatissimo editis, ad examen revocavit J. King,” King, John rector of Chelsea

Born: Leapor, Mary a young lady of considerable poetical talent

Born: Leland, Thomas a learned uivine and translator

Born: Mac Lai Ne, Archibald clergyman

Died: Mailla, Joseph-Anne-Marie De Moyriac De Jesuit

“Explanation of a reasonable Method of learning the Latin language,” Marsais, Cæsar Chesneau Du a French grammarian of high reputation

Died: Martiniere, Anthony-Augustin Bruzen De La a French author of considerable celebrity about the beginning of the last century

“Memoires Historiques,” Martiniere, Anthony-Augustin Bruzen De La a French author of considerable celebrity about the beginning of the last century

Born: Meerman, Gerard lawyer

“Jugemens des Sgavans,” Monnoye, Bernard De La poet

“Vindicise antiquae Cnristianorum discipline, adv. J, Tolandi Nazarenum,” Mosheim, John Lawrence divine (16951755)

Died: Netscher, Constantine another son of Gaspard

“Account of the success of inoculating the Smallpox.” Nettleton, Thomas physician

“Arnica Responsio ad Difficultates in Julio Paulo, sive Libro de Partus Expositione, motas a, Viro amplissimo Van Bynkershoek,” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

“An Account of Trinity college, Cambridge;” Pearce, Zachary prelate

“Inquisition-honesty displayed,” Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

“The History of Timur bee, or the great Tamerlan,” Petis De La Croix, Francis writer

“A short and true Account of the Inquisition and its Proceedings, as it is practised in Italy, set forth in some particular Cases. Whereunto is added, an Extract out of an authentic Book of Legends of the Roman Church. By Hierom Bartholomew Piazza, an Italian born; formerly a Lector of Philosophy and Divinity, and one of the delegate Judges of that Court, and now by the grace of God, a Convert to the Church of England.” Piazza, Hierom Bartholomew a native of Italy

“The Assembly,” Pitcairne, Archibald physician

“The History and Antiquities of Glastonbury,” Plot, Robert eminent for being the first who formed a plan for a natural history of England

Born: Pownall, Thomas a gentleman of considerable learning and political knowledge

Died: Quesne, Abraham Du a brave French officer

“Hibernia freed.” Quin, James a celebrated actor

“Epigrammes Diverses.” Racine, John poet

Born: Ratte, Stephen Hyacinth De mathematician

“History and Antiquities of Glastonbury,” Rawlinson, Richard antiquary

“An Argument in behalf of the Science of a Connoisseur.” Richardson

“Mercury,” Roque, Anthony De La poet

“Prelections on the Nature and Obligation of promissory oaths and of conscience,” Sanderson, Dr. Robert

Born: Schonning, Gerrard a learned Norwegian

“Nouveau Cours de Chymie suivant les Principes de Newton et de Stahl,” Senac, John physician

“History of the Quakers” Sewell, William historian

Died: Sherard, William botanist

Born: Smart, Christopher poet

“The miseries and great hardships of the Inferior Clergy in and about London; and a modest plea for their rights and better usage; in a letter to a right rev. prelate,” Stackhouse, Thomas divine

Born: Strack, Charles physician

“Graham’s dyke,” Stukeley, William antiquary

“Praelectiones Academics,” Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

Born: Tozzetti, John Targioni botanist

“The Case of the Rector of St. Andrew, Holborn,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Died: Varignon, Peter mathematician

Died: Vitringa, Campegius divine

Died: Watson, James an excellent printer

Born: Whalley, Peter critic

Died: Whitehead, George an eminent person among the Quakers

“Selden’s. works,” Wilkins, David divine (?–1745)

Born: Witherspoon, John divine

“Anecdota Gneca sacra et profana,” Wolfe, John Christopher scholar


“Le triomphe de la Providence et de la Religion, en l'ouverture des Sept Sceaux par le Fils de Dieu,” Abbadie, James divine

“De anatome errores detegente in medicina,” Albinus, Bernard Siegfried and one of the most celebrated anatomists of modern times

“Thesaurus antiquitatutn Sicilian,” Amico, Antonine D' of Messina

“Examen de difFerents points d' Anatomic, &c,” Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

Born: Anich, Peter astronomer

Born: Anquetil, Lewis-Peter historian

Born: Ansart, Andrew Joseph historian

“O ratio de juris prudentia, medicina, theologia per sua principia addiscendis, Pisis habita,” Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

“Delle Scuole sacre,” Aulisio, Dominico the son of Antonio Aulisio

“I was so then I little thought it should be by him that I am now no fellow; but God is just, and I am a sinner.” Baker, Thomas antiquary

“A translation, with notes, of a treatise of M. Bynckershoek,” Barbeyrac, John was born the 15th of March 1674

Died: Barre, Francis Poullain De La was born July 1647

Born: Basedow, John Bernard an author of some merit on the subject of education

Died: Baxter, William critic

“Hungariae antiquas et novae prodromus,” Bel, Matthias born at Otsova in Hungary

“Gratulatio Cardinali J. F. Barbadico, &c.” Belgrado, James mathematician

Died: Bemmel, William Van painter

“A Defence” Bennet, Benjamin a dissenting minister of considerable note in the beginning of the last century

“De Mysteriis Cereris et Bacchi,” Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

“Picart’s Religious Ceremonies,” Bernard, John Frederic an industrious and learned bookseller of Amsterdam

Born: Bertoux, William Jesuit

Born: Bertrandi, John Ambrose Maria anatomist

“De harmonia animi et corporis humani maxime prsestabilita commentatio hypothetica,” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

“Decency and order in public worship, three Sermons,” Bisse, Thomas divine

“King Alfred, in twelve books,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

“History of the Conspiracy against king William the Third,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Born: Blackstone, Sir William knight

“Pharmaco-botanologia, or an alphabetical and classical dissertation on all the British indigenous and garden plants of the new dispensatory,” Blair, Patrick botanist

Born: Bloch, Mark Eliezer naturalist

Born: Boehmer, George Ralph an eminent professor of botany and anatomy in the university of Wittetnberg

“Gabinetto armonico,” Bonanni, Philip Jesuit

“His* toria phijosophica doctrinae de Ideis,” Brucker, John James the learned author of the “History of Philosophy

Died: Brueys, David Augustin writer

“Institutiones Theologicse, Dogmaticae, variis observationibus iilustratse,” Buddeus, John Francis divine

“Compendium of the crown laws, in three charges to the grand jury at Westminster,” Bulstrode, Sir Richard was educated at Pembroke-hall

Died: Campistron, John Galbert was born at Toulouse in 1656

Died: Camps, Francis De was born at Amiens Jan. 31

Born: Caraccioli, Lewis Anthony

“Bibliotheca Historica Regni Siciliae,” Carusius, John Baptist a learned historiographer of Palermo

Died: Centlivre, Susannah writer

Died: Chamberlayne, John was admitted into Trinity college

“Dissertations historical, critical, theological, and moral, on the most memorable events of the Old and New Testaments; wherein the spirit of the sacred writings is shewn, their authority confirmed, and the sentiments of the primitive fathers, as well as the modern, critics, with regard to the difficult passages therein, considered and compared; vol. I. comprising the events related in the Books of Moses to which are added, chronological tables, fixing the date of each event, and connecting the several dissertations together,” Chamberlayne, John was admitted into Trinity college

Born: Chambers, Sir William architect

Died: Chapelle, John De La the descendant of a noble family

Born: Chapman, George LL. D. a learned schoolmaster in Scotland

Died: Clarke, William antiquary

“History of the United Provinces,” Clerc, John Le writer

Born: Cooper, John Gilbert poet

“Philosophical and Mathematical Institutions,” Corsini, Edward a monk of the Ecoles-Pies

“Bibliotheca Literaria,” Cosin, John prelate

Born: Cramer, John Andrew of another family

“Nouveau volume des Sermons,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Died: Dangeau, Louis Courcillon De a French abbe

“Memoirs of cardinal de Retz,” Daval, Peter esq. of the Middle Temple

“Necrologe de Port-royal,” Desmares, Toussaint priest of the oratory

“A Complete Body of Practical Divinity,” Doolittle, Thomas an eminent nonconformist

“Corpus historicum medii aevi,” Eccard, John George antiquary

“The History of Tangiers,” Eryceira, Ferdinand De Meneses, Count D' writer

Born: Essex, Jamks a man whose astonishing knowledge of gothic architecture could only be equalled by his modesty

“A compendious way of teaching ancient and modern languages, formerly practised by the learned Tanaquil Faber, in the education of one of his sons, and of his daughter the celebrated madam Dacier. To which are added, some tracts and observations on the same subject by several eminent men, namely, Roger Ascham, Richard Carew, Milton, Locke, &c. With an account of the education of the dauphin, by Bossuet bishop of Meaux,” Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

“Auberti Minci Opera Diplomatics et Historica,” Foppens, John Francis historian

Born: Freytag, Frederic Gotthilf historian

“Pharmacopoeia Domestica,” Fuller, Thomas physician

“De Dysenteria alba in puerpera Dissertatio,” Furstenau, John-Herman physician

“Vindiciae Kircherianae, seu defensio concordantiarum Graecarum Conradi Kircheri, adversus Abr. Trommii animadversiones;” Gagnier, John an eminent orientalist

Died: Gildon, Charles writer

Born: Grainger, James physician

“The Knight of Dumbleton foiled at his own weapons, &c. In a Letter to Sir Richard Cocks, knt. By a Gentleman and no Knight,” Grey, Zachary divine

“A Century of eminent Presbyterians: or a Collection of Choice Sayings, from the public sermons before the two houses, from Nov. 1641 to Jan. 31, 1648, the day after the king was beheaded. By a Lover of Episcopacy,” Grey, Zachary divine

“A Letter of Thanks to Mr. Benjamin Bennet,” Grey, Zachary divine

Born: Gruner, John Frederick divine

Died: Hall, Anthony a learned

Died: Hase, Theodore De an eminent doctor and minister of Bremen

“A new and easy Method to find out the Longitude from observing the Altitudes of the Celestial bodies.” Hayes, Charles esq. a very singular person

Died: Henault, Charles John Francis writer

“Traite Philosophique de laFoiblesse de I'esprit huniain,” Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

“Poetical Register, or Lives and Characters of the English dramatic poets,” Jacob, Giles writer

Died: Johnson, John divine

“Conspectus Formularum Medicarum,” Juncker, Gottlob John physician

Born: Knowles, Thomas was a native of Ely

“Les Mosurs des Sauvages, compare'es aux mceurs des premiers siecles,” Lafitau, Joseph Francis writer

Died: Leuwenhoek, Anthony philosopher

Born: Lindsey, Theophilus writer (17231808)

Born: Louis, Anthony an eminent French surgeon

Born: Magalhaens, John Hyacinth De said to be a lineal descendant

“Canzonette Anacreontiche di Lindoro Eleato” Magalotti, Laurence mathematician

Died: Mare, Nicolas De La was a principal magistrate of the Chatelet under Louis XIV. who reposed great confidence in him (1641–?)

Born: Marmontel, John Francis one of the most distinguished French writers of the eighteenth century

Born: Martin, Thomas antiquary

Died: Mather, Increase was born at Dorchester

Born: Mayer, Tobias one of the greatest astronomers and mechanics of the last century

“Harveian Oration,” Mead, Richard physician

Born: Merian, John Bernard perpetual secretary of the academy of sciences at Berlin

“Considerations for promoting Agriculture,” Molesworth, Robert viscount Molesworth of Swordes in Ireland

“The last Judgment of Men and AngeU, in twelve books, after the manner of Milton,” Newcomb, Thomas son of a worthy clergy

Died: Nicolson, William antiquary

“Theological Works,” Papin, Isaac some time a minister of the church of England

Died: Pouget, Francis Ame' divine

Born: Price, Richard writer

Born: Reed, Joseph writer

Born: Reynolds, Sir Joshua painter

Born: Rhunken, David scholar

Died: Rivinus, Augustus Qurinus botanist

Died: Robinson, John prelate

“A Vindication of the Civil Establishment of Religion, wherein some positions of Mr. Chandler, the author of the l Literal Scheme, 7 &c. and an aiionymo-us Letter on that subject, are occasionally considered. With an Appendix, containing a Letter from the Rev. Dr. Marshall, and an Answer to the same,” Rogers, Dr. John divine

Born: Ruffhead, Owen writer

Died: Russel, Lord William and for whose sake indeed some account was thought necessary of his father

“the object was all nature and physic, no grace.” Rutty, John writer

Died: Sallengre, Albert Henry De writer

Born: Sandeman, Robert from whom a religious sect is generally named

“Hymns,” Santeul, Claude born Feb. 3

Died: Settle, Elkanah a poetaster

Born: Smith, Adam the celebrated author of the “Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

“Memoirs of' bishop Atterbury, from his birth to his banishment,” Stackhouse, Thomas divine

Died: Tallard, Camille D'Hostun, Count Of an admired general

Died: Terrasson, Andrew the first of a literary family of considerable note in France

“Justin Martyr,” Thirlby, Styan critic

Died: Trenchard, John writer

Died: Valsalva, Antony Maria physician

“Elogia Gallorum.” Wotton, William divine (?–1726)


Born: Æpinus, Francis-Marie-Ulrick-Theodore physician

Died: Alexander, Noel, In Latin Natalis writer

Died: Amman, John Conrad physician

Died: Amory, Thomas a dissenting minister of considerable note

Born: Andreæ, John Gerard Reinhard a German apothecary of considerable learning and excellent character

Born: Anstey, Christopher poet

“The Register of the most noble Order of the Garter, usually called the Black-Book, with a specimen of the Lives of the Knights Companions,” Anstis, John writer

Born: Ashby, George antiquary

“De ia Contagion cle la Peste,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

“Unita della materia poetica sotto dieci predicamenti e sentiment! ne' due principi della Toscana e Latina poesia, Petrarca eVirgilio,” Attendolo, John Baptist writer

Born: Auger, Athanasius critic

Born: Bastide, John Francis De La writer

Died: Bedford, Hilkiah of Sibsey

“Nuova propozitione intorno alia caruncula dell' uretra della carnosita, &c.” Benevoli, Anthony an Italian surgeon

“Exercitationes Mathematics?,” Bernoulli, Daniel philosopher

“Epistola de eclipsi soils die Maii, 1724,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

“Memorie concernenti la citta d'Urbino,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

“De origine et permissione Mali, &c.” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

“Specimen doctrinae veterum Sinarum moralis et politicae,” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

“A treatise on Consumptions and other distempers belonging to the breast and lungs,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Died: Bockhorst, John Van called also Langhen-Jan

“Atrocis nee descripti prius morbi histoia, secundum medicae artis leges conscripta,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“Elementa Chemise quae anniversario labore uocnit in publicis, privatisque scholis,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Died: Boivin, Louis scholar

“The peace and happiness of this world, the immediate design of Christianity, on Luke ix. 56,” Bott, Thomas clergyman

Born: Bourget, Dom John was born at the village of Beaumains near Falaise

Died: Bridges, John esq. of Barton- Seagrave

“De Vita et Scriptis Cl. Etringeri,” Brucker, John James the learned author of the “History of Philosophy

“Examen du poema (de M. Racine) sur la grace,” Brumoy, Peter writer

“Traite* des premieres verites,” Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“History of the Pagan Philosophy,” Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

Born: Busching, Anthony Frederic an eminent geographer

Born: Carleton, Sir Guy late lord Dorchester

Died: Carusius, John Baptist a learned historiographer of Palermo

“Universal Gravity,” Castel, Lewis Bertrand philosopher

Born: Champion, Anthony writer

“Antiquitates Asiaticae.” Chishull, Edmund antiquary

Died: Choisi, Francis Timoleon De dean

“A list of suppositions or assertions in the late Discourse of the grounds, &c. which are not therein supported by any real or authentic evidence; for which some such evidence is expected to he produced. By William Whiston, M. A.” Collins, Anthony writer

“Musicus apparatus Academicus.” Croft, William musician

Died: Cross, Michael artist

“Summa Logicae,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Born: Curtius, Michael Conrad professor of history and rhetoric at Marpurg

“Tour through England” De Foe, Daniel writer

Born: Denton, Thomas clergyman

Born: Derrick, Samuel a native of Ireland

“Lettres de M. Des Cartes, ou Ton a joint le Latin de plusieurs lettres, qui n‘avoient ete imprhnees qu’en Francois, aver une traduction Francois de celles, qui n‘avoient jusqu’a present paru qu'en Latin,” Des Cartes, Rene philosopher

“Les Meditations metaphysiques touchant la premiere philosophic,” Des Cartes, Rene philosopher

“Discours de la methode, pour bien conJuire sa raison, et chercher la verite dans les sciences. Plus la dioptrique, les meteores, la mechanique, et la musique,” Des Cartes, Rene philosopher

“Les Principes de la Philosophic,” Des Cartes, Rene philosopher

“History of Civil Law,” Duck, Arthur an English civilian

“Original Poems, Translations, Essays, and Letters,” Duncombe, William writer

“A general treatise of Morality, formed upon the principles of Natural Reason only; with a preface in answer to two essays lately published in the Fable of the Bees, and some incidental remarks upon an Inquiry concerning Virtue, by the right honourable Anthony earl of Shaftesbury,” Fiddes, Richard divine

“Medici na Geronomica; of preserving old men’s health; with an appendix concerning the use of oil and unction, and a letter on the regimen of younger years,” Floyer, Sir John physician

Born: Fordyce, Sir William another brother of the pre* ceding

“Introductio ad lectionem Prophetarnrti,” Francke, Augustus Herman divine

“Programmata nonnulla, tempore Magistrates Academici impressa,” Furstenau, John-Herman physician

Died: Gaultier, John Baptist was born about 1685

“A Life of cardinal d'Amboise, with a parallel of other cardinals who have been ruling statesmen,” Gendre, Louis Le historian

Died: Grandet, Joseph was a pious and learned curate of St

Born: Gregory, John professor of medicine in the university of Edinburgh

“A Caveat against Mr. Benj. Bennet, a mere pretender to history and criticism. By a lover of history,” Grey, Zachary divine

“Hebrew Grammar,” Guarin, Peter Benedictine

Died: Guy, Thomas founder of Guy’s hospital

Died: Hautefeuille, John an ingenious mechanic

“Oratio cle actione oratoris, sive corporis eloquentia,” Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

“Robert of Gloucester’s Chronicle,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

Born: Hervey, Augustus John third earl of Bristol

Born: Home, John clergyman

Died: Hoogstraten, David Van a professor of the belles lettres

“Tacitus- de moribus Germanorum,” Jablonski, Theodore and born at Dantzic in 1654

“The complete Court Keeper, or lord steward’s assistant,” Jacob, Giles writer

Died: Jenks, Benjamin divine

Died: Jones, Jeremiah divine

Born: Kant, Immanuel writer

Born: Klopstock, Frederic Theophilus poet

“Life of Erasmus,” Knight, Samuel, D. D. antiquary

Born: Lacombe, James historian

Died: Lallouette, Ambrose a French ecclesiastic

“Commentarius Analytico-exegeticus evangelii secundum Joannem,” Lampe, Frederic Adolphus divine

Died: Lutti, Benedict artist

“Miscellanea Graecorum aliquot Scriptorum Carmina, cum versione Latina & Nods,” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

“General treatise of morality formed upon the principles of natural religion only,” Mandeville, Bernard De an author of temporary celebrity in the last century for his writings

“Vice and luxury public mischiefs,” Mandeville, Bernard De an author of temporary celebrity in the last century for his writings

“Remarks upon the Fable of the Bees,” Mandeville, Bernard De an author of temporary celebrity in the last century for his writings

“De Transitu Mercurii per Solem, anno 1723,” Manfredi, Eustachio mathematician

Died: Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

“Tractatus de casibus, et excommunicationibus episcopis reservatis, confectusad normam label lae Lucanse,” Mansi, John Dominique prelate

Died: Marsollier, James historian

“Veterum Scriptorum et Monumentorum Ecclesiasticorum, et dogmaticorum, amplissima collectio,” Martenne, Edmund a benedictine of the congregation of St

Died: Mopinot, Simon Benedictine

“De aetate apologetici Tertulliani et initio persecutionis Christianorum sub Severo, commentatio,” Mosheim, John Lawrence divine (16951755)

Died: Nourry, Nicholas Le Benedictine

Died: Orleans, Lewis Duke Of a learned and pious prince of the s blood royal of France

“El Parnaso Espannol Pintoresco laureado, &c. Tomo Tercero, Madrid,” Palomino, Don Acislo Antonio Y Velasco painter

Died: Pictet, Benedict historian

Died: Pratt, Charles, Earl Camden lawyer (?–1794)

Died: Prideaux, Humphrey divine

“Hardiknute,” Ramsay, Allan one of the extraordinary instances of the power of uncultivated genius

Born: Rolt, Richard writer

Died: Sacheverell, Henry a man whose history affords a very striking example of the folly of party spirit

Died: Sarnelli, Pompey prelate

Born: Senac, John physician

“Synopseos Chtrurgicge Libri vi.” Severinus, Marcus Aurelius physician

“On the Juice of the Grape,” Shaw, Peter physician

Born: Smeaton, John a very celebrated mechanic and civil engineer

“A Funeral Sermon on Mr. Richard Sayer, bookseller,” Stanhope, George dean

Born: Stubbs, Geokge anatomist

“Viearia Leodiensis: or, The History of the Church of Leeds, &c.” Thoresby, Ralph antiquary

Born: Thornton, Bonnell writer

Born: Watson, John historian

Died: Welsted, Leonard poet

“An Essay towards restoring the true Text of the Old Testament, and for vindicating the citations thence made in the New Testament;” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

Died: Willis, Browne antiquary