Storer, Thomas

, a poet of the Elizabethan period, was the son of John Storer, a native of London, and was elected student of Christ-clmrcn, Oxford, about 1587. He took his degree of master of aits, and had the fame of excellent poetical talents, which were exhibited, not only in verses before the books of many members of the university, but in his poem entitled “The Life and De^th of Thomas Wolsey, cardinal: divided into three pans: his aspiring; triumph; and death,” Lond. 1599, 4to. He obtained also great credit for some pastoral airs and madrigals, which were published in the collection called “England’s Helicon.” He died in the parish of St. Michael Bassishaw, London, in Nov. 1604, and had his memory celebrated by many copies of verses. His poem on Wolsey is far from despicable, and contains many curious historical particulars. It is of the greatest rarity; but there is a copy in the Bodleian, and another in the British Museum. 2


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