Vicary, Thomas

, of whose personal history we have no account, deserves some notice, as the first anatomical writer in the English language. He was a citizen of Londdn, serjeant-surgeon to Henry VIII. Edward VI. Mary I. and Elizabeth and chief surgeon of St. Bartholomew’s | Hospital, His book is entitled “A Treasure for Englishmen; containing the Anatomic of Man’s Bodie, 1548;” or, as given by Ames, “A profitable Treatise of the Anatomy of Man’s Body; compiled by T. Vicary, and published by the Surgeons of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital,1577, 12mo, and in 1633 in 4to; together with several other medical and chirurgical tracts’. It is a short piece, designed for the use of his more unlearned brethren, and taken almost entirely from Galen and the Arabians. Before the latter editions is prefixed a rude figure of a skeleton. 1


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