Savaron, John

, a celebrated president and lieutenant-general in the seneschalshit> and presidial court of Clerinont in Auvergne, was born there about the beginning of the seventeenth century. He had an extensive ^knowledge of the belles lettres and law, and was one of the most learned men and eloquent magistrates of his time. He attended the states-general held at Paris in 1614, as a deputy from the Tiers Etat of the province of Auvergne, and defended its rights with zeal and firmness against the nobility and the clergy. He afterwards pleaded with great credit in. the parliament of Paris, and died at a very advanced age in 1682, leaving many learned works much esteemed; the principal are, an edition of “Sidonius Apollinaris,1609, 4to. with notes. “Origine de Clermont, Capitale d' Auvergne,” the most complete edition of which is by Peter Durand, 1662, folio. “Traite des | ”Duels,“8vo.” Traite“de la Souverainte” du Roi et de son Roiaume aux Deputes de la Noblesse,“1615, 8vo, two parts a curious and scarce work.” Chronologies des Etats G6ne>aux," 8vo the object of which is to prove that the Tiers Etat has always had admittance there, a seat, and a deliberative voice. 1


Niceron, vol. XVII.