Tellier, Michael

, a celebrated Jesuit, was born December 16, 1643, near Vire in Lower Normandy, and after teaching the belles lettres and philosophy with credit, | rose gradually to the highest offices in his society, was appointed confessor to Louis XIV. on the death of father de la Chaise, 1709, and chosen an honorary member of the academy of inscriptions and belles lettres. He procured the constitution Unigenitus, engaged warmly in the disputes which arose concerning that bull, and after the king’s death, in 1715, was banished to Amiens, and then to la Fleche, where he died, September 2, 171i>, aged seventysix. His works are, “Defense des nouveaux Chretiens et des Missionnatres de la Chine, du Japon, et des Indes,” 12mo. This book made much noise. “Observations sur la nouvelle Defense de la Version Franchise du Nouveau Testament imprime* a Mons,” c. Rouen, 1634, 8vo. The latter is an apology for M. Mallet’s writings. Father Tellier was author of several other works, particularly the Delphin Quintus Curtius, which is esteemed. He did not belong to the same family with Tellier, mentioned in the preceding article. 1


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