Stephanus, Robert

, the third of that name, was the son of the preceding Robert the second, and was educated by the celebrated Desportes, who inspired him with a taste for poetry. He began printing in 1572, and in 1574 was honoured with the title of king’s printer. He translated from Greek into French the first two books of Aristotle’s Rhetoric, and printed them himself in 1629, 8vo. In the title-page he calls himself poet and interpreter to the king for the Greek and Latin languages. He was a man of spirit and wit, and was much celebrated for his choice of devices and mottoes for eminent personages. He died in 1629, but left no family. Besides his translation of Aristotle and some Greek poets, he was the author of, 1. “Vers Chretiens au comte du Bouchage,1587, 4to. 2. “Discours en vers au connetable de Montmorency,1595, 4to. 3, “Epitre de Gregoire de Nysse touchant ceux qui vont a Jerusalem,” with a preface on the superstitious abuse of pilgrimages, which gave rise to the opinion that he was not far from embracing the protestant religion. 2


Biog. Univ. Maittaire.