Stephanus, Francis

, Francis Stephens, the third son of Robert, and younger brother to the two preceding, renounced popery with his father, and accompanied him to Geneva, where he carried on the printing business in partnership with Francis Perrin, from 1561 to 1582. He was married and had children, but we find no mention of them. The following works have been attributed to him: 1. “Traite des Danses, auquel il est demontre qu’elles sont accessoires et dependances de paillardise,1564, 8 vo. “2.” De la puissance legitime dti prince sur le peupie, et du people sur le prince,“written in Latin by Stephanus Junius Brutus (Hubert Languet) and translated into French, Geneva, 1581, 8vo. This translation is so much esteemed as to bear a higher value than the original. 3.Remonstrance charitable aux dames et demoiselles de France sur leurs ornamens dissolus," Paris, 1577, 12tno. and a rare book, although twice reprinted in 1581 and 15S5, 8vo. 1


Maittatie, Biog. Univ.